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I agree with you fully by the way that athletically speaking there's probably not a lot to see here between DC and Brock but I do to share with you from a psychological standpoint I can't help but respect Brock because of that I mean look you can say whatever you want about Brock and you know he came over and he's a pro wrestler and he said this Brock is not a coward you cannot say that at the end of the fact that he's stuck in there stepped in there with Carwin over een Wolverine uber uber was a different over it back then the scary Jorge Velasquez and now he's going out of his way and this isn't a cash grab Brock's a really rich guy what you gonna make in this fight five to ten million he has five or ten million I get where that's a good payday but Vince isn't paying him much less he genuinely wants to compete for a championship against Cormier for me that's compelling yeah you only respect that especially when someone ready has it all and cents money everything legacy him he's already been the two-time UFC champion I think he just loves it I think he wants to prove you know the people that probably say you know of this and that come back and beat a guy that was a champ Jim Olympic wrestler you know that Paulie compels him to a guy that he's a wrestler sure fight a guy that was Olympian and that was the NC double-a challenge Cormier was second so he lost to kill Sam he lost a kale okay so I mean I think it's like all different things I think they might have been friends I don't know but yeah I mean you got to respect it it's the only thing it's crazy yeah and the matchup I mean it's it's not just a piece of cake in that Brock is a lot of man yeah that's the thing he's a lot of media small take a few minutes yeah he's a big man in that first round I'll give you the two minutes of Hell so he has to be you know he has to be smart but I think DC is just it's just too much of a veteran he's too smart he's fought the best of the world I think it seemed easy for you you know and then and then perhaps the fight doesn't go the way we're thinking either where we're comparing both of their wrestling skills maybe DC goes out and tries to do like what Cain did yeah and just try to be king of them they both have a big ego they're both wrestlers who do they want to see who could do that you know take down lighter DC to take him down as a big guy but I mean he flipped Ross Barnett on his head like through the air so yes it's a be cool to say Barnett signed with Bellator yes I thought that was April Fool's joke but that is very quiet that happened on April 1st and he was like no it's not an April Fool's joke within like usually when they did April Fool's joke you pretend like it's not so say it I was very confused it's cool I want to see him and phaidor you know there's a lot of good fights that's what I think I think he goes right into phaidor apparently he was talking about wanting to go right into Vader I don't blame him for wanting that but I don't think he's gonna get that way yeah I think he's got to do something first yeah I think money-wise and promotion wise the fader one is bigger than the Bader fight I understood he wants to belt but phaidor and Barnett is a big fight it was supposed to happen it took down affliction so I mean everybody MMA fans know that that that's a great foot you know you remember the affliction days I mean you must have didn't like the seventh grade yeah I do remember I remember they had some good friends at Orlovsky and Theodore you're not the clothing that was every you know like every guy at the club would worry about it so uh but uh ya know I've never seen a clothing brand more obnoxious take over a space faster I think it's around did sorta guys he's a couple guys so rockin that flick sure once there was so weird it was actually kind of cool I think back there like cool stuff as I backed up to you like Emma Mayen you he was kind of starting a boom and like the guys would go to club with him on and like they'd be acting like they're all tough fighters and stuff so it was funny but thank God it died oh I gotta go to two of those shows live I think they only had three shows if I'm wrong they cancelled the thirst maybe I was that every one of them but I went to two of them they just said to I went to two of them Matt Lindland fought on both cards so I got to be there but there was another great fights Josh Barnett rematched Pedro his oh hey Joe kick ever like legs yeah what speech we're doing right I think he still fights I'm almost positive he does I hit smaller shows Nikki might have fucked him Sofia reason I don't know maybe I'm going crazy but I think he did really I feel like I would have heard about this maybe it wasn't recently maybe it was like a couple maybe you're won that fight I'm not sure if I'm gonna say I don't know I think they did fight I don't want to be like but I would say I think Tim Sylvia one that I think he went on a little bit of a run Tim Sylvia he fought in your sqg right yeah he did he took on probably I'm sure I need to go look that up I didn't I didn't know that I may be completely wrong so don't tell anybody exactly ah and I soon see pager on guys this corner he says no working with some yes he he transit Winona who vo okay that's what I was gonna ask so he's in Brazil I think yeah because I seen him in a couple Jose all the videos or something like you know they're buddies and I think I just saw something andrey panin Aires got out didn't have nove something like that or sold it or quit coaching no way I don't know like that just happened something happened with Andre well I didn't know that now we're both starting