Overwatch Fans Get Transformed Into Their Main

- Today we're getting transformed into our favorite Overwatch characters. (dark, heavy electronic music) - I'm being transformed into Soldier 76. I think that once you've sort of put on the jacket, then your kill death ratio just goes to like 10-0, right? I'm just gonna be like a soldier god, that's what I expect. Today I'm being transformed into D.Va. She's feminine and cute, but also can kick your butt. - I'm getting transformed to Tracer. She's just so confident and badass. - It's our very first cosplay. I'm really excited to see it all put together, and see the final product. - We're all soldiers now (laughs). (bouncy electronic music) - Ready for some Doritos. - I'm feeling a little hot, a little bothered. I'm ready for this. (laughs) Shit. (gasps and screams) This is skin tight (laughs). You can see my whole body. Oh look at that butt. - Holy shit. Booty's on point, hair's on point. Pulse bomb's on point. - Look at that hair. - Oh my god, that's me. This is the best day. - I love how this turns off and on, so my ult's ready. Wanna like blink out of here, and recall. - So do an emote. (mimics gun noises) - I'm always cosplaying from now on. This is the best feeling in the frigging world. (bouncy, uplifting electronic music) - I feel sprightly, and fun, and sassy. - Just like move like that in a sense. - I feel pretty decently dangerous. If I could see I'd be the most deadly person in the room. - I have the utmost respect for cosplayers. All the time and effort that goes into every outfit, into nailing those poses, and really taking on and embodying a character. - You really turn into a different person. In those photos, when I was looking at it, I don't see myself at all. - Why I love Tracer is because she's super androgynous. Growing up playing video games, there wasn't too many characters I can identify with. Also, her being bisexual, and being a part of the gay community, because there isn't a character out there for us to be like, oh we can identify with that person. - I think the thing that video games does better than other media is really puts you inside, and in control of your own adventure. - Whoever you wanna be, big, small, male, female, whatever like, you can do it in games. And Overwatch is great for that because it has literally every character you could ever possibly want. - This makes me want to cosplay more, and go to events, and dress up like my favorite character. - Yeah, I would love to rock this at a convention, or not at a convention, just down the street. I would love to just escort any payload, anywhere. (bouncy, uplifting electronic music)