Pád Kabaly CZ titulky 2020

we are about to witness one of the greatest events in human history the world as we know it is crumbling before our very eyes and the majority of the world population is not aware of it power structures that have been in place for thousands of years I've taken down as we speak soon will be shown evidence of an elite plan so evil so all-encompassing that people will be shocked to the core this documentary was made to help you deal with what's coming is it a good thing oh yes it's the best thing that could possibly happen to us but in order to understand and process the quantum leap that we as humanity are about to take you must understand the reality the timeline if you wish that we as a species were placed in and believe me you don't have a clue just yet the evil I mentioned has been working behind the scenes so intelligently so brilliantly that hardly anyone ever noticed a thing what I'm going to do is first of all give you a short overview of things that made me go hmm things that maybe decide to stop digging for the truth we'll take it from there shall we are you ready join me on a journey down the rabbit hole let's start with a recent forest fires for instance in California did you know that these fires forgot to burn trees that they were capable of cutting through houses that they burn trees from the inside out that they were able to lift gas tilt them and smash them down are you sure these are ordinary forest fires and how about this one we live in a world where mercury is considered highly toxic but not when we injected into children in absurd quantities no doubt you've heard about chemtrails denied by our governments for a long time but recently acknowledged and refer to as geoengineering aerosols they are sprayed into our atmosphere to protect us from global warming the thing that makes me go whom however is the fact that we're spray with heavy metals which are stored in our brains were they have proven too called Alzheimer and Parkinson disease and did you know that in many countries among which my own Holland we have to explicitly say no to organ donation for if we don't our organs will be property of the state as soon as we are declared brain-dead the last time it was erased this way by law was during the Nazi occupation did you know that our current Pope is the first to state that hell does not exist but the devil does isn't it weird that the Vatican's audience hall is full of references to reptilians snakes serpents [Music] did you know the vatican's telescope is called Lucifer and since when does the Pope make the sign of the devil 9/11 whereas one bird can cause terrible damage to a plane on 9/11 two blames managed to cut through steel a third plane mysteriously disappeared in a building and number four plunged into the earth without leaving any debris or bodies the planes were piloted by terrorists who only had had a few flying lessons in a small chest now then there are the horrid attacks on innocent people in which the same victims can survive up to three different attacks this lucky young man survived being shot in the head all he needed was a band-aid and thank God not all victims of people of flesh and blood [Music] what do you think about this one are you a parent are you aware of the fact that Curie cartoons contain subliminal messages of sex and violence why did you know that fully grown fetuses can be legally aborted in many American states that advocates a full-term abortion state that unborn babies cannot feel pain whereas every doctor knows that the nervous system is the first to develop in fetuses is abortion of a fully grown baby not the same as murder okay let's have a look at the migrant Caravan thousands of people fled their South American homes to look for a better future in the US the trip covered 2,000 miles in one and a half months in order to be on time for the America midterm elections as a political statement against President Trump this means they walked an average of 45 miles a day on flip-flops barefoot like this and like this 45 miles a day why do Hollywood celebrities promote the use of facial creams containing the foreskin of baby boys do you realize that these four skins are actually sold that it's a trade what's next drinking baby blood now I'm going to give you five more although I could go on forever counting down number five did you know that this ceases such as AIDS Zika SARS and Ebola are actually patented do you know when something is patented when it's man-made man matey ceases are you kidding me number four your cell phone laptop tablet and your TV contains spyware that works 24/7 no matter whether your device is switched on or off this means you are constantly being monitored each and every conversation whether at home or at work is recorded why and by whom number three in 2018 Monsanto known for its genetically modified seeds and crops plus its poisonous weed killer roundup was bought by buyer a chemical giant that produces mostly poison in other words our food supply is now largely controlled by the producers of carcinogenic poison when Santos started off producing Agent Orange a very powerful and highly toxic chemical used during the Vietnam War to eliminate forest cover and to destroy crops but it turned out to do just a little bit more than that causing horrific birth deformities and various types of cancer according to experts the fusion of Monsanto Empire was the perfect match made in health number two in 2018 Hillary Clinton admitted that she deleted 33,000 emails from a private server used as Secretary of State not only that she used a hammer to smash a cell phone SIM cards and hard drives any further evidence that could have been used against her in a court of law was destroyed by fire that conveniently started in the office of a mansion did she actually get away with that and last but not least number one President Obama received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize only months after his inauguration why for God's sake he came from nowhere and had achieved nothing at the time in the following eight years he invaded seven countries and dropped a bomb every 20 minutes who on earth was on that Nobel Committee the world is not what you think and guess what all of these things have in common they were completely ignored by the mainstream media not one news channel covered or questioned any of it and just when I thought I'd seen it all this became president of the u.s. I always thought there were two political sights in life left and right left was for the common people ride was for the rich but I soon found out that my ideas did not reflect reality at all Obama seemed to have enchanted everybody including myself with his good looks and charms but like I said he invaded seven countries he was a Democrat for God's sake and Democrat Bill Clinton went from one sex scandal to the next lying under oath and getting away with it maybe left and right with simply two wings of the same bird in spite of my leftist of bringing him background and my fierce opposition against Trump I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt but how did he get elected in the first place just before the elections WikiLeaks arose founded by Julian Assange in 2006 WikiLeaks is a giant online library of the world's most censored documents obtained by whistleblowers at the highest level much information deals with war spying and corruption now just before the presidential elections WikiLeaks published highly incriminating evidence of the corruption within the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton presidential campaign so what happened that happened On January 20 2017 Donald J Trump was inaugurated as president of the United States of America but how did WikiLeaks obtain the evidence of the cleanser corruption it was leaked by an employee of the Democratic National Committee Seth rich who was subsequently found dead with two bullets in his back [Music] who killed Selfridge we will find out in the next episodes what do we have for now Donald Trump as president of the US and then out of nowhere arose the Enigma of Q you on October 28th 2017 a mysterious post was placed on 4chan an anonymous internet bulletin board it contained nothing but codes this was the beginning of a new phenomenon the kuipers soon to be transferred to a challenger to hacking became more and more intriguing and popular among the so-called cure nuns anonymous people were wary of the lies of the mainstream media and who've gone searching for the truth using other news outlets on the Internet I will get into the identity of QED later on in this documentary Hugh communicates with the people by means of the cube posts drops or crumbs that we the Ananse pick up and decipher the cue crumbs portray a better world without wars treason and corruption a world after the great awakening queue uses words and short sentences that keep coming back [Music] sometimes the queue drops are shortened to the point initials are used instead of full names sometimes they contain a lot of information and sometimes combinations of letters and numbers are used for us to rearrange the cue clock was introduced and it took us quite some time to figure out how to read it and then there was the cue map containing an incredible amount of vital information the map was made by Dylan Lewis Monroe it contains an overview of the true history of mankind and it's covered power structures hew is not a cult as suggested by opponents after all it tells is not what to think or what to do it merely gives us questions clues and riddles we need to do the research in order to find the answers and that is how we discover the truth through this research I've come to find out more about American and global politics than I'd ever dreamed of I was never really interested in politics but the queue drops opened my eyes to a whole new world a world of secret societies secret services within secret services and secret deals made on a grand scale a world with shadow governments within excessively rich 1% of the world population that actually wants the world not our political leaders not our presidents but a very small group that we refer to as the Illuminati or cabal I learned about an evil master plan to completely dominate the world and the ordinary people like you and I we know nothing we get up in the morning we go to work we pay our bills and our taxes we watch TV and go to bed not knowing that there's a battle being fought over our heads for world dominance a battle between good and evil this is what Q is pointing out to us but we the anons have to do the research and we do like nerds like an army of digital artists we connect the dots there is a war going on for world dominance for the absolute submission of the masses how is this achieved by the constant waging of war by the introduction of the Federal Reserve Bank and central banks by trafficking drugs oil and people the only two American presidents have tried to break down the power of the elite beginning with the banks by printing their own interest free debt-free money thus bypassing the Federal Reserve System for Abram Lincoln and John F Kennedy what else did they have in common they got murdered now why are the banks so important what exactly is the Federal Reserve and its central banks the Federal Reserve is the central bank system of the US and in spite of the very misleading word federal the Federal Reserve and all central banks around the world are privately owned they are not government institutions they are owned by some of the most wealthy and influential families in the world two of which are close to the top of the power pyramid the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers the Federal Reserve was set up in 1913 after quite a bit of opposition from the US government and some very wealthy people such as Benjamin Guggenheim from a very influential mining family Isidor Straus head of Macy's department stores and politician and John Jacob Astor businessman inventor and probably one of the wealthiest men at that time the wealth of these three men in those days was approximately 500 million dollars which today would amount to something like eleven billion these men was so rich they could not be bought not by any bank what else did they have in common apart from money power and opposing the creation of the US Federal Reserve they all died on April 15 1912 when the ship they traveled on hit an iceberg and disappeared in the cold ocean coincidence let's just say the Titanic disaster was highly convenient the rest of the opposition was easily cornered US Congress was bypassed the Fed was created illegally unconstitutionally something not many people are aware of let's have a