rumors yeah I know I think this is we should both go and check but there was something like that along those lines but there was other great finds I'm I'm trying to think of who I saw fight their favor fight when he fought Tim Sylvia yeah Donald Trump was there Trump it was like a park yeah for a minute he had a picture of fader everything's just crazy you think he was running the way in yeah or he was at least he was like the face of the affliction I think he had investment in it for they had the trip where they had those uh like the Trump casino Arizona I know they were not they were in California well don't worry califor I can't remember what that relation but I saw him there as well and then they would also put on like a heavy metal rock and roll concert in addition with this and that was a little bit weird quite frankly being in the arena and happy to stand down in between fights like you'd go three or four fights and then you throw to the band you throw it a Metallica or whoever it was and you rock out for a bit and then you go back to the fights it was just a little bit weird I before theory but it was a little bit strange I think back then they were just looking for anything to get more people in the mainstream you know this I don't think it was even close to being mainstream like that so they were just looking for any way to get someone up yeah no I think that's right I think that's exactly what they were doing is just trying to bring want some Metallica though when I'm watching a third of metallic it be different it's like the band was the walkout music or something like this but yeah we just took an intermission and went to heavy metal it's pretty funny all right I got to tell you this party bus has been great really a great job up there tunnel on the bus so why don't we get back to the party unless you have a final thought you guys think you want to share hopes goals dreams fears no go tell the world the secret huh I put one on the aerials as I say everyone apropos on it but I did put the the morsella one out there that was a story that no one knew about until today and no one no one oh my good if you want yeah yeah I would love if you did I don't want to say names cuz it's kind of emotional but uh so I would say I had my my you know break then I would say break up a more sellable but my falling out Marcella a lot of people judge me on that because Marcel is the kind of guy that always smiles he's never been in trouble nothing you know so like I gonna gonna go against him in the situation with me and but there was one one one time I got kicked out or not kicked I got suspended for six six months from my black belt I wasn't in my black but I was a world champion and stuff so Oh what happened was I have I was talking to a girl at the gym for a couple months she was live with me whatever we broke up I got in my gym I have to be broke up I was texting because they were hanging out a good amount I I didn't think anything of it because he was one of my friends you know I was like yeah you know I miss her this and that he was like oh I'm talking her for you man like this that and then I knew years me and a couple guys from the gym were out having a couple drinks and they posted a picture like hooking up or something you know and I was a I mean I was like 19 20 I was having a couple drinks I posted a picture giving the finger and more so went insane I'm not gonna recite the words that he said to me but he was he went nuts like what the middle finger yeah for the middle finger he was like this was disgusting thing I've ever seen this left you got suspended you know it was like things like that that ended up getting me kicked out so if you kind of see that you know I mean I didn't kill anybody or anything like that that's what people make it out to be so there's just little things like that that that's time in that series you know there's something that could be I don't know this is it's not serious not something to get kid a virgin for you know there's people who do way worse things sure and you sure - probably got mad at the guy for doing that and he did you know that's a grimy thing to do you know someone they called yourself your friend feeding the girl you just dated like six weeks after probably 90 probably sooner than that and then he got mad at me for giving the finger stuff and how are they let's say you ran into I just ran into on Saturday and nothing I want that I see me - no he'd was there like nothing like no no hello oh it's just a complete one time I seen him I put my hand out and he was like and then that was a couple months ago he wasn't gonna shake my hand when you offered your hands and he said he did I mean I think would have been too awkward for him to walk by me but I mean think about um he's a grown man huh you know I'm the kid he's like you know I don't know I think it just shows his character a little bit but it doesn't a little disappointing right cuz I mean you in my court was a my dad yeah he was to hurt it was part of my life in the vital years like 18 19 I knew him since I was very young I lived close to each other he gave me my black belt which is very emotional thing and yeah the term is bath I'm a book I'm sorry that happened yeah it is I mean thing is no in everybody's eyes more soul can do no wrong you know so they always put it on me but is he gonna compete again I think so I remember back when I was there he wanted to do it another ADCC and but I haven't talked to him since a while so I when I was there you did wanna compete - yeah all right well thank you for that story June 14th Madison Square Garden yep you and I will be teaming up yep we got to go clean house yep thank you buddy