One of the best phones today vivo NEX 3 Review

hey what's going on guys my name is Johnny Alves and today we're about ready to give you our full review of the VEVO and x3 now we weren't expecting this good of a flagship from VEVO we already had a good idea of what our flagship contenders would be this year but the anti x3 just came out of nowhere and it's a really great flagship we definitely recommend you checking it out once VEVO starts selling it in the Philippines why should you consider the NEX three well here a couple of reasons so one of the first things that you will definitely notice with Dany x3 is the display that gorgeous six point eight nine inch AMOLED Full HD plus waterfall full view display that is a lot of words so basically all you need to know about the display is that it blends seamlessly into the frame of the phone and going around 88 degrees to do so it's one of the first phones to have a waterfall display Huawei May 30 Pro obviously has that display but vivo was first because the side of the phone is basically half display and half frame vivo used virtual keys on the side instead of physical ones so you have a raised area on the side that serves as your reference point for the power button volume up and volume down buttons on the top and bottom of it for the most part these buttons work pretty well but because of how tall the phone is and it is very tall sometimes they're gonna be hitting the power button and the volume down button when you're trying to turn the display off now we take accidental screenshots all the time trying to turn off the phone our gallery is filled with accidental screenshots it's a little annoying but after a while you kind of get used to it now waterfall display also allows for a couple of cool custom animations when you're listening to music for example it also makes the phone easier to grip because the phone is now skinnier than a regular Android phone that has an equivalently sized screen as for image quality the display looks amazing it's very bright it can go up to 800 Nitz color saturation is great black levels are amazing there's really nothing that you can complain about with this display really is one of the best displays we've seen on as flagship which isn't surprising because Samsung actually applied the display for the NEX three so another thing that will catch your eye when you're looking at the NEX P is the glass back now the 5d versions come in very striking colors unfortunately the 4G Virant only comes in black which we have here but the black coloration has very subtle hues that change depending on how light hits it it's very elegant it's very understated and we really dig that color another feature that we really like about the NX 3 is the fact that has a 3.5 millimeter jack a lot of phones nowadays don't have a 3.5 millimeter jack it's being taken out in a lot of flagship phones and we really really like the fact that the anny x3 has that now another great thing about the NX 3 is it's cameras it has three cameras on the rear that's 64 megapixel F 1.8 main camera a 13 megapixel F 2.2 ultra wide-angle camera 13 megapixel F 2.48 telephoto camera and a pop-up selfie camera as well that contains a 16 megapixel F 2.09 that's a little weird camera with a selfie fill light on the left side while the 64 megapixel camera can take images in well 64 megapixels most of the time the photos that you will be producing will be 16 megapixels because of pixel binning vivo really touts the HDR capabilities of the na x3 they say that the na x3 really performs well even when there's harsh backlight behind you or behind the subject of the shooting we found that to be relatively true took the NX 3 out for a day in Shanghai Disneyland and we managed to take very nice gorgeous shots with the 64 megapixel main camera the 13 megapixel ultra wide camera also perform really well though because of the aperture opening it doesn't really fare well in low light that goes the same for the two times optical zoom camera speaking of low light the NEX three can take low-light pictures using AI where it basically takes a lot of exposures and stitches the image together to produce one ripe photo this AI assistant low-light camera mode produces okay photos but it's not in the same league as photos produced from Huawei's p30 pro for example or the main 30 Pro which is still the gold standard for a I assisted low-light photography a flagship wouldn't be a flagship without flagship innards now the NH 3 has welcomes Snapdragon 855 + octa-core processor this is the same kind of processor that is found on a gaming phones like the RG phone - and the black shark - pro because our phone was only the 4G variant we only got 8 gig of ram and a hundred twenty-eight gig of non expandable storage we did not have any issues while we were playing games or putting up our game bench results on the screen so you can see how the vivo NEX 3 performed while we were gaming basically this phone has gaming phone performance in a really nice-looking package the thing that we really don't like about the na x3 is the UI the fun touch UI tries too hard to be like iOS for most Android phones you can access your settings you can access your notification simply by swiping down from the top of the phone in front touch UI your notifications are accessed by swiping down from the top and you access the settings from swiping down from the bottom going up it's annoying there's really no reason to separate both of these into two different locations you can just put it in one rebo please for the love of God stop doing this another thing that we really like about the vivo NEX 3 is the fact that it has a 4500 mAh battery inside of it that is pretty big and we're pretty impressed that vivo managed to stuff that large of a battery inside a phone this size for some reason PC marks battery benchmark always crashed when we use it we the vivo NEX 3 which is a little weird but with our regular use the 4500 mah battery had more than enough juice to power the phone for an entire day with a little bit left over at the tank around 30% left now if you managed to completely drain the phone you'll be able to put it back up in no time because the phone has a 44 watt fast charging capability that is faster than hua weighs 40 watt supercharged capability so that is pretty much it we are very impressed with a vivo NEX 3 we really like the phone it's fast it's fluid that the display looks incredible the camera really performs as advertised the only thing right now that we're wondering is how much it'll be in the Philippines there is no price yet for this phone vivo Philippines have said that they are bringing this over to our country in China it is priced at around 37 thousand pesos obviously that's just a price estimate taxes and importation costs also play a factor in how much this phone will be but if vivo can keep it along 37,000 as long as it doesn't go past 40 thousand pesos then vivo Philippines has a winner in the NEX three thank you very much guys this has been the disembodied voice of John llaves please like subscribe and comment we really like this ending x3 if you have any other questions please drop in the comments we're going to try and answer that for you click on that notification bell and subscribe if you haven't yet please thank you very much peace out guys