look at the visible top of the power pyramid there we have the Rothschild family in short this family owns most of the world they own each and every Central Bank they owned the Federal Reserve they controlled the International Monetary Fund they controlled the World Health Organization they financed both parties of every war since the war against Napoleon they financed the Bolshevik Revolution they financed Hitler and the Nazis they financed the production of IBM's punching machines for an efficient prosecution of the Jews by the Nazis and they had equities in Exxon and IG Farben the dealers of Zyklon B gas for the Nazi gas chambers the estimated net worth of the Rothschild family is five hundred billion dollars when you have that much money in power you can both the chest of the Crown Prince of Great Britain like he's your bitch and when you oppose their power and try to stop them from taking over your banking system by setting up a central bank in your country that loans money to you at insane interest rates that you can never pay back so that your country becomes the eternal slave to the Rothschild banking system as happened to every country around the world you are either Elstad or killed the country will be invaded and blown to smithereens in the name of democracy supported by the mainstream media that portrays you as a dictator the same applies to those who refuse to accept the almighty u.s. petrodollar ho and there's much more but we'll leave that for another time the Rothschilds are not the only ones dominating the world they are just part of the 1% the elite another family of great influence or the Rockefellers they made their initial fortune through oil that fortune led to massive industrial influence influence in American politics the banking system and the pharmaceutical industry they founded schools and universities leave him a huge imprint on what should and should not be taught of our children and students the Rockefellers further expanded their tentacles of power into the medical world and into hospitals they now own the Rockefeller University with its Academy of Medicine and the Academy of Sciences the International Health Foundation the American Cancer Society the drug trust the American Medical Association and the FDA everything was in the hands of the Rockefellers they further infiltrated the educational and medical system by means of the Rockefeller Foundation giving grants to specific research programs such as the research and development of vaccines for instance against Ebola yellow fever Zika the flu and Gardasil which is further developed and promoted by billionaire and partner-in-crime Bill Gates every case of dangerous side effects such as miscarriage autism sterility seizures paralysis and death was brought before the FDA and cleared and all of the above was promoted by doctors and the media where the Rockefellers had placed their representatives at the highest levels even presidents assured us it was safe all use of alternative healing was demonized and prohibited while the treatment with drugs and the drug dependency would push down the political agenda the Rockefellers were also responsible for adding the toxic chemical waste product fluoride to our water and toothpaste and as usual the media spread lies about its healing qualities no doctor or dentist ever tested its efficacy they simply told their patients what they'd been taught at the Rockefeller institutions yet another field of interest was the genetic manipulation of crops the Rockefellers own millions of shares of Monsanto stock as does the partner Bill Gates the mutual interest in eugenics which aims at improving the genetic quality of the human population will come as no surprise back in Nazi Germany the Rockefellers financed the horrific eugenics experiments performed on Jewish people trying to create a superior master race so in short two very powerful families that rule the world and its population are the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and guess what they are not even the most powerful there are other families that exceed the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds both in money and in power but it will not go any deeper into that at this stage we'll save that for later shall we there's one more man I want to put in the limelight right now George Soros described by the mainstream media as investor and philanthropist his net worth twenty five billion dollars Soros was born in Hungary after World War Two he moved to England and then on to the US where he made a fortune with his hedge funds and his merciless ways to manipulate the financial market using crises to further increase his own wealth and expand his power he prides himself in taking no responsibility for his actions and the destruction he caused to literally millions of people by quote I'm here to make money I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do Soraa strikes me for his choice of funding for example number the North American man-boy love Association their goal and their slogan sex before 8:00 before it's too late this is the mascot why does this great benefactor support a pedophile clock such as nun blah then there's antifa the anti-fascist movement when we look at their actions we see nothing but violence they share great resemblance with fascism which is rather strange for an anti-fascist movement even one of their flags is weird in that sense why would anyone finance such a thing the same goes for black lives matter why sponsor a movement that pretends to be left-wing that shows nothing but riots and violence in practice do you want to know what we're dealing with here then follow me to part three you the migrant Caravan that headed to the southern border of the u.s. in April 2018 was covered by the media big-time according to the official reports these people came mostly from Honduras where the caravan had started and then people from Guatemala El Salvador Nicaragua and Mexico joined the March the main reasons for them to flee their home country were gang violence and poverty when I saw the first pictures I was shocked but then I realized there were just too many images of women and children which is always a sign of media manipulation and a hidden political agenda always critical thinkers like the Kuhn on studied the pictures closely too many things did not add up like I said in part one these people had to walk for forty five miles a day each and every day for one and a half months but these people don't look exhausted then all dirty or sweaty I mean look at them that cloud so clean clean babies clean pants there were labels they are well-fed these people aren't refugees they're not poor I travelled through Mexico Guatemala Honduras and I saw poverty believe me these people are not poor forty-five miles a day on flip-flops are you kidding me or even barefoot come on where are the blisters and why aren't they carrying what is needed for a journey like that blankets food water where are the spare diapers some people do have small backpacks but they appear to be brand new so what did happen first of all buses and vans were deployed to transport all of these people from under us to the US border [Music] flip-flops no problem you only have to get out of the van occasionally for a group photo next in order to get as many people as possible you pay them thanks to some alert anons this was filmed on site then in would it to be efficient for the media you give the main players a colored wristband brilliant different colors of different meanings all known to the reporters and the cameraman [Music] [Music] some people overact [Music] others are really convincing and make it to the world news report meet Maria Meza and her five children all the way from Andorra's she made it to every news item on TV telling about her terror the fear for children their eyes all wet and swollen due to the tear gas that the American Border Patrol so viciously threw at them well Maria there are a few flaws in your story I've looked at every single picture of you and your beautiful girls none of them show any signs of teargas this picture clearly shows that you are the only ones in action the camera man shoots away completely uninjured by the gas and there is no panic let's have a closer look at this picture cameramen are standing in the line of smoke yet have no problem with that oh wait look somebody is throwing a gas canister is that a fellow refugee Maria told the press that his son went back the next day to get the canister and show it to the reporters shame on you America I do hope Maria was paid handsomely I really do but his story sucks the family was photographed on another day getting out of the van for yet another day's work in front of the camera and the tear gas canister you can buy them at any theater prop retailer or you can use the police training variety they produce white smoke but no harm is done I guess Trump's statement was correct no tear gas was used from the children the entire mainstream media coverage of this event was biased and flawed my advice of the producers next time pay more attention to the details for the anons are on to you refugees who walk for thousands of miles do not walk like this or like this they don't wear flip-flops they don't have brand new ping buggies they do not polish their nails they don't wear iron shirts neither do they have perfect haircuts and makeup when they say they flee the country because they are so poor they can't even buy food don't show them with digital cameras and iPhones refugees who walk for thousands of miles are not clean and for God's sake pay attention to some of your supporting actors [Music] and when you Photoshop someone into a picture make sure you don't forget his leg oh and make up your mind will you you want the shirt on or off and what's with a Disney obsession when you really want to know what's going on in the world you have to do the research just like you keep saying and when you do you will see what's real and what's not the migrant Caravan was a staged event with a political motive who was behind it we financed such a great event George Soros that's right our great benefactor George Soros connected to the pedophile Club NAMBLA and the rioting and violent and cheaper and black lives matter how do we know he's behind all of these so-called social movements well it's not really a secret according to an analysis of his tax filings he invested thirty three million dollars in the notorious Ferguson riots alone Soros promised everyone who participated in the massive protests $15 an hour in the case of the migrant caravan all they had to do was played a part of all refugees looking for a safe haven money new clothes food toys and an extra bonus if you play a part well who'd refuse a job like that Soros made a mistake by not fulfilling his financial promises so then we have more riots this time by angry actors who demanded payment videos of antifa members shouting Soros Soros where's our money went viral yet everything was hushed up by the mainstream media so what's his motive why would anyone invest so much money in these massive and well-organized movements to destabilize a country to create division division by skin color by political wing by religion by gender a divided people is easy to rule the United people is not let's go back to the queue phenomenon as we've seen in part two Hughes strongly emphasizes the importance to unite united we stand divided we fall queue portrays a better world without wars treason and corruption and whether you like it or not the task to get there has been put in man's of Donald J Trump now normally when I say this to people I get the most of vicious looks thanks to the mainstream media the majority of the Dutch people believe Trump to be a narcissistic dictator but hey let's talk some facts here shall we Trump went to North Korea he'll start a nuclear war the media shouted but he came back with peace six million new jobs have been created on a Trump lowest unemployment rate since 50 years more than 4 million people all for food stamps Trump openly attacked Big Pharma he created the biggest tax cuts ever for all social classes he is the only American president ever to work for free he signed an executive order to clean the oceans did you hear about that on the news no for some reason the mainstream media of a political agenda of their own but more about that later from my point of view one of the most important priorities of Trump is to protect the children right after his inauguration he stated that his administration would focus on ending the horrific practice of human trafficking also referred to as modern slavery on December 21 2017 he signed an executive order blocking the