One Direction Read Tweets About Zayns Hair The Graham Norton Show

that and also much example of gradual ations a three American Music Awards yeah yeah just over there but do they think of you as as British or you just like a big pop act I didn't think it was as British don't they yeah yeah and Irish Irish of course yes sorry no wow that would have been letters believe Graham Norton said and it must be a thrilling night lovely they won they won so many prizes and yet what's my little anger afterwards where they felt a buck upstaged by Zayn's hair now we're on the mat now had you planned the loose strand no it kind of just fell that way just fell that yeah I mean it looks lovely it looks lovely it works but if quick Twittersphere melts down about this hair here's just a selection of some of the tweets that they say in single strand of hair is prettier than my entire we haven't seen the person it could be true it's another one Saenz hair is the reason what what connects what's that I love this stains here tonight is why I still this this is devious is you someone was just so moved all the cheap was this I love your strangled eyes out died his shoulder you're amazing right out so are you guess we should get a tattoo on your penis with the word el dente on it