Orlando Officer Under Investigation After Arresting 6YearOld Girl Who Threw a Tantrum


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The Breakfast Club bitchy donkey other day with Shalom Haman going on the white y'all keep letting him get y'all like this don't you today for Monday September 23rd go to the police officer Dennis Turner now let the record show Dennis Turner isn't our Lando police officer where is Orlando Florida alright salute everyone who listens just on 104 five two beating Orlando dropping the clues bombs for my folks in Orlando be strong what's happening now what does your uncle Sharla always tell you the craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all the Florida okay the wildest thing about Florida is it's not just the citizens of Florida who are nuts it's everybody the whole infrastructure of Florida from top to bottom from the governor to the garbage man that crazy gene that exists in the Sunshine State it's just there living dormant in people's bodies ready to be activated and this story that I'm about to tell you is no different now I didn't earn it isn't the only donkey in this situation okay administration at Lucius and Emma Nixon elementary charter school they gonna get some of this hee-haw - I recommend that to staff their teachers principals guidance counselors everybody needs to step down because they clearly don't know how to communicate or interact with children now salute to the young six year old Queen named Kaia drop on a close bond for kyuh kyuh is six years old alright that's like first grade alright minding her business going to school doing with six year olds do and she had a tantrum it happened she's six kids throw fits all right there are kids they have low emotional IQ they may not know how to use their words correctly whatever but just remember she's six all right six is the magic number here six alright the kid may not know how to act but adults should and I I must say that all the adults in this situation failed young Kaia let's go to WFLA NBC 8 for the report please Kyah roll is like most little girls she loves pink and has a cheery outlook on life but after what her grandmother says happened on Thursday the bubbly six-year-old has little room to focus on school after she got a call from a school resource officer saying Kaia was arrested so there was an incident and she kicked somebody and she's being charged and she's on always Marilyn Kirkland says her granddaughters journey to the juvenile detention center by Orlando police officers began at Lucius and Emma Dixon Academy Charter School she's arrested and she has a charm she's charged with battery she has a medical condition that we're working on getting resolved so he says what medical condition so I said you know she has a sleep disorder sleep apnea he says well I have sleep apnea I don't behave like that the first-grader handcuffed and carted off where the grandmother says she was fingerprinted and even had a mugshot to you how why for what first of all let's talk with the school fire everybody I hit the reset button start over if you don't have adults who can deal with six year old kids temper tantrums then they don't need to be in charge of our kids all right as parents we send our kids to these schools and we trust these people with our kids if they have temper tantrums if they get pissed off I would hope that people have coping mechanisms all right this is why we need professionals in these schools who specialize in SEL social and emotional learning teach kids how to deal with their emotions not you know throw them to the system at six years old now Dennis Turner here the school resource officer then it's you my friend are certified sucker all right you must not have any kids no nieces or nephews no grandchildren because there's no way in hell you thought this was the proper way to handle a six-year-old having a temper tantrum all right you handcuffed his kid put the kid in the back of a police car took him to a juvenile Center to be fingerprinted and she had a mug shot it's crazy six years old it's charged a six-year-old with a misdemeanor battery charged as a parent a grandparent you asking too much of me to do something like that to my child and expect me not to retaliate not to mention kiya is a little black girl I don't think this happens if it's a little Caucasian girl all right but there's no one who can tell me that this was the proper way to handle this six-year-old little girl period all right kids are born with emotional reactions crying frustration anger sadness fear and you do realize that the way we react the kids emotions has an impact on the development of their emotional IQs all right what the adults in this situation did was called emotional invalidation all right how would this young girl ever learn how to manage her emotions all right when you teach kids identify their emotions you give them a framework that helps them explain how they feel which makes it easier for them to deal with those emotions in a socially appropriate way what lesson do you think this young secure girl is gonna learn from being arrested not a damn thing how can you help kids properly manage their emotions when you can't Manny Jose please give officer Dennis Turner in the Lucius and Elmer Nixon elementary charter school the biggest Seahawk me my god man Jesus that's crazy donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on yourself and say the bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound to five all from your cell and say two bowl [Music]