property of people involved in serious human rights abuse and corruption more executive orders followed to protect the victims of human traffic a huge campaign was deployed to educate parents and children about the dangers of human trafficking throughout 2018 and nineteen many arrests took place thousands of child molesters were arrested thousands of victims were rescued Trump keeps emphasizing that most victims are smuggled into the country through the southern border he shows numbers statistics he made January human trafficking Awareness Month he informed the people about ms-13 a criminal gang responsible for raping and killing many American citizens he swore he would take them down to the last member he keeps emphasizing the drugs problem and the billions of dollars plus the countless lives it costs each year he keeps pleading for a wall anything to reduce the drugs and human trafficking numbers as much as possible but the mainstream media keep twisting his words making it sound like immigrants aren't welcome I have watched his interviews time and again and I can assure you that according to President Trump immigrants are most welcome but they have to come in Legally the funny thing is Bill Clinton wanted a wall Obama wanted a wall Hilary wanted a war they all voted for a wall when there was still in the Senate I'm talking about the 2006 secure Fence Act passed by a Republican Congress and signed by President George W Bush it wasn't a problem back then but now all of a sudden Trump is an immigrant hater the more I study the subject the more I understand why Trump is bashing fake news but more about that soon back to Trump's war against human traffickers for years whistle blows at the highest levels have been stepping forward with testimonies about chart trafficking for the elite [Music] [Music] [Music] this is nothing new it was just never dealt with until now the thing is when I talk about this in my presentations people don't want to hear about it they don't want to look at these pictures which I understand I would rather look away as well but that reminds me of the famous one-liner of the Germans right after World War two after being confronted with a painful question how could you let the Nazi atrocities happen why didn't you do something the answer was always they haven't sneaked the worst we didn't know but of course they knew it was just too painful and too dangerous to acknowledge it and to do something about it well I will not look away any longer these kids are not held by our denial they are held by our action so for God's sake keep watching we are the only hope they have left child trafficking for the elite that is bigger than pedophilia we are talking about a huge criminal organization kidnapping children and selling them through high-ranking officials from mayor's judges and Senators to presidents and even royalty do you think this is far-fetched do you think it's just a conspiracy theory get ready for some conspiracy facts in part four you in 2010 right after the devastating earthquake 33 children were smuggled out of Haiti the woman who was arrested Laura Galya Silsbee said they were orphans who were about to be adopted in the u.s. upon investigation however it turned out most of these children were not orphans they were later reunited with her parents furthermore there were no adoption papers to be found these kids had simply been abducted stolen from their parents who exactly is this Laura geillis Silsbee first of all she was on the board of directors of alert cents the company that provides the technology for Amber Alert Amber Alert as the broadcast emergency response to recover abducted children isn't that an interesting paradox a convicted child trafficker yes she was found guilty and convicted connected to Amber Alert set up to rescue children secondly this lady is the founder of the Baptist organization new live children's refuge the Northland rescue mission for Haiti sounds to me like she had a ways to smuggle children out of the country real easy nice cover last but not least she's a close friend of the Clintons who immediately paid for a lawyer for hip well yo who himself is a convicted pedophile he was arrested and convicted for leading an international human trafficking ring involving women and children all of this came out into the open thanks to WikiLeaks that published the secret emails between the Clintons and Laura gala Silsbee let's continue with Haiti some more before moving on shall we Haiti was put in the lime lines once again with the Oxfam scandal Oxfam known for its shops throughout the world for empowering women and for fighting poverty was banned from Haiti following the 2010 Earth there were orgies with prostitutes some of which were underage in other words with children leaked emails further confirmed that three million dollars were diverted from Haiti and relief funds via the Clinton Foundation to pay for Chelsea's extravagant 2010 wedding when Trump called hey Diaz shithole the whole world went mad but he was right what he referred to was what the so-called nonprofit organizations had turned the island into after the earthquake the Red Cross collected half a billion dollars for Haiti and all it did was build six houses the Clinton Foundation ruthlessly misappropriated the earthquake donations from international donors and got away with it Klaus aber ween a former government official of Haiti due to testify about the Clinton corruption was found dead with a bullet in his head only days before the trial on July 12 2017 Monica Peterson the young social anthropologist who went to Haiti to investigate human trafficking on the island and who tweeted some critical thoughts about the Clinton Foundation was found dead by hanging shortly after in November 2016 her death was ruled suicide and when surgeon dr. Dean lauric openly vented his disgust about the corruption by the Clinton Foundation that he himself witnessed while trying to save lives on the island he too ended up dead in December 2017 he was found on the bathroom floor of his apartment in New York with a knife in his chest his death too was ruled suicide but hey let's not dwell on the many suicides surrounding the Clintons let's go back to one of Q's often repeated sentences symbolism will be their downfall in 2007 the FBI released a bulletin with symbols used by pedophiles to identify their sexual preferences and to communicate where to find both each other and their prey the blue triangles identified boy-lovers the pink hearts are for girl lovers and the butterflies for child lovers in general these pedophile logos will indeed be their downfall they are in plain sight for they never thought people would wake up and see and just like we saw with Amber Alert it's the organizations that claim to protect children that actually use pedophile logos for instance the International Adoption clinic NuStar Kafala a Muslim adoption and child advocacy agency this is the logo for their Hope program helping orphans progress emotionally then there's the Pacific Crest Trail Association it changed its logo in July 2017 after the pedophile connection in the capital AE was discovered by the public now I'm not saying these organizations are proven pedophile dens are merely pointing out the interesting choice of logo which of course could be totally based on coincidence this logo eerily resembles the boy lover symbol it was used by the Pierre Elliot Trudeau foundation set up by the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in honor of his father this logo was on the 2015-16 annual report then there's a PITA a Canadian refugee charity Elpida was founded by the Red Cliff foundation set up and owned by Frank Giustra now apart from the interesting choice of logo there are a few things about mr. Giustra that fascinate me first of all is a major sponsor to the Clinton Foundation we're talking 100 million dollars and more he loved going to Haiti with the Clintons and he founded the boys club Network for boys between 12 and 18 seeking connection and mentorship his co-founder is Jim Chris Enzo a teacher from Vancouver who received an Excellence Award from none other than Justin Trudeau now once again I'm sure this is just coincidence but what is it that you keep saying about coincidence how many coincidences before mathematically impossible for someone who claims to be a decent family man Justin Trudeau sure has some interesting friends take Christopher in Wilson a Canadian private school teacher convicted for the possession and distribution of child porn for many years he was Trudeau's friend and roommate then there's his best friend Peter Dalgleish the world renowned humanitarian who was caught in the act in Nepal with two children aged 12 and 14 he was the founder of street kids International and the trail's Youth Initiative program now I'm sure these programs do great things for kids but why choose pedophile logos and why are so many set up by registered and convicted pedophiles and sex offenders I mean if you're a pedophile wouldn't it be great to have your own child protection program to have access to all those lovely children to pick from mind you these children often come from troubled backgrounds Salaf criminal records many suffered from neglect and abuse in early childhood easy prey and no concerned loving parents to protect them I mean look at CPS the job Protective Services exposed in 2007 for legally kidnapping and selling children for adoption out of foster care the lady who exposed them congresswoman Nancy Shafer was murdered in 2010 now back to Trudeau's interesting best friends here we have been Levin former deputy minister of the ministry of education arrested and convicted in 2013 for making and distributing child pornography then there's Jam Ghomeshi the Canadian CBC radio host arrested and charged in 2015 with seven counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking now I don't know about this but if I were Trudeau I'd be more careful selecting my friends he is surrounded by registered pedophiles and sex offenders there's another prominent place where the FBI symbols of pedophilia can be found in Hollywood we briefly saw in part one that children cartoons contain references to sex and violence you [Music] you [Music] doesn't that make you wonder who will Disney really was why are children exposed to Illuminati symbols such as pyramids and the all-seeing eye time and again [Music] and why our pedophile logos used for candy and ice cream yet another thing that attracts children the more I dived into this topic the more I realized to what extent is it actually drenched our society top directors such as James Gunn who openly and proudly tweet about being a pedophile I guess this is normal in Hollywood [Music] [Music] you [Music] he was fired over these tweets rightly so one would think but only a few weeks later he was back at work out through the front door back in through the back door Nickelodeon's producer dan schneider lost his job because he couldn't keep his hands off of young girls when here we have brine peck a convicted child molester who only spent 16 months in jail after which he was offered a job Ryback with Disney where he continued working with underaged girls once again out through the front door back in through the back door Jason James Murphy kidnapped and sexually assaulted an 8 year old boy in 1996 he served 5 years and Joe moved to California used his shorter name Jason James and became a casting agent for child actors the list of sexual predators in Hollywood is endless only recently there was some of them called out by their victims and arrested most victims never dare to speak up for the Predators are absolute legends in Hollywood actor Corey Feldman was one of the first to speak up about child abuse in Hollywood he and his best friend Corey Haim became actors at a very young age they were incredibly successful and famous but the price was high they were sexually abused by various adults they work with it was common knowledge that the two Coreys were passed around at Hollywood parties they resulted in great trauma that was buried for many years the two Coreys sought relief in alcohol and drugs which eventually led to Corey Haims death at the age of 38 it wasn't until recently that Corey Feldman called out his abusers Alya Wood who became world famous for his part as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings supported Corey Feldman statements about Hollywood as a pedophile den Alya was protected by his mother who wouldn't let him visit any of the parties were a lot of the abuse took place world renowned actors such as Robert Downey jr. and Brad Pitt also stepped forward to support all of these statements [Music] if you