Only a few know about the Side Effects

how many people have actually seen President Trump whereabouts how many people have seen some of the leaders that have been talking wearing a mask ask the question why we breathe oxygen we need us we breathe out carbon dioxide how long would a an animal or a human last by just reading carbon dioxide not very long we need an oxygen within a minute to have two minutes things start to shut off when you're wearing a mask you are inducing in hypoxic injurious pseudo hypoxia there studies have been done the point being that when you wear a mask works 50 air flow you are also reading in more carbon dioxide so you're creating the studio hypoxic state but more than that you're also creating stress as your body is now having to suck oxygen through something that's obstructing the airway in medicine and trauma we've taught three things when in doubt go back to your ABCs everything's about ABCs a a a b c stands for airway breathing circulation a notice airway and breathing all to do with our ability to respire our ability to oxygenate when you're wearing the mask you're reducing your ability to oxygenate you're also because you're throwing your body into that chronic stress because you're sucking ops you have to suck oxygen through this mask you're increasing your cortisol levels which is your stress hormone cortisol going up suppresses your immune system you get into what they call a simplest set of emetic drive you're driving it further and faster this is the flight fight response this is like having a part and part and stepping on the accelerator that's what you're doing to your body so you are throwing your body into an overdrive situation of stress that is now going to create a cascade a domino effect because when your body is stressed guess what to have a faculty you need more oxygen if a bear was chasing you would you be breathing harder and now you've got something covering your mouth do you think that that's going to create a problem with you to breathe this is the reason I feel this unexplainable need to tell people even though they're all around me wearing masks I just feel like I've to correct them not because I'm trying to push an agenda I just don't want people to be hurt so this information is important for people to understand that there's a entire cascade of events that continues from this product from this process forward wearing masks has never been established ever been established to prevent disease there's no scientific literature for that when a surgeon wears a mask is to prevent the surgeon from spitting drooling coughing sneezing into that sterile surgical field that's why we wear masks to protect the patient to protect the sterile field when people in the Far East wear masks they're doing it so that nobody else gets sick from something that they may be carrying how many people have actually seen President Trump we're about how many people have seen some of the leaders that have been talking wearing a mask well dr. Bochy has an ornamental recently and then when you're shown wearing a mask they show up like a bunch of steel slides knees like this this rigidity of doing everything else my point is again asked the question why the issue in a pan is separating us they have always separated us we have always been separate became based upon our differences of our ethnicity our creator nationality our religions our political agendas our political belief systems our our color of our skin they have divided us it's time to forget about the division and understand what brings us together if you can answer that question why for any of these things that are happening and you've been justified then fine then go along with it but the question if Y is not answerable if something inside you says something doesn't smell right your intuition you've got feeling your success this is all God speaking to you understand that your sixth sense that gut feeling the biggest all that we have that is the Creator communicating with us it's the source of everything that's this is a universal consciousness I don't care what you call it it is the same thing that's communicate with is telling us beware something is not right ask the question why