Onu Tekrar Geri Kazanacağım Legacy 156 Bölüm English Spanish subs




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Yes? I'm listening. Is it about Yusuf? What you about to tell. Yusuf? No. there's something else. If it's not about Yusuf, you can keep it to yourself. I don't have the energy to argue. Everybody makes mistakes. You say this for what I said at dinner. But don't worry. I don't think anyone understood anything. I was pretty implicit. But I wish I could say clearly how I felt. I wish I could tell how that big tree I trusted just fell off. Trust is so sensitive. It's not very strong. It just breaks away. But if you coat it with your feelings... it becomes a strong rope. If you don't have that strong attachment between each other, everything just ends before it even starts. I couldn't say. Because what is broken, can't be undone with words. So let's leave the tree as it is. Let's not. I will undo everything I broke. I'm glad you didn't say anything to Ela after everything we've been through. You are a good person. This folder is the grave of both of us. How did I believe this obscenity? How did I push her into this pit without even listening to her? I assume everything is cleared out, and this folder is forever closed. She will not know about this file and what's in it! I will not lose her. I can't tell her about this. I will take this secret to my grave. I will take her and myself out of this grave! From now on, I will do anything to win her back. I will give her the world just to see again the sparkle in her eyes. Do you understand me? I will take this secret to my grave!