think that sounds crazy wait till you hear Mel Gibson the world-famous megastar both as actor and producer was blacklisted by Hollywood for stating that Hollywood is a den of parasites we feast on the blood of kids he took it a whole lot further read for yourself [Music] you [Music] you you [Music] could this be true eating babies drinking their blood will this have a happy ending oh yes let's move on to part five you in part one we briefly looked at the sexualization of children and the normalization of pedophilia in our society innocence is sexier than you think and what about this clothing store called sweet and sexy kids what the hell is sexy about kids that's an academic presentation at Cambridge University in June 2018 it was actually stated that the majority of men are probably pedophiles and that pedophilic interest is normal in healthy the New York Times declared pedophilia not a crime but a disorder and during two tedxtalks pedophilia was presented not as a disorder but as a sexual orientation posters were spread and Cosmopolitan magazine published an article by the hand of a young woman who became a father's lover now of course in order to make all of this legal the age of consent have to go down so that having sex with a child wouldn't no longer be a crime no problem judges and politicians at the highest level did their utmost best to take care of that not many people know that Patricia Hewitt was general secretary of the end CCL later known as Liberty which was affiliated to PI the pedophile information exchange then this former British prime minister Theresa May who thinks pedophiles should be allowed to adopt children - when you study the patterns of this topic it seems there is a larger plan behind it all why is it so important to legalize pedophilia why is having sex with children so important any psychologist can tell you how harmful it is for children to have sex at a young age and that consent is a very dangerous concept as pedophiles often tell their children they are simply demonstrating just how much they love them sex is then confused with love the child cannot comprehend the subsequent feelings of pain shame anger and fear the secrecy put upon them is hard to deal with all of this results in great trauma why then would a society push pedophilia down our throats bit by bit step by step normalizing it so that we grow to the idea instead of rejected why create a society of traumatized people why our pedophile logos used in children cartoons Disney movies candy and ice cream child protection centres adoption agencies in business and in politics meet Sheila jackson-lee member of the House of Representatives proudly wearing a young boy lover what is going on here let's follow a lead check this out this still image appears in a video clip of a band called sex stains and this is where it gets interesting they played at common ping-pong a restaurant in Washington DC best known for its pizzas ping pong tables in the basement high-profile clients such as Hillary Clinton and the Obamas and a conspiracy theory called pizza gate more about which in a bit meet the owner of court ping pong James Achilles Alphonsus when a Lufthansa started his restaurant in 2006 he didn't have much according to himself yet in 2012 only six years later he was named as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington DC that fascinates me you don't become that powerful by running a pizza place so who exactly is James elefantes he portrays Comet ping pong as a family-friendly restaurant yet his tweets and those posted on his Twitter account are controversial to say the least it's clear that elefantes loves art comic ping-pong often displays the work of artists with a very specific taste this is the work of Arrington daddy Anissa hmm not a big drum fan huh why is this on the walls of the child-friendly pizza place Alice answers loves a good party now here's a picture he wishes he never posted meatus party friend miss summer camp what else he had a love affair with David Brooke political consultant and founder of Media Matters for America the progressive research and Information Center dedicated to comprehensively monitor analyze and correct conservative misinformation in the US media in other words an organization for censorship Brooks Media Matters received 1 million dollars from none other than George Soros back in 2010 Brooke walls have founded correct the record with the sole purpose of censoring all negative reports on Hillary Clinton on social media censorship once again so Jameis elefantes is definitely a lead we must follow what else do we know about him he is best friends with a political top of the u.s. he is closely connected to the Podesta brothers John and Tony Podesta John Podesta is quite a hot shot in American politics he was White House chief of staff to President Clinton counselor to President Obama and chairman of the 2016 Hillary in presidential campaign Tony Podesta is a political lobbyists and aft supporter he and his ex-wife ever collect the work or for instance than Dutch artist Margie feelings fascinating to say the least there are also great admirers and buyers of the work of Patricia Puccini and what about the work of Bill Jana Djordjevic that actually adorns the Podesta's living room this is Louise Bourgeois her work is prominently present in Tony Podesta's mansion this phase is called art of hysteria it greatly resembles the work of Jeffrey Dahmer a serial killer who liked to dismembered his victims and leave them in a somewhat awkward position and then there's the most interesting work of Kim noble a survivor of severe trauma in early childhood which left her with 13 alter personas her our work shows the horrific things she experienced as a young child like torture and rape a workers exhibited increment ping-pong our child friendly pizza place now I don't know about you but this makes me sick isn't dog the more I study pizza gait the more I realized this was quite likely conspiracy fact not theory [Music] what kind of a pizza plays exhibits naked abused tortured raped and even dead children on its walls what kind of man becomes one of the most powerful people in Washington DC serving pizza how come the political top of the US the Podesta's the Clintons and even Obama president of the u.s. at that time how come they all want to spend time with a sick perv like Ella Fantas I think I know for a while I thought the name ala Fantas was fake this man was way too powerful to come from an ordinary family coud elefantes be a fringe bastardization of Jem Liz on phone I love children but then some Ananse pointed out he could well be your first child after some digging I came across an interesting twist in a Rothschild family tree starting with Evelyn a Kelly the Rothschild his middle name kind of gives it away doesn't it he was born in Buffalo New York in 1886 and died in World War one in 1917 two years before he died his illegitimate son Louie George was born but as he wasn't married his son inherited the name of his mother Alice pontus the boy grew up and married Helen repose and apt two sons one of which is Achilles Louie elephant is the father of our very own games Achilles Aleph antis his mother's name is Susan Reed shoemaker so his middle name Achilles takes him all the way back to his great-grandfather and even further back to his great great grandmother the Italian Marie Perugia her father's name was a kilee Perugia in short James Achilles Olaf bunters is a real genuine full-on Rothschild that explains his power and his friends it explains his close proximity to the Clintons just like his uncle and aunt Evelyn and Lin de Rothschild so are we to believe that our political leaders simply enjoy pizza and sick art is that it what is it with pizza anyway why is it so sexualized what's with the beste Pizza pedophile logo which by the way was quickly changed the moment Pizza Gate became an item is it all just a coincidence that the Podesta emails reroute to the public by WikiLeaks in 2016 contains countless Pizza related words such as cheese hot dogs pasta walnut sauce when you actually know what those words mean which is common knowledge in the sex industry these emails suddenly become shocking [Music] [Music] is this my Hillary delete at 33,000 emails for which he is currently scrutinized does that explain what Obama meant when he ordered 65,000 dollars worth of hot dogs and pizza flown in from Chicago to the White House in the middle of the night to a private party is that why Hillary email to Obama warning him a needed to be more careful next time the hot dogs can come but if you make a spectacle out of it that will be our downfall and I think it would be wiser to restrict this activity to our predetermined locations really perfu hot dogs isn't it weird that the security camera pictures of children lying on ping-pong tables in the basement of common ping-pong or shown them the walls upstairs who the hell was watching them and why does that website have a super secured backdoor to a secret division where you can order pizza pictures for absurd prices this screenshot was made public by a hacker it's in low resolution so I will read out loud what it says at the bottom this month we have five fresh pizzas for your enjoyment we also have four surviving pizzas from last long session all are on sale at an extremely low price as they are in poor health and not expected to survive so requirement is that you finish eating your pizza after your session this month's special includes a 30% discount on severe torture each image below is available for $1,000 in fine print why are they talking about kill rooms murder and rinsing it off when you're done what the hell is going on here to tell you the truth at this point in my research I experience what we call cognitive dissonance [Music] what I'd found out was so contrary to my belief system that I wanted to dismiss my discoveries it just could not be true that the people we trust the ones we'd vote for was so evil I simply could not handle the facts how could people so charming and intelligent be part of the child trafficking pedophile ring where children were tortured raped and killed from pleasure or as I would later find out for something even more horrific I felt like I had ended up in a nightmare all I wanted to do was dismiss at all couldn't it just be all coincidence that the Clintons and the Obamas and Trudeau beautiful charming truth town had surrounded themselves with a loom friends if the friends are all pedophiles that doesn't mean they are right and maybe they don't even know about their friends is sexual preferences I mean I know Bill Clinton's healer the Brazilian John of Gaunt was recently arrested for keeping sex slaves ume made pregnant time and again I know he admitted to selling the babies for thousands of dollars and killing the slave mothers after ten years of giving birth I know the may whistleblower in this case subtly died a suspicious death but come on how could Bill Clinton have known and I know he went to the private island of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein I know he was on the present Genesis 26 times together with other sex offenders like given Spacey who was recently arrested for multiple rape accounts among others with young boys but that doesn't make Clinton's sex raging animal right I know he was investigated for the rape of a young boy by Jenny Moore a former police officer who informed the FBI and the Department for homeland security after which he suddenly died in her hotel room but that doesn't make Bill Clinton a murderer does it I decided to do more research I needed more supporting evidence I went back to the artwork I was intrigued by the bathroom or swimming pool or whatever it was where was it when this appeared on a chan I knew I was on the right path not just me but thousands of anan searched for it and found it it actually existed do you want to know where it is come with me to part six you the swimming pool in the artwork bought by the Podesta's actually exists it is the subterranean swimming pool at Biltmore mansion in Asheville North Carolina this was the home of multi-millionaire Gloria Vanderbilt who recently passed away at the age of 95 here we have Gloria and her two sons Anderson and Carter Cooper Carter committed suicide when he was 23 Anderson is a well-known news reporter for CNN why does Gloria's swimming pool appear on paintings of tortured children is it a coincidence that the little boy so strongly reminds me of Anderson Cooper glorious son could there be a connection between her swimming pool and the entertainment with young children for the elite as mentioned in the infamous Podesta emails [Music] Anderson Cooper son of