Opening Fifa Packs For 24 Hours Straight

so ready Oh nice right now okay so the time is quarter past 12:00 you owe me to wiggle in a little no no no my egos take out most the screen okay okay 24 hours hasn't known with god we've got a clock in the background so hopefully we won't need to put like little time stamps that we come here by the backs of our sled yeah - gazing decades at least started off with a bit of happiness we're not amazing with the pack animations yet so it's gonna take a little while to some get used to that Walt so there's a few sort of rules and we've put together like a bit of a plan for this next 24 hours first of all we have it's poured in the background of the top 20 players in FIFA and we're gonna take off when we get them if we get them secondly to keep us motivated for these 24 hours we have a different type of food finish nationality of walk out that we get so our meals for the next 24 hours will be dictated by the good players we get for example we get even has all we eat Belgian waffles we get Chiellini we get a pizza of Brazilian players we've got these homemade Brazilian car seniors now I'm not gonna lie to you and you probably know pack openings usually come with a hefty price to pay it's difficult to remortgage your house when you're renting it from someone else tops match attax have kindly sponsored this video to make it possible I used to collect football trading cards religiously back in my day and I like to think I only force promos down the throats of my audience if they're genuinely good ones that I think they might appreciate and this one's no different just all for the younger audience now the game very similar to what I'm actually doing today your impact and build up your team of 11 cards as you can see they've just gone from Premier League champions league card you can play solo against your friends or just other people online I'll leave my ID on the screen as well as maybe even a good chance of playing me if I decide to upload one video in 3 months again let me take you through how you play again each one of your cards has an attack and defense stats I know that Kim ik is ridiculous so he's always winning that one you basically just keep attacking and defending each other and you saw bathtub yes if you're gonna beat that hard I'm gonna lie to you quite a one-sided affair that was just wondering what's getting more of a battering this guy or the upload button on my channel in October obviously I've got a custom pack that you can redeem with the code on screen now to set you up for the game totally free if you are interested in the app please click the link in the description below check it out go download it it is a good one compare the player dating-wise that's not bad just to leave this door open so like we had on a bad boy fruit you'd have a fun day I've got a 4.6 million a 50 minutes so far 185 rated player that's we've also made a bingo card so we've written down nine players and you've got a hundred quid on that so whoever takes up will then play as fast Belgian send it back oh hello outer barrel photography separate Wow but it's not it's not a ball foul what is it's a walk out bring me waffles Oh Willie is the first out you know I was kind of dreading this 24-hour pack opening but get maple syrup my desk and I will do an unboxing of your insides do you want to do an unboxing of all the jokes you've stolen from No - didn't you you know whatever CBM comes up on whatever nationality is a stink off imagine the scenes if we pull out over an hour all this and you have a Sunday other Lee come on come on do it for me I think it could be it involved it's not bad all sitting down for that because Sacco is on Europe bingo suppose I'll just sit here right oh he's a walkout we have a town bus we're gonna tap - it's two and three packs I'm telling yes it's for walkout so we've seriously underestimated the amount of walkouts you get it packs so we're going to use the food system and not on walk out put on top 20 players and legends nationality besides water so otherwise is this human so yeah we're gonna go into toilets from the waffles we have snot all over Eric and it's gonna play a walkout literally an hour oh come on [Music] good following on from the back we have 282 [Music] oh and these Steve to toll on all he genuinely has to be do become a firing flankers why do the rules of my videos crumble so soon we didn't actually plan for this because I was sort of gambling on the fact we wouldn't get Slovenian yeah what should we do here let me let me let me go talk to the chef and find out what Slovenian food is hello another good one I'm gonna be English that's not bad I was trying to you haven't you herring it up well I totally are used to carrying the channel at this point I know but normally when you're no way to know you're not Steve [Music] loads up all the time Wow I didn't I went down to 85 I think what we should do because we got Slovenia and with like it's so soon after we got Spain the we diligent fit the food into the period between this we've had we combined Slovenian prosciutto and Spanish tapas and have tap us with prosciutto right first icon essentially pretty good currently the clock is we're drivin for hours in 357 we've had an icon van Dijk badly surely because all the lost pep guardiola Park we have imported to have this I think it's my favorite video ever and you mean your forehead pulls through respect to you telling me hey you've got another horrible on off my oh is it English is it a striker is another Cresswell isn't it yeah what do it forms a beefy not Aaron cross fish for fil did you have a video the why did you just get in yep the one it's time not Ronaldo you're not Ronaldo you're bald no he's my most holy is I'm so yes I think that's my worth to ya ha ha needs fixing this is literally the six-hour mark good fairly good chance of getting Messi or Ronaldo we've even gone with over like a thin base piece are so not let's go American yeah we went with norito but then we thought we might as well surely not go surely Bora he's on your list take it off with my sequel again on my list this is the one I thought surely it's pain Charlie it's happening it's experiencing 89 that's why oh it wasn't just a later omid oh yeah there we are in trouble outside ago oh damn it he's comes up yes well it seems as though this hawk stopped working oh we finally got somebody oh I can't wait for this to be a bore please don't don't do