Opposite Twins Swap Clothes for a Week

[Music] hey guys I'm Nikki and I'm Gabby and today we are doing a very requested video we are going to be swapping styles this coming week as you guys know we have completely different styles I would not want to be caught wearing with Mickey where's and if you would not want to be covered by where we decided to swap our coats from Monday through Friday we have activities planned like shopping date night go to a pumpkin patch and hang out and friends running here and we're gonna have to be dressed like each other style while doing all those and we're gonna document it boo okay here you go what did you pick out for me poor Nikki's shopping outfit I'm gonna put her in something that I would typically wear shopping with Ali and Nash and it's this adorable pink go to top scream queens meets clueless was a cute little dress suit but it's not pants obviously she's going to wear this top inside of this jacket with the skirt and she's gonna wear a cute little funny heels when I go shopping I kind of like to wear comfy clothes because I know I'm gonna be trying on clothes when I'm at the mall so my mom outfit would be so stylish so I have a crop long-sleeve and it's black and it has checker boards on the sleeves I would wear this and I would pair it with some leggings for shoes and go with my white high-top man so for Monday we are going shopping ready set go [Music] so Nikki you're going to wear this cute little quilted pink crop top you're gonna be wearing this jacket a matching skirt it's like a cute little set you're gonna wear these fuzzy little heel that screams are comfortable to me Gabi it is no pepper it is 40 degrees out when you can get a little lettuce skirt when I grow up chopping because I know I'm going to be trying on a lot of clothes in the dressing rooms I like to go comfy so it's easy to change so I'm like that outfit I got you an easy take on off outfit take on all about fit yeah so I got you this cropped sweatshirt long-sleeve shirt with checkerboard down sleeves these black leggings and then to complete the look I have my white dirty pants [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] now for the pumpkin patch I know this isn't a real practical outfit but it's definitely super cute and super fall it would look so cute if you wanted to have a photo shoot I'm giving her my sweater dress and I has a cute little rose gold pin that's of a moose on it so I guess that's fall and I have this brown fur coat and then to top it off have fun Nicky these burgundy heeled booties so for the pumpkin patch I would wear my ultimate fall outfit I want to put Gabby in a vintage team I just feel like that goes with this bomber jacket I'm about to show you guys I just got it at a vintage shop it's so cute for the jeans I'm gonna put Gabby and my favorite high-waisted mom jeans they have holes all over them they look really worn out because they probably are and as far as shoes go I'm gonna have to have to Gabby one of my tips because these are my go to fall shoes that I wear with like every fall outfit so Nikki you are going to be wearing this sweater dress this bird brown jacket in these thigh-high these are cute I like the jacket in the boots I don't like the guts you're gonna wear Tim's the hell are these and you're gonna be wearing this vintage tee my waisted jeans they have holes in them they're mom jeans and to finish it off this jacket is so false this is like a vintage bomber jacket [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] this one's name we're gonna run some errands yes Mara so I'm giving her very glam casual look so I'm gonna start it off with this adorable rose gold sports bra I'm gonna overlay it with a sign hundred percent silk blush new top and I want her to have the sequins peeking out then obviously she's gonna wear my favorite al-bukhari jeans I'm gonna wear these buzz sneakers when I run errands I give no craps who sees me I literally just want to be comfy so I'm putting Gabby in my favor in long sleeve and camo sweatshirt so I'm putting Gabby in my black sweats you guys talk to me in person to feel them they're like the company's things I let them feel and I'm gonna put her in my friends don't lie shirt but this is a shameful thing shirt it's my favorite show you got yeah in my slides they're kind of getting dirty now I've had them since August and Bernie's all the time they're supposed to be great but they're kind of turning brown well on what dates we always run errands and our Wednesday's agree Rosalind on Wednesdays you really do wear pink so Nikki you're going to wear this sequin bando slash sports bra with this silk wash color button up my favorite our prom June these muted or shoes from Aldo why do our outfits scream uncomfortable me well you're gonna be wearing my camo oversized zip up my friends don't lie shirt who stranger things these black comfy sweats because when I run errands be in my slides from Target very little dirty [Music] I'm in spirit I got a freakish [Music] so for tonight in with friends obviously one looks super cute because you're come down while I seek some pictures I picked this adorable oversized fuji sweatshirt which you guys have probably seen on my instagram as well and to finish off this look i'm not gonna put her in shoes but i'm gonna