Gloria Vanderbilt world-renowned and award-winning reporter for CNN it was caught overdoing it from time to time making things look much worse than they actually were but hey maybe he's just a bit of a drama queen at least the lettuce on funny responses on social media [Music] the question remains is it okay for a media outlet to deliberately broke us such exaggerations is that honest broadcasting is it okay to influence the public with headlines such as these is it okay for the Dutch news network nos to show a twisted version of an interview by BBC's John Sweeney asking Putin about the killings in the Ukraine where the nos edited the original interview so that Putin seems to walk away ignoring Sweeney yet the original interview which can also be found on the internet shows put in taking his time answering the question is it okay for several American news outlets to accused Trump of raping a 13 year old girl together with Jeffrey Epstein a convicted pedophile is it okay that there's a deafening silence from the mainstream media now that the flight records show that it wasn't Trump but Bill Clinton the joined-up ste Nerdist parties with underage girls on all G Island is it okay that Trump's words about ms-13 gang members being animals were totally twisted obviously on purpose so that he seems to refer to immigrants being animals [Music] you do you remember the little boy from Syria sleeping between the graves of his parents that too was staged and broadcast on purpose us to manipulate the people into yet another war the boy was paid to lie there I don't know about you guys but this is not okay it's not okay to fake white helmet saving a wounded man right after a bombing only to have a selfie taken that's deceit it's not okay to lie to the public about Syria and the alleged chemical attacks so that yet another war can be justified for months we were lied to by the mainstream media remember this poor little world you probably will for she was used three times for three different rescue missions in three different months in 2016 I find that shocking it is not okay to fake attacks on women and children to trigger an emotional response that justifies the invasion of yet another foreign country I find it horrifying to see the wealthy scientists seat of Western people who watch and trust the news [Music] do you remember this one [Music] [Music] I could go on for hours with examples of fake news but I think this is enough for now at least I'll give you two more to digest in 2015 during a presidential rally Trump imitated reporter Serge kovaleski whom he had caught lying it concerns an article from 2001 in which Kowalewski wrote about people curing the fall of the twin towers when Trump quoted the article in 2015 Kowalewski backed out saying he didn't remember writing the article well the article could easily be found on the Internet and Trump called out Kowalewski for his ally but the mainstream media seized the opportunity I used these headlines Trump mocks the disabled Kowalewski Savas from art rogue reposes but that does not cause that weird movements Trump made on other occasions and in exactly the same way trumpet imitated Senator Jim matiz presidential candidate Marco Rubio of general and a bank manager who all got away with lies however as mattiece Rubio the general and the bank manager were not handicapped they were of no use to the mainstream media coverless his handicap however went around the world convincing everybody that Trump looked down on the disabled and I must confess I too fell for it then last but not least for two years the mainstream media kept pushing the liberal agenda on Trump and the alleged Russian collusion whereas on March 23 2019 the murder investigation officially ended and nothing was found after two years of doing everything they could to take Trump down they found absolutely nothing Trump was cleared yet the mainstream media kept repeating something has to be wrong with this president Trump's official innocence is completely hushed up just like they didn't say a word about the countless pedophiles that were arrested on the Trump total radio silence from the beginning Trump has been warning us about the mainstream media as the number one enemy of the people and the more I study the subject the more I understand that Trump is actually correct the mainstream media uses its power to steer the public into a desired direction the spreading of desinformation is nothing new back in the early 1950s the CIA set up operation Mockingbird a large-scale program in the US with the sole purpose of manipulating news media for propaganda purposes leading American journalists were recruited into a propaganda network in other words the Secret Service determined what was going to be on TV and in the news [Music] [Music] has anything changed no apparently not German whistle blower Rudolf cotta high-profile journalist for the Frankfurter Allgemeine er stated in front of the camera that he felt deeply ashamed to have consistently lied to the public for over 25 years [Music] [Music] I've got a died of a heart attack shortly after in January 2017 [Music] the illusion of choice we think there are so many generals how could they all be in on it well that's easy this shows you who owns whom do you see it there are only four companies CBS seems to be independent but is owned by the same billionaire as Viacom when you give people the illusion of choice they believe they are free and if you want to find out why the mainstream media pushed the liberal agenda down our throats all you have to do is follow the money who paid major contributions to Hillary Clinton to support her work and the liberal agenda that's right CNN NBC News Corporation Turner Broadcasting Thomson Reuters Newsmax media Time Warner Viacom comcast HBO AOL Hollywood Foreign Press Association Public Radio International Public Broadcasting Service Huffington Post Media Group Carlos Slim the largest shareholder of the New York Times James Murdoch of 21st Century Fox Judy Woodruff co-anchor and managing editor of PBS Newshour Howard Stringer former president of CBS George Stephanopoulos ABC News chief anchor and chief political correspondent Mort Zuckerman owner of New York Daily News and us Music World Report and the Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon well known for its censorship of quite a few books on controversial topics censorship is one of the greatest dangers to a democracy and to freedom of speech three more major sponsors of Hillary Clinton of Google Twitter and Facebook Google and its YouTube are highly active in the field of censorship just like Twitter and Facebook it will come as no surprise that pro Trump posts are among the most censored ones as are boasts of critical thinkers and researchers and anyone who dares question the official narrative of events such as the ones I presented in part one pro Hillary pose are never censored doesn't that make you wonder remember correct the record a medium matters for America those are the kind of censorship companies at work behind the scenes of Facebook Twitter Google and YouTube to delete anything that opposes the liberal agenda and guess what correct the record is now promoted by a farz the global activist network that I once thought so highly of the FAR's was co-founded by Res Publica and move on Res Publica received 250 thousand dollars from George Soros move Auden got 1.6 million from Soros a fascist founding president and executive director Rickon Patel has consulted for the Rockefeller Foundation the UN the Gates Foundation and the International Crisis Group with Soros as chairman and Frank Giustra as CEO remember our friend with a pedophile logo from part four a fascist co-founder is tom Perriello former Virginia congressman best buddies with Obama and executive director of the Open Society Foundations of George Soros one of the main parties behind the notorious and destabilizing migrant caravan invasion it will come as no great surprise that our fast from Lee opposes President Trump this is what we call controlled opposition [Music] like I said censorship is dangerous the so-called fact checkers are dangerous Snopes is one of them set up by a couple from San Fernando Valley David and Barbara Mickelson the couple fell out Barbara accused David of spending 98 grand on prostitutes which is probably true as a divorce Barbara and married core girl and porn star Alisa young aka Erina brynne who is now slopes as administrator Snopes oleic fact-checker is skin locker prea also known as sex and fetish blogger Phi's vixen that my friends is fat Jagger snobs there are no researchers no investigators no lawyers no documents to support their findings and they are strongly politically biased yes they are generally accepted as fact Jagger I find that most shocking do you get the picture operation Mockingbird never ended John Podesta one of the key suspects in the pizza gate scandal got his own column in The Washington Post writing about politics and policies how the hell is he supposed to give an objective view of Trump is worst enemy John Brennan head of the CIA till 2017 now serves a senior analyst for NBC News and MSNBC and as a Cooper work for the CIA before he became a news anchor according to himself it was only an internship when he was 19 but I wonder how many young men are approached by the CIA for an internship Andersen did not even have the proper education to be offered a job yet in no time he became the face of CNN The Secret Service's still decide what the people are supposed to think and believe if they want to invade yet another country they will use the mainstream media to make you believe that that particular country needs to be freed of a terrible dictator who kills his own people the real reason for the invasion will quite likely never be known to the public it'll probably have to do with oil or the installment of yet another Rothschild Bank but hey who cares it was in the news that they freed those poor people from their dictator and that democracy was to be styled upon them and if it's in the news it's true end of story well no it's not if the media coverage is controlled by secret services it seems only logical to me to focus on the things they refused to cover or ridicule number-one topic that comes to mind it's a gate debunk by the mainstream media like nothing else let's continue with a bit of additional research in part 7 you this is Marina Abramovic a Serbian performance artists who likes to display the limits of the body and the possibilities of the mind she pioneered a new notion of identity by focusing on confronting pain blood and physical limits of the body let's have a look at her work [Music] in 1996 Abramovich introduced spirit cooking a cookbook with essential aphrodisiac recipes some of which called for the mixture of fresh breast milk and sperm milk when WikiLeaks posted this it definitely had my attention spirit cooking later took on the form of dinner party entertainment for her donors and Friends the link to cannibalism is obvious [Music] you Abramovic furthermore major appearance in the leaked Podesta emails why am I not surprised I discovered this photo of a Brahma fish and Joan of God exactly the very same Brazilian healer who was recently arrested and charged with multiple accounts of abduction abuse rape child trafficking and murder the very same personal allure of Bill Clinton this picture is particularly interesting for the Dutch viewers before venom Aleksandr became king of the Netherlands his mother Beatrix was on the throne she frequented a brama features performances on this particular occasion she wore a brooch that seems to be a pizza slice now this may be far-fetched but let's see meet maximus orietta born in argentina and now married to our king willem-alexander funnel engine nacelle and daughter of the late Jorge's orietta who served as cabinet minister during the so-called dirty war of dictator Jorge Videla Maxima had four sisters and two brothers one of her sisters is Dolores an artist who came to the Netherlands in 2005 to exhibit her work the exhibition was called love romance I have a look for yourself [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] is it just me or is this insane to me this looks like an outcry for help from a severely traumatized woman in June 2018 Maximas younger sister in Eze was found dead in her apartment hung with a scarf from a doorknob doorknobs have proven to be lethal for quite a few people liking [Music] in other words not suicide but murder was a nurse or agatha about to spill the beans on the Cabal is that why she was silenced could this be true let's have a look at some other door not victims number one Lorenz Scott fashion designer and