this it's just dibala ultimata yes crazy 88 and now we'll never know the time I'm getting annoyed imagine the scenes we put out around all messy [Music] you're good I'd say we got a fairly good chance of getting messy or an hour look I might get another [Music] all right yes must be strikeout [Music] muffins I think be sure you can reach we're actually smashing this on a serious note these are 7.5 K bytes you don't usually get anything from these and they're really demoralizing to have got one two three of the top seven players is like insane okay Ronaldo is how much are we looking at top 20 players to gin good work my boy these cakes were only bored in the event that we got for an hour Doakes their Madeira and sponge cakes oh just get into my veins so we're currently on the ninth hour I have hardly ever seen Ronaldo in a 7.5 k back on YouTube like you just don't really see yeah yes yes just two more required for your morning I should pretty sure that's for the camera and then realize it was awful we only need one more we're closed our sleep oh yes but it's an Englishman if so we can could it be stealing hey Chris we caught it ready Julie reducers yeah you look back off horse 150k Oh bingo damn I'm gonna be good in the old folks home how frustrating is it that he's put that clock there instead of dead center absolute Psychopaths they have it we are exactly halfway through the 24 hours we are on 12 hours and 56 seconds we're doing pretty well of the top 20 we have five the fact we've got an hour I would love to be able on the side in this video instead of 12 hours to go it's currently called past 12 p.m. no or a.m. is 12 o'clock at night anyway oh I'm I'm gonna level with you I need some food like we have not had a top 20 or an icon for so long now that Peter was a long time ago now at what point is another career 7tu video just have the rules changed I mean I let's be serious a I enjoyed my time alone [Music] yeah oh no what is happening it is currently quarter to three we have been going for 14 hours and 30 minutes it was about this time of the evening that we decided to drink our own pool Oh your boy has got this is it oh come on [Music] [Applause] oh my god thank you thank you thank you candy currently have four and with 16 hours into this pack opening now and we genuinely have a piece it in like six hours seven hours something like that right I'm just going to save some time and tick this one off myself without that vlogging camera I'm not going to I don't know quantities but that's everything [Music] get in the background over here you're posed by it look handsome with your cheese board please please bring me more food your notes Charlie nice this is just the best this second half the pack opening has been pretty intro atrocious compared to the first getting a sleep well and eat well as part of his tips we're going to stay up for 24 hours and have our dice dictated by packs we have been given an absolute wrong thing the second off this pack opening like we had nothing it's like when when we needed it most and the hours of you know just definitely yeah right you can probably tell it's starting to get light again the time is four hours to go and yeah really started to lose it from honestly I just an uneasy alpha moving stay away here oh okay since then my sense of reality has crumbled oh my god [Music] [Music] we turn off the front door is cheesecake we've only got two hours left I think we've all had enough at this point I think we've all learned a nice long jump off a cliff [Music] we just asleep we are now into the lost our pack opening oh yeah boy let's come up going on the is Robert let me look skinny put it into a mate it's happened again vamos our banter returns lips there's under ten minutes left I've really enjoyed the last 100 packs or so with one player 83 phrases we got five minutes left of the entire pack opening Ramos all right this is the player I genuinely think we've had bought from more than anyone else can you please like use the proceeds from your channel in general to buy real betis and good day mock bot responder we are on pretty much ten nine eight seven I think mr. vampire this is the last back of the pack opening ten seconds left and classic fashion it's a stick and the clock has rolled on to 24 hours the 24 hour pack opening is over no I can't do it get me out of this we're gonna go and get some sleep and and then I'll do an outro or something and you know recap this pack opening but for now for me for me it's time for bed right now I've got a few days to rejoin the living all he's broken by the way like the Tony finished up working it let's take a look at the players we got so people usually do get triggered by this part the video but I do put them on sale especially when it's early on a fever because I need the coins for future pack openings potentially who knows you know let's move on Cristiano Ronaldo obviously the main player in this pack of opening up got my sword in for almost 1.5 mil me Adam is just pretty good the players that actually sword for ridiculous amounts like all black is good Van Dyck my father true que canta I think was 300k as well in 24 hours of opening packs we bought three thousand three hundred and seventy four packs that's five hundred thousand fifa points and if you bought that with coins that would equate to 25 million three hundred thousand coins being packed in total I got 11 million three hundred thousand back so it's not that that bad um what's that a forty million point loss I know this sounds stupid but previously I've had like 50 million coin losses and stuff and pack up like I don't actually think that's that bad this year I think that's a bit more reasonable from EA this time around informs we got 34 walk outs we got 40 more counts one icon and eight ones to watch and ten cups of tea subscribe I mean that the ten cups of tea is possibly the most surprising on there in terms of top 20 players we got one two three four five six seven you know down to here to get four of them I think I I think we've done well we're boys I think we've done pretty well I think we can all right thank you for sitting with us through this absolute behemoth of a pack opening if you do want to see more pack openings like this please hit the like button to let me know and finally download tops match attax with the link in the description if you did like the sound of that and you're not sick of Packer games i've lost 24 minutes Cheers [Music]