Orlando Weeks On The Creation Of The Gritterman

- The Gritterman is a fellow that's on the brink of retirement. He's coming to the end of doing a job that he's loved doing which is gritting the roads. The story is essentially his last night on the job. The writing of The Gritterman started with a song that I had about a seasonal hero. Over the last couple of years from touring a lot, I've started trying to write stories whilst I would otherwise just be waiting. All of this is hand done. I would have to do a lot of tracing where I'd hold the original and then a new sheet of paper against a window and all of this is partly to ignore the fact that I'm useless with computers, otherwise maybe I'd do that. Throughout the whole project the music has informed the look of the illustration and the story has informed the music and so, it's been this kind of back and forth. You're just trying to make an atmosphere that feels believable and that was the case with writing the music for this and trying to feel like he didn't break character. So, the project's made up of three elements, there's illustration, there's the story and then there's the music and I've lived with all those aspects for a while now and they're pretty ingrained. The kind of final piece in the puzzle was finding someone that I thought would be sympathetic to the character. (man mumbles) - Let it howl, let it blow itself out. Snow before seven. Fine by 11. Well, there's this rather fragile but stoical character. He's survived the loss of someone, you know, his life partner, or someone he loved very much and he's setting out on his journey alone and it's the snow but there's a sense that he loves and looks forward to the journey, relishes it. This guy is from that generation that were probably a little bit more stoical than us, you know, who kept things in and just got on with it.