former girlfriend of Nathan Rothschild one of the world's most wealthy families according to a longtime lover Mick Jagger Lauren was not suicidal number two Chris Cornell lead singer of the rock band Soundgarden and Audioslave according to his family he suffered from depression due to being sexually abused as a child he and his wife founded the chris and vicki cornell foundation to support children suffering the consequences of abuse and neglect he and his best friend chester bennington were working on exposing an elite pedophile ring Cornell was also the main financial backer for the documentary the silent children about child sex trafficking after he died the project was canceled according to his family Cornell was not suicidal at the time of his death interesting detail contradicting the suicide theory was the blood on his head and on the ground was Cornell killed by a stroke on the head a strangulation by means of his exercise belt number three chester bennington best friend of Chris Cornell and lead singer of Linkin Park he died two months after Cornell Bennington also suffered from depression due to being sexually abused as a child by a friend of the family according to some sources that friend was John Podesta key player in pizza gate and when you look at the striking resemblance Podesta could well be Chester's biological father when Chester was nine years old his father abandoned the family after finding out the boy was not his son was the desktop both the pedophile family friend and the biological father of Chester Bennington is it a coincidence that the logo of his band looks like a broken version of the young boy lover symbol number four Tim Bergling aka Avicii world famous Swedish DJ musician and record producer according to the first news about his apparent suicide Bergling was said to have hung himself from a doorknob later on the narrative has changed into self-inflicted cuts with a broken wine bottle that led to heavy and lethal bleeding it took almost two weeks for this official narrative to be published perc links 2015 video clip for a better day clearly in shockingly shows Charles sex trafficking [Music] at the end of the video clip Bergling turns out to play the part of the abused boy now grown up and ready to take revenge on his abusers did he actually experience these Horrors in his childhood was he murdered for bringing this out into the open bugling 's family believes he did commit suicide yet his girlfriend expressed her disbelief [Music] number 5 Annabelle Neilson ex-wife of Nathan Rothschild who also lost lorentz got through hanging remember according to her family she died of a stroke but according to friends she was found hanging by a scar from a doorknob number 6 aaron swartz computer programmer and activist for Internet freedom for which he founded demand progress and read it he died after hacking into MIT and JSTOR Swartz was arrested and charged with Computer Fraud however one week after his alleged suicide it became apparent that Swartz and he leaked the hack documents to Wikileaks one can only speculate as to the contents number seven Kate Spade American fashion designer Spade led delegations to Haiti for the no ceilings initiative of the Clinton Foundation aimed at the global support of women and girls Haiti is one of the main places on earth which are trafficking and we've already seen the involvement of the Clintons in part for what decades baked know that led to her death why did her husband Andy appear in public two days after her death wearing a rat mask was Cade about to rat to betray the Clintons was Andy Spade forced to wear the mask as a warning to others who just might rat number eight Anthony Bourdain celebrity chef TV presenter and author Bourdain openly criticized Hillary Clinton on multiple occasions he spoke out strongly against globalization and deeply hoped Henry Kissinger would be called out for the war crimes he committed Bourdain had been to pedophile island Haiti to shoot an episode for his TV program no reservations a month before his death he posted a tweet about the wrath of Hillary Clinton he experienced [Music] followed by this one even more out calling [Music] and then Bourdain died a sudden and unexpected death so what are we dealing with here the world is obviously gone mad we've already seen the normalization of pedophilia now the elite takes at a level higher worshipping the devil and normalizing cannibalism you don't believe me watch this is this really the sign of the devil oh yes meet Anton LaVey founder of the Church of Satan giving the exact same sign the same Church of Satan Chelsea Clinton is so fond of the upside-down pentagram containing the Horned one plus the upside down cross so there [Music] so we have Satan [Music] we have the blood [Music] we have body parts [Music] we have cannibalism [Music] statues of mala an expression of the devil are now watching over several American cities [Music] and only recently a new one was placed in Rome [Music] let's go back to the Dutch royal family and see how far this insanity goes you've already met King willem-alexander and his beautiful Argentinian wise Maxima they both are very interesting fathers Maximus father horses or agita was Minister of Agriculture in the regime of general Jorge Videla a military dictator who ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1981 and who was responsible for the kidnapping torture and murder of an estimated 30,000 people as part of the podalic government so the Yetta must have known about the atrocities but he claimed not to have been aware of the so called dirty war in 2006 the rig Yetta was discredited once again during a lawsuit against the top of the bunker república for money laundering the profits of drugs and weapons trade so regatta was on the board of directors between 86 and 96 the time of major deals between the bank and drug cartels but once again he came out clean due to bribery and corruption his daughter maxima didn't meet el malecon there until 1999 in Spain at least that is the official narrative which is weird as the Dutch royal family had known as or Akitas for generations why did they lie about that Prince Bernhard venom Alexander's grandfather frequented Argentina and the serratus even before world war ii both families had a holiday mansion in body logic a ski area with mostly German visitors and inhabitants as a matter of fact bariloche was a nut den where many Assessors are nazi scientists when during Operation Paperclip [Music] I was taught in school that the Nazi leaders were all convicted in the Nuremberg trials that justice was served but did you know that only ten Nazis were hired and only seven went to jail that's it the big Nuremberg trials only seventeen of them did you actually think like I did they all got what they deserved well think again they had way too much knowledge most of them were welcomed with open arms NATO NASA they all lost them [Music] many SSE's scientists and engineers did not go to the US but to South America instead especially after their retirement Argentina was very popular among them especially the inhabitable Patagonia where they were safe from post-war Nazi hunters bariloche was such a place big nasty names such as Eric Kripke responsible for and actively participating in the killing of 335 Italian men and boys in 1944 Reinhardt cops SS officer who helped many Nazis escaped to Argentina after the war years of Mengele the Angel of Death from death camp a speech where he performed horrific experiments on children and out of Eichmann one of the major organizers of the Holocaust all lived in body Lords you later the favorite ski location of the Dutch royal family and the surrogate us both kingdom Alex on his father and his grandfather were German both were part of the Nazi movement Klaus von M spark the mnemonics on his father was a member of the Hitler Youth his parents were active participants in Hitler's NSDAP when journalist limp Lincoln bear wrote an article about Prince Klaus as Nazi past in panorama magazine of December 1965 dutch Prime Minister calls personally interfered he was tipped about the contents of the article in which clear evidence was presented that completely contradicted the official story about our Prince's past calls ordered all four hundred and twenty thousand magazines that had only just been printed to be destroyed incriminating evidence documents letters etc against the Dutch royal family was stolen from journalists Klingenberg home the people of the Netherlands were not to find out about the dark side of the royal family King Vilma locks on this grandfather Bernhardt from lippe-biesterfeld was member of Hitler's NSDAP the SA and the SS where he served Himmler's elite cavalry the equestrian SS during the Nuremberg trials the equestrian SS was the only division that was not prosecuted so that Bernhard Philippa Bista felt by that time married to the Dutch Queen Juliana Fon Iranian Nasser would remain safe from prosecution and from scrutiny do you realize how much power the Dutch royal family must have had to accomplish this I wonder how many Dutch people know about this I was taught in school that Bernard was a war hero that he served the British Secret Service that he even wanted all 200 Dutch Assessors executed at the end of the war so many lies at his wedding with Queen Juliana the orchestra was asked to play the Nazi song of the NSDAP the director of the orchestra faded on Android refused as did some of the musicians but Bernhard made it happen the song was played many guests offer the Nazi salute and the musicians who had been willing to play the song were later awarded with a medal during the war Royals shell gave millions of tonnes of crude oil to Hitler for free a deal set up by Prince Bernhard the crude oil was used for the Nazi tanks to invade and conquer the Netherlands the people of the Netherlands were handed over to the Nazis by their royal family most of people are completely unaware of this even though these facts are quite easy to find when you start searching for the truth we've just never been told Bernard was corrupt to the core he accepted a major bribe 1.1 million dollars from Lockheed in 1976 he was fruit Anais for being president of the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Prince Bernhard nature fund while being a passionate hunter and killer more about bonus hunting parties in a bit Bernard was a notorious womanizer the mates of the Royal Palaces were terrified of him I knew very well they had to keep their doors locked at night he had several illegitimate children two of whom he officially acknowledged Alexia and Alicia juicy little detail is that Alicia's mother was the daughter of Nazi test pilot Hanna Reitsch and doniphon Brown that's right the Nazi rocket scientist who was welcomed by the US in 1945 during Operation Paperclip to continue his work for NASA Lana von Braun and Bernard both had served in Himmler's Cavalry the equestrian SS they went way back in 1952 Bennett visited his old buddy vana and took advantage of his daughter he left her pregnant after that he was no longer on speaking terms with the mother of his illegitimate child as he put it himself Bernard was a much more powerful Assessor than most people realize before during and after World War two he cherished and maintained his contact and friendships with other SS officers both in Argentina where he went on so-called trade missions for the Netherlands and in Germany which has always been denied by the royal family and the Dutch Central Intelligence Agency burner dolls have found at the Bilderberg Group where political and industrial leaders gather once a year to discuss well nobody really knows as it's highly secretive you can only become part of this exclusive group upon the invitation when Prime Minister loons try to enter the conference in 1977 he was literally thrown out there's one thing all researchers agree on the Bilderberg Group is definitely cabal there's one more thing Burnett was known for and this is where it gets really dirty it's the main reason why I put so much emphasis on our royal family and this is something everybody needs to know come quickly to part eight you the more I studied the hidden side of the European royal families the fur that I felt down the rabbit hole until I stumbled upon something extremely dark I will spare you the gruesome details they are too horrific to sickening I urge you to do your own research google the names you're about to hear read and listen for yourself and make up your own mind this is what pizza gate returns to the story pizza gate is not just an American problem it's a global problem let's get down to the real definition of pizza gate worldwide children are stolen