Outstanding Wrestler 2019 US Open


Chael Sonnen


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we've been about six months ago I get contacted by a group of old college teammates and they say they're putting the band back together they're going out to the US Open which has a division called the veterans so you must be 35 years to enter it so it's not just the young guys it's not just the college studs they're gonna do the veterans they're gonna do it alongside the college does okay great I'm gonna be the coach we get together we go out there we have a great time and along with the camaraderie and the success Quinn won a national championship but really everybody won you know it's kind of one of these different deals and I don't ever want to be a prude or be weak when I'm talking about coaching and competitions but this was a different scenario where all of the guys getting together all of the guys getting into shape all the guys making weight all of the guys going out there and competing it was only good things right there's only good things that that come from that in addition to watching our guys compete though the US Open went on and the US Open for any of you that aren't aficionados on wrestling it's no different than any other thing that is titled US Open whether it's in tennis whether it's in golf I mean this is the big one right and it's exactly as advertised it is open to anybody in the US there are no parameters even the NCAA has got different divisions and then even within those divisions comes the bureaucracy of making the Clearing House and having your grades up and then the military's got their forms of wrestling and the training center this is the open if you have a pulse and you want to enter put your $25 down and get on the scale it is such competitive wrestling but it's also very important because it will qualify you for the World Team Trials and should you be the champion it will even have added incentives but for the most part you kind of know how this is going to go in most of the weight classes you know who the guy is not this year everything got thrown out I mean if you want to talk about Outstanding Wrestler that's gonna go to Yanni for many different reasons I'm not positive excuse me I'm not positive Yanni was the outstanding wrestler I'm not sure it was it beau Nichol if you look at how they both competed if you look how many points they scored if you look at everybody that they beat but Yanni was more of a surprise 145 pounds of just so till we got Olympians in that weight class we got returning national champions in that weight class we've got world team members in that weight class so I think there was just a little bit more impressiveness for what he did and I will concede that I would also give him the Outstanding Wrestler but I think there needs to be a real conversation you have to be able to look at what beau Nichol did and as it sets those guys up for the rest of the year and what's to come in the showdown that beau Nichol is gonna have with Jayden Cox in a number of week six seven eight weeks here starts to be some pretty exciting stuff and I would put Yanni's performance I would put it as far as inspiring quite frankly I'm in a really hard road going through Molinar I'll having to take on his own teammate in coach and Jordan Oliver getting into the finals with Zane and there's a reason they called the same train cuz it's hard to stop Jonnie did it all and had another went in there I think if you look at null smash with green I thought that was one of the better actual matches I don't know if James green is ever gonna get the credit that he deserves but just a fantastic wrestler he ends up getting surprised in the finals by Deakin you look over at what Adam Koon is doing sitting in the finals of final X all the while coming back through the Freestyle scene which nobody should tell him he shouldn't do I know that isn't the motto of of USA Wrestling I know the motto is that you pick one style and you go with it but when you have a guy like Kuhn who's doing it his own way but bringing home Championships and and world level medals man you got to stand back and support him as he's doing it I will tell you one of the guys aside from the outstanding wrestlers which is gonna come down to Yanni gonna come down to bow you wonder who is outstanding for me Dan che jr. and you know Dan changing there's one of these guys that loves wrestling from a wrestling family his old man's a badass he grew up to be a badass but he wouldn't got a bronze medal at the US Open and I don't know what he did in high school but I'll never know now I do for the most part know what he did in college but it will never be talked about now once you get a bronze medal in the US Open that is what you will be referred to from here on out he was third place in the US Open anything you do before that gets thrown out and sometimes that's really good and sometimes it's bad Kenny Monday Kenny Monday and I had this talk any Monday won four state championships he won the junior national championships he won the n-c-double-a championships he won a World Championship but then he became Olympic champion nothing he ever did ever mattered or counted they only call him Olympic champion so in his case in his cape maybe that's a bad thing maybe he doesn't get all the credit that he should get but if anybody ever had a career in which man I wish I would have won more matches or more tournaments four more medals here in this spot of dance a junior he forever will just be known unless he comes out and does something even better than this but he literally in one weekend not only won a master's championship but he fixed his entire wrestling resume for life for life it was such a it was such a great tournament