put her in these adorable knee-high socks usually when we hang out during the week it's low-key night it's really chill is either at my house your daddy's apartment so when I think chill I think he's once and bars cute sweats go I have the C night sweatshirt from urban and it's cool in work tone and then as far as the sweatpants go at my Hawkins stranger things merch sweatpants from Target and they're everything and they're so comfy I impaired these gray comfy socks have no idea where I got these from I don't know if they're my brothers if they're neat if they're really comfy yeah sorry Gabby so on Thursday we are gonna hang out with our friends I think a Gabby's apartment yeah glad we have the same mindset I got so excited when I saw laying on the ground I knew to keel over in this I would love it the Gucci oversized sweatshirt I hope no sweats with it no just like a dress there's the plot to us a knee-high like socks you're gonna be wearing it's actually new it's a unite sweatshirt and then Mike Hawkins sweatpants those look like my hospital socks are these hospital socks I don't know where I go [Music] so what do you think about my look it's really weird seeing you wear out this designer stuff very unlike you yeah this is not something you have in your closet what about the thigh hex up again very unlike you this is not something you wear when I do a basis like you look good in it don't get me wrong but it's like this is not stuff that you normally wear do you like it for tonight though your sister was like I feel like I would get your sister I look like a patriotic flag look like a soccer player look at what the puppy paws underneath wait these are from the hospital [Music] last but not least for date night I'm gonna throw Niki in a Chanel runway dress I'm so excited to see her in this I've worn this on a date before it and then I'm gonna throw her it needs cute forever21 pumps that I always wear the last outfit I have is for date night I'm gonna put Gabby in a nice fitted sweater I'm gonna pair it with these corduroy pants that are like maroon they're really cute and are high-waisted this is gonna be tucked into these this cute black belt from urban that has this cute circle thing in the middle as far as shoes go my cute plaid sneakers from forever 21 so for date night I actually wear this in a vlog when me and Nate went to Horror Nights it's a mustard fitted cute sweater from urban and then you're gonna be wearing these maroon corduroy high-waisted pants they're kind of like 7 years and you're gonna be wearing this black high-waisted belt as far as shoes go you're wearing my plaid forever 21 bands for your date night you're gonna wear this 2012 runway so cute with me you don't feel so honored here is these forever 21 cup size [Music] [Music] so it is the end of the week and we're gonna do a little recap for you guys so let's start with Monday so on Monday we were dressed to go shopping and I actually loved wearing Nikki's outfit shopping I mean at first I felt a little out of my element I'm only used to wearing girly elegant classy things while going shopping I felt very overdressed and like I stuck out like a sore thumb and everybody was staring at me and I'm like of the shoes I hated that like people were just like staring at me Tuesday we went to a pumpkin patch I did not like your outfit I was freezing because my legs I'm fine if my arms I like bare I'm fine but my legs were completely open and I just felt like my entire life was fair I felt very cold and Gabby's outfit because she had me in this like mini dress yes it was sweater material but all this cold wind kept blowing up my dress and my butt kept almost coming out and I kept having to pull down the dress we were also on like a farm and I was wearing thigh high boots and my heels were literally going in the mud I feel like you're a bizarre very impractical there are super pictures um Wednesday we win Aaron's I just couldn't get into those like sweaty you summer furry slides when I run errands I like to be super comfortable the comfiest pants the comfy sweatshirt and your outfit was jegging I did not like the blouse is just something I wouldn't wear and I didn't like the sparkly top I feel like this is this recap is very predictable I just we don't have the same style Thursday we had a night in with friends and let us just say I think we both liked each other's office yeah I really liked how comfortable mine was I didn't really like the colors Friday night was deeply at the diner and we had a lot of fun I actually really enjoyed wearing Mickey's outfit was very warm it was very 70s and that's why I loved it because we went to a diner or going to this little diner and she puts me in it should know a dress and palms maybe when I pick that out I just heard Dayton and it know we're going to a damn diner my favorite outfit was Friday and my least favorite was Wednesday the running errands outfit my favorite outfit was actually Tuesday's outfit when we went to the pumpkin patch because it surprised me how cute it was except it was very impractical because of the heel in the mud but I really liked that outfit my least favorite was to the diner outfit not happen all right guys well that's it for this week's video subscribe if you guys did and we'll see you guys in our next video bye [Music]