and sold to elite pedophile rings they are tortured raped and murdered as part of satanic ritual ceremonies the murderous then during the children's blood and they eat their flesh the blood of children who were severely traumatized before they died contains adrenochrome a natural drug produced by the pineal gland in the brain adrenochrome is the highest valued drug in the world that God these people serve is Satan it's not a God of love and mercy whether or not you believe in the existence of Satan is not relevant they do and according to each and every eyewitness who has the guts to step forward Pizza Gate is real remember now Gibson statements he was ousted for not wanting to participate you witnessed it though and he is one of the very few who dares to speak about it personally I think it's a miracle that he's still alive adrenochrome is real it is the ultimate drug this is what you look like when you take it and this is where you no longer have access to it thanks to President Trump there was not as much time between these photos as you may think not many children survived the satanic ritual ceremonies there are very few ones that do were not meant to be killed they were there to sexually surf the elite royalty sheiks top politicians bankers judges church leaders worldwide most survivors were born into satanic cult families when you study all of the survivors accounts you will see they have a lot in common the same description of the atrocity afflicted upon them the same names of perpetrators and the same elite they belong to the problem however is that these survivors are not believed by most people it's easier to assume that they're insane or attention-seekers than to face the horrible truth furthermore not many survivors dare to step forward they are simply too traumatized I spent countless hours listening to their horrifying accounts I read police reports and I am convinced these people are not crazy they are not attention seekers nor liars their stories are consistent please do your own research and find out about the following victims and all I witnesses the Dutch Anna Marie from Blaine Borough those nine house Anika Lucas and Roanoke burner the Irishman Richard carer brother and sister Gabriel and ELISA Deerman from the UK the American Sarah Ruth Ashcroft under Australian Fiona Barnett whenever a child sex offender was arrested in the Netherlands and its neighboring Belgium think mark Dutroux Roberts Mickelson's they all swore they were supplying children for a large elite network they were not believed they were presented to the public as lone wolves operating on their own most viewers will now once again experience some more cognitive dissonance but hey remember when the first reports emerged about the sexual abuse of boys and girls by Catholic priests and nuns at first nobody believed it people were too shocked to handle it but now so many years later that is common knowledge to most people the church paid millions of dollars to its victims in an effort to silence them we now have the evidence we have numbers statistics people have grown used to the idea that priests bishops and Cardinals raped children on an enormous scale and if you think the Pope's wash the hands in innocence you're in for a big shock now I realized that satanic cult offerings of babies and children is a step further than sexual abuse but I can assure you that more and more victims will soon speak up and step by step people can work their way through their cognitive dissonance so that soon we'll be able to save these children where do these children come from how come they can simply disappear without a trace without worried parents who report them missing they come from orphanages children's homes youth detention centres some are homeless many are refugees fleeing Wars these children are stolen sold we're talking the fastest-growing trade here according to the survivors not only the Dutch but also the British royal family are heavily involved in all of this back in the 1980s a major controversy arose when it became clear that Prince Charles was a very close friend of Jimmy Savile a notorious paedophile not only Charles the entire royal family loved Savile as the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Savile was named by many victims and was said to have been extremely violent and cruel he was never prosecuted and died a free man then there's the interesting close friendship between Prince Andrew and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Epstein held several young women as sex slaves hiring them to his elite friends such as Prince Andrew the royal family has always denied the allegations [Music] [Music] and there's more in 2015 a video emerged short by a Swedish tourist at Buckingham Palace it shows a naked boy climbing out of a window of the palace using a bedsheet the boy cannot hold on and falls to the ground [Music] the mainstream media tried their utmost best to debunk the video Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the video and the Metropolitan Police said they had no reports of the incidents now I don't know what it is with a royal family but something's definitely weird have a look at Prince William's wife Kate right after giving birth in 2018 why on earth would she pick a dress that is identical to the one in the horror movie Rosemary's Baby where rosemary gives birth to Satan's child what kind of an insane coincidence is that according to the satanic ritual abuse survivors that boasts two were and are heavily involved Pope Francis Pope Benedict like I said they do not wash their hands and innocence on the contrary [Music] both Pope Francis and the doctrines Bernhardt loved hunting parties according to the survivors once again I will do you the great favor of sparing you the disgusting details but it boils down to this the hunting parties took place in secret in forests most of which belong to royal estates in several European countries the participants all part of the before-mentioned elites satanic pedophile cult would hunt down children rape them murder them and cut off their genitals as a trophy in February 2013 former Pope Benedict Joseph Ratzinger was prosecuted and sentenced by default for crimes against humanity by the International Tribunal into crimes of church and state rutting as crimes included child trafficking and protecting priests who had raped children is this why he stepped down even though being a pope is a nomination for life interesting little detail is that lightning struck sim Peters twice only moments after his resignation the same verdict followed for Pope Francis one accusation was added complicity in murder in Argentina others who were also prosecuted and sentenced for crimes against humanity was a British Queen Elizabeth Windsor and a husband Prince Philip former Canadian Prime Minister Harper and 27 other dignitaries whether or not this will lead to arrests time will tell for now both the Pope and the royal family enjoy immunity the International Tribunal into crimes of church and state extensively investigated the case of the rape torture and murder of 50,000 Native children in Canada the United Church of Canada the Anglican Church and the British royal family played a major role in this case as did the Dutch royal family who fled to Canada to be safe from world war ii as far back as 1942 an investigative journalist of the Canada Gazette thoroughly studied the case and came to the shocking conclusion that 50,000 Native children have disappeared from 80 Canadian Indian Residential schools and that 31 mass grave sites have been found inside the school grounds containing the remains of children now as shocking as this may be it is nothing new on a regular basis mass baby and children's graves are discovered often near nunneries in some cases we don't know exactly what happened in other cases we do know due to forensic evidence and the eyewitness accounts of survivors Mel Gibson was right when he said that satanic cults with child sacrifices on nothing new it goes way back into history for thousands of years children have been murdered - please Satan Lucifer BAU mala hole whatever you want to call him I found many paintings of child sacrifice in Catholic churches Jim in my own research it's part of human history but that doesn't mean it's okay [Music] we all know about the Aztecs and the human sacrifices and we can deal with that for its old but until recently I was not aware of any of this I'd never heard about pizza gate I'm Tanika Luciferian cults with child sacrifice I thought it belonged to the past to the dark ages well I guess we're still living in the dark ages all of the satanic cults are connected worldwide people at the highest level are only at the highest level because they participate and once you're in you're in for life through blackmail with pictures and video footage taken in secret and some don't even need Black Milk they simply thrive on the pain and suffering of others some names have been named others will follow soon the people will be shocked to the core when this comes out let me give you one piece of advice when the video of Hillary Clinton and her right hand Huma Abedin raping torturing mutilating and killing a little girl comes out in the open do not watch it you will not sleep again [Music] there are certain things I will not share with you here simply because they are too horrific like this shower torture of the child but John Podesta search and find it for yourself if you like I wish to wake people up not prioritize them the same goes for the Red Shoes you want to know what they're made of do your own research I'll give you a small hint the tradition of red shoes for the elite goes all the way back to the Byzantine tradition when Kings would wear them as symbols of bloody martyrdom the video by the way was found on the confiscated laptop of Anthony Weiner the ex-husband of Huma Abedin it was stored together with thousands of other files in a folder called life insurance talk about blackmail Weiner by the way was sentenced to serve 21 months in prison for sending sexual texts to a minor back in 2017 oh and the good news is winners laptop has officially been accepted in court as evidence I can assure you we'll be hearing a lot more about its contents very soon now what happens when you try to make any of this public either your TV career ends right there and then or you get a heart attack for your plane crashes [Music] or you end up dead in hotel room [Music] or you are found with a bullet in your back or you commit suicide [Music] [Music] and guess what I haven't even shown you the real top of the pyramid of power yet just the visible top do you think the love Charles the Rockefellers George Soros the government leaders even the royal families did you think they are the top of the 1% they are not there is a very dark order above them all making puppets of everybody else even of kings and queens ever heard of the Jesuit Order did you know that there are three popes instead of one never heard of agenda 21 of its sequel the depopulation program this is so big it does not fit in this first documentary they will form a film of its own which are promised to present in a very near future what I wish to give you now is hope after all if this misery it's time for some light and the good news is there is plenty of that come with me finally to the good news in page 9 and 10 when queue arose on October 28th 2017 little did we know that a new era had started something big something massive started unfolding before our very eyes but most people remained completely in the dark through the queue drops hints clues and questions were planted like seeds waiting for humanity to be picked up research and unraveled bit by bit we'd the people woke up using other means than the mainstream media the queue enormous started communicating with each other through Facebook Twitter and other social media the same social media that was set up by the Cabal to monitor the people 24/7 were now used to find each other and to spread news and findings there was no stopping us anymore people in France went out into the streets in yellow vests showing president mclean that they no longer complied but started off with small groups evolved into mass protests for over a year now tens of thousands of people have been gathering every Saturday not just in France but in Spain Germany the Netherlands Sweden Bulgaria Turkey Poland Hungary Taiwan Australia Iraq Israel the mainstream media tried to make people believe it was just a fading phenomenon but the people saw through their lives George Soros then intervened in his own special way he paid his people to mingle with the yellow vests and start riots he ever successful