Online Gamers Meet In Real Life

it hit me that was like oh my god this is like a sincere moment on Xbox Live from this like punk-ass kid I had a personal achievement last night I'd like to share it with you I defeated Batman Vega I defeated Batman or one night last night when I was 10 I got my first Xbox and I really liked that like it became more of an influence in my life that Xbox Live be able to talk to your friends and stuff really connected like it's none new people I've known mega well they're like almost fear or about a year I think I was getting that oh my gym was just kind of like you know any other gonna Punk online like you know just talking trash and like kind of making fun of me no one's saying that this is one of the best games ever produced I had a good sense of humor and I was kind of pushing it back on him like whenever somebody would say something offensive or like something it you know dark whatever he'd be like whoa we know it wasn't like actually against it but it was just funny like what cut what he brought to like the group because nobody's usually like that I loved the idea of me being like a mentor and a big brother it sounds kind of silly but recently been doing like prank calls and stuff you want to a prank call is teach me like different things to keep them on the line and says how how you doing um really good question about special event in the store basically I got engaged to my girlfriend years ago actually I proposed to her at your Denny's and years later we're getting divorced but would you have a problem with us officiating the divorce at your Denny's so it would be like a full circle thing for me so I found out where these dudes are there in Bakersfield California are these kids just punks what do they like so I'm actually gonna go hang out with them what's the most Bakersfield thing to do get ready to eating lunch and a bunch of faster this here you don't have fine dining in Bakersfield I love both of you with all my heart and I'm gonna see you tomorrow Oh whereabouts me mega wolf or David I don't know it's gonna happen like we've never met him a person I'm curious like what's going on give it up it's up I know it's up high it's a high five it's up high get over here come on now that's weird what's happening right there is weird we want to do this nice boom Double Down merciless I think we're trying to talk about a good group name for a crew my name for a group was the nice gentleman what about the salty siroccos the funky friends bit quirky bunch be bunch the pizza Pete's that's that would be the name of the pizza restaurant you eventually open when you're 60 so uh spank you're still going like there and like pretty plants how long have you lived here like I lost three years okay you don't know all right what about your other neighbor what about don't know them either everyone's just inside playing xbox yeah I was on one of those like Washington maybe somewhere I mean yeah Bakersfield Roth Westeros I grew up to somewhere like this cell tenet AMP is really similar why'd you in from Tampa eventually yeah cuz I want to get out what if like you know the life exposure I bought through being in my mid-30s and having lived in a bunch of different cities and everything I'm able to like have an impact on these two dudes that'd be pretty cool I like you know I love thinking about that I couldn't come to a walking arm-in-arm like this so okay whoa look at this come over here buddy well you know guys we've come to the end of the adventure I really appreciate you guys showing me Bakersfield I think when we gain from here on out it's give me a lot more meaningful because now I know that you know you guys are the real deal I just ask one final favor and that is would you guys mind carrying me to my car okay that'd be cool just go for it [Music] [Laughter] you