Overeem got hit with punches I’ve never seen before…


Chael Sonnen


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did you guys ever have a chance to watch Overeem vs. Olynyk and the reason I say that I don't know I know many of you said hey I'm trying to to rewatch this thing I have to do is go to the app on ESPN you don't have to see that live by the way it's always fun to see sports live I'm just sharing with you if there's ever an off time and many of you had said that this weekend's fight between Olynyk and Overeem was an off time for you I saw I saw that comment up plenty of places that you thought it started at 10 a.m. but that was actually 10 a.m. Eastern Time just saying what you guys said is something you missed the fight you can always go back and watch you go watch it right this second but that fight was worth watching because it was weird it was a weird fight Olynyk came out and he was throwing this club hey listen guys infighting from that your very first day that you learned striking all the way through your career the pledges are still gonna look the same you'll just get better at them over time you'll learn ways to disguise them and maybe you could throw it a little bit harder but it's gonna look the same as far as the fundamentals and the physiology and the approach and philosophies of your coach from day one to the last day that you do it which is a punch starts at your chin it extends to your target and that hand immediately returns excuse me back to your chin Olenick was throwing a punch I've never seen in my entire life and I swear to goodness there's times in in my life I think I have seen everything there is times when I'm confident I've seen it all and then something happens and all the Nick was one of those guys you really need to go back and watch this because Olenick lost someone so many people are just gonna dismiss him and go oh you know from looking for great fighting skills I'm not gonna look to the guy that lost know hey the guy that lost does good things to all right sometimes just didn't go his favor but oh look was doing this thing I'm not really safe this is good or bad but it was certainly new for me where he would make a fist he would take his arm he would put it out close his fingers up into a ball and then he would just begin swinging this thing but it always came back like a club it never wants to return to his face and never once bent again he would generally bend it and then extend it and that's where your power is gonna come from and your pop and your step he took a straight arm and just brought it up and down up and down and swung this thing like a ball and chain it was very bizarre but it was so bizarre it was so unorthodox and he's a big strong guy with long arms and when he connected on Reem Reed it hurt him Reem had to respect that REME seen at all this guy's a k1 fighter multiple time tournament champion MMA fighter multiple time top ranked number one contender world title fights he's seen it all Reem didn't know what to do he's good what the hell is this what is your arm doing where's the bend you're swinging a club at me was very interesting particularly when you understand that Olynyk was also then digging it to the body he would take the same straight arm and swing it into the ribs and swing it in to the abdomen then he'd come back upstairs and swing it towards the ear and face and chin and I it was just crazy and it took ream some time reading finally because you know what I'm not dealing with this no more space for you come here get over here nice and close let me give you a couple these knees slow you down a little bit interesting fight if you guys haven't seen it I would encourage you to go back and watch it even in hindsight of knowing through the media and analysis and even from hearing me talk about it right now it's more than just the result so many times fights were queer result-based ok who won now who's moving on and who fell who can I cheer for and who could I laugh at this this is worth going back and taking a look at it was a very interesting punch that turned into about 15 punches from a guy who never rebuilt his arm