way to discredit a group of protesters with peaceful intentions make them look like vandals and aggressors Soros is rats attacked the police but this strategy didn't work either his rats were not very smart they forgot to put on yellow vests and in the heat of the fight they shouted Paris Paris antiva then they forgot who they were supposed to attack so they win for the yellow vests as well now who got scared he told the French police to strike down the protests with all means necessary but the police officers took off their helmets in solidarity with the yellow vests what else could a cabal do here's extreme violence army forces were deployed snipers were put on rooftops to shoot at the yellow vests if necessary thousands of people got injured people died Frances in the middle of a civil war but the mainstream media remained silent twenty-three yellow vests Sarah died for believing in a better world South America too shows massive protests where people demand their corrupt governments to step down the world is experiencing the biggest revolution ever the worst nightmare of the cabal has come true the people have woken up and contrary to other revolutions that humanity went through in the past this revolution is one of knowledge understanding of how things are run by the elite and the willingness to work together to create a better world a revolution of the people can only work when there's held at the top that help is you never there in the past but now there is that is what makes this revolution different we have an ally at the top and Ally that we refer to as q.q is a group of people not an individual the Intel Q provides is top level I believe Q comprises of Donald J Trump and some of his most loyal army generals without the help of the army top the plan is unfolding it never stands a chance but there's more to cure than meets the eye I am convinced there are some secret components that will be revealed soon President Trump and the entire Q team are working out a plan there has been in the making for the past 20 years a plan so all-encompassing it took this long to calculate every step every move to perfection every possible outcome of each and every step was thoroughly mapped out leading to the next optimal move we're talking probability calculation at the highest level how do we know because Q made predictions of events that we the people could never have foreseen president Trump gave clues in his speeches that pointed to events that were about to unfold but most people didn't even notice them the mainstream media made fun of them but the Q Ananse and recognize them and realize just how brilliant Q really was let me give you a few examples in the middle of a press conference in November 2017 drum stopped a few times to take a sip of water from a small plastic bottle it seemed weird completely overdone he repeated this a month later in the middle of the talk about national security he held the glass with two hands like a child the mainstream media went hysterical claiming the president was either retarded or suffering through some degenerative disease the unknowns however knew immediately that he was pointing out something the water bottle contained Fiji water Fiji water is bottled on the Isle of Wakanda in 1973 Wakanda was bought by a Canadian businessman David Gilmore in 1996 he founded Fiji waters in 2016 Claire Bronfman heiress to the multibillion-dollar Seagram liquor fortune bought 80 percent of Wakanda from Gilmore and financed the setup of Nexium on the island exactly the sex cult run by Katherine Nia who branded his initial into the women that he kept on the island as sex slaves who were lured in by sweet phase aliceandmac the small villages the ball started rolling arrests were made and in April 2019 you nee was found guilty on all charges including racketeering and sex trafficking some of his victims were minors ploud Bronfman and her sister Sarah pleaded guilty on all charges as did Alison Matt more incriminating things will come to the service soon nexium donated a large amount of money to the Clinton Foundation Clare Bronfman was CEO of a company called Bronfman Rothschild as was Evelyn Rothschild and his wife Lynn remember them from the previous episodes isn't it fascinating are the same key players keep popping up there's one more disturbing thing about this case which involves the Dalai Lama in May 2009 the Bronfman sisters organised an event with the Dalai Lama in Albany there was a lot of criticism towards the Dalai Lama how could he connect his good name with a sex cult but he decided to go anyway 10 days after the event the Dalai Lama Trust was founded according to its tax filings that trust received 2.2 million dollars in donations in its first year was the Dalai Lama bought to connect himself to nexium according to an inside nexium member this was indeed the case the dalai lama's office underbrim my sister's denied the allegation now that this has come out into the open it would be nice if the Dalai Lama would at least explain why he went along with a sex cult or apologised but instead he blamed Strunk on ethical behavior now why was the Fiji case so important nexium will soon turn out to be just a small fish compared to what's coming think crimes against children sex trafficking and satanic child sacrifice think big names like the Clintons the Obamas and the Podesta's what Trump did was he started off with a case important enough to be presented to the people but small enough not to completely shock them he chose maxium to let the public are used to the major offenses that are about to be revealed this is what we call red billing the people a term coined in the movie The Matrix do you want the blue pill or the red pill if you choose the red pill you will be shown the truth and there's no way back here's another example of trumps brilliant strategy in June 2017 Melania boarded the presidential plane on a way to visit a youth detention center with Mexican migrant children who have been separated from their parents she wore a coat with the text I really don't care do you it was a strange choice for the code wasn't fashionable at all and the text was quite provocative to say the least once again the mainstream media went into a frenzy but the Cure launched new the Trump's were giving yet another clue the code turned out to be a Zara product an investigation made clear that Sora made use of slave labor as a result on mum CEO Ortega founder and CEO of Zara resigned six months after milania's action yet another clue that was being given by Melania was the fact that these children were not separated from their parents but saved from child traffickers more than eight and a half thousand CEOs resigned over the last two years many for unclear reasons just like you have predicted was Trump indeed draining the swamp like he had promised one of Q's crumbs that was repeated several times was we have the server a quite clearly refer to Hillary Clinton server the one she tried so hard to destroy before it would be used against her in a court of law but how did the Q team lay their hands on it the clue was given in Helsinki Finland when Trump met Vladimir Putin on July 16 2018 Trump openly asked the audience where is the server where are the servers they're missing where are they what happened to Hillary's emails 33,000 emails they're gone just gone I think it's a disgrace remember this scene with a soccer ball put in and it Trump the ball and said the ball is now in your court Trump took the ball instead this will go to my son Barron he then threw the ball - Melania what was so special about the ball why the big smiles and the twinkling in their eyes what was going on here why did Melania post a tweet with this picture later that year many coolants agree on a theory that the content of the service was inside that soccer ball containing enough incriminating evidence to put a lot of people in Washington behind bars for life try evidence for the uranium one scandal where Hillary Clinton a Secretary of State and with knowledge and approval of President Obama gave Russia control of 20% of America's uranium by approving the rosette until the Russian company Rosatom have bought the Canadian company uranium 1 in 2010 three years after the latter purchased Eurasia owned by Frank Giustra a friend with a pedophile logo from Bart for remember Giustra had officially stepped down after the purchase so why did he donate 145 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation right after the rosatom deal was signed why on earth was he too embraced by the Dalai Lama why the hell did he get the Dalai Lama Humanitarian Award when he is involved up to his ears in child trafficking why did Bill Clinton receive $500,000 for a talk in Moscow right after the Rosatom deal was announced do you know what we're looking at here bribery corruption pay-to-play money laundering and high treason this was the real Russian collusion oh by the way why did Trump say this soccer ball was going to a son baron according to insiders Baron is extremely intelligent with an IQ of 146 he is said to be incredible with computers especially when it comes to hacking cracking codes passwords etc bearing this in mind I so understand the facial expressions that one fine day in Helsinki soon very soon there will be arrests mass arrests everything has been laid out 20 years of preparations the CIA FBI DOJ NSA every three letter agency has been cleared of deep state actors how can you make a rest when the agencies are corrupted you cannot that's why Comey McCabe Brennan and other key players have to go that's why some of them suddenly stepped down while others were fired the stage has been set the world will be in for a major shock how on earth are people going to respond when it becomes clear that obama pelosi schumer feinstein struck page the clinton's that they all tried everything they could possibly think of to impeach the president of the US we will soon see that it went much further than just spying it went as far as organized murder attempts the Cabal the deep state tried to assassinate the President of the United States on multiple occasions they tried to force Trump to go to war with North Korea but after annihilating the Cabal strongholds there he brought peace they now tried to force him to go to war with Iran but I can assure you he will do the exact same thing annihilate the Cabal strongholds first and then bring peace you said it would happen this way first Korea Xan Iran Israel last then there is Obama's high treason everything you were told about him by the mainstream media will soon turn out to be false falsified on purpose soon we will be presented with hard evidence concerning his birth certificate his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood the extremist party behind Isis pictures such as thieves will start to service Obama and the Clintons integrated the Muslim Brotherhood in the American government at the highest level remember Huma Abedin Hillary's right hand no parents were directly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood asli's her brother where do you think that leaves her remember John McCain what was he doing in Iraq with the ISIS stop for why did Trump say they caught the five most-wanted Isis leaders not for five did you notice something weird about the flag on his coffin it was winkled only traitors get wrinkled flags it was a code high treason death penalty did you really believe he died of cancer do you still believe or sama bin Laden was the enemy that he was responsible for 9/11 that he said about Qaeda uh-huh he was a CIA agent before he became the enemy his American name was Tim Osman Osama Osman did you hear about Tim six the Navy SEALs who killed him they all died three months later when the helicopter crashed no eyewitnesses who might once tell the tale of what really happened we've been lied to on a scale we cannot fathom just yet history books will have to be rewritten America was sold to the highest bidder by Obama the Clintons and the bushes do you realize the state of shock people are going to be in when the truth finally hits the do you understand white Wattana MoBay has been fully upgraded and expanded do you have any idea how many sealed indictments there are waiting for the perfect moment to be unsealed so that arrests can be made more than 100,000 many will be prosecuted for treason some for high treason high treason means capital punishment death penalty there will be chaos and shock but there will be guidance from totally unexpected mystery guests this moment in time is one that will make history one that is unprecedented in the history of mankind do you think I'm exaggerating behind out in our final part number 10