welcome back it is so late at night and I am just now starting to film a ton of videos because I'm going to London actually while you're watching this I'm already in London and I won't be able to work / I don't want to work while I'm there so I'm getting all this stuff done now humans to me are a mystery human race in general is a mystery people being people is insane to me and it's so strange that so many people are different and I understand that people are different that's what makes the world beautiful or interesting or whatever but there are some things that people do that I just can't get behind I just I just don't understand and I feel like we just like really wouldn't be friends so here's a list of people that I just don't understand number one is people who don't take leftovers and I just I don't I don't get it baffles me if you're out to dinner slash lunch slash breakfast brunch / fifth meal and you somehow miraculously didn't finish all the food on your plate which I have to be honest this isn't even me trying to be relatable when I go to a restaurant I eat everything on my plate I deserve an award like if I get anything it is clean every single little nuts piece of lettuce crumb it is in my mouth it's actually I just if Olympics hi-yah I just don't get that if again if somehow you still have food on your plate and the waiter comes over and they say would you like a box and you say no that to me is truly mind-blowing that you would have a chance at a second meal out of one meal like that's my favorite thing leftovers are one of my favorite things in the world to go home and just know that there's more food waiting for me that is somebody I just don't understand but I do know that we're probably not compatible people another one is people who don't get the rewards cards at grocery stores and I know that's like a big joke is the grocery store people are always looking would you like a rewards card all the effing time why don't you have one you save so much money I wish I had a receipt on me right now you go to the grocery store if you get like a little thing of strawberries they're usually around five dollars container if you have a grocery store report card you can get like four containers of strawberries for five dollars that's four times as many strawberries for the same price that is bunker saving and then sometimes you get gas perks save a shitload of money on gas it just doesn't make sense you're literally throwing away money and I know a lot of people say that about like couponing they say if you don't use coupons you're throwing away money no that's a little bit different because couponing takes a little bit of work a little bit of concentration sit down cut out coupons figure out how to double up who but that's too much for me I can't do that but if you're at the grocery store anyways and all you have to do is scan your little card why wouldn't you do that you save so much money this was a little bit more serious but people who think that they deserved the world and put in zero work you don't deserve anything in this world you are born into this world as a nobody you are a blank slate nobody deserves anything and a lot of people get a lot luckier than others and are born into amazing things but if you think you deserve all of this up if you are so entitled that you think you should just be handed everything then we're not gonna be friends I'm a little guilty of this one but people who buy clothes and don't wear them okay I'm actually extremely guilty of this I go into a store and I'm just like that's amazing I'm going to love that I tried on it looks great on me and I'm like this is great I can't wait for this outfit and then I just never wear it people who genuinely enjoy very intense workouts I mean the type where you're hyperventilating in pain groaning in agonizing pain I'm not knocking it I'm just saying I don't get it people who leave their stuff charging when it's charged this confuse me so much if your shits on 100% why are you letting yourself be tethered to the wall I feel like you are a prisoner you know you can unplug that right also you're killing your battery and wasting a ton of electricity stop it here's something I don't understand people who cheat on their significant others I don't get it I truly genuinely don't get it because for me when you're in a relationship it's because really care about somebody and when you're just having sex with a bunch of people it means that you just want to be free in Rome when you're in a relationship and your cheat you don't really want either one of those things and you're hurting a bunch of people in the process so if you want to be single and you want to hook up with a bunch of people just be single I don't know I just it genuinely confuses me I've never had the urge to cheat I mean I suppose that's probably because the majority of my life I have not been in our relationship it seems so difficult it seems like it takes a lot of time it seems like it takes a lot of effort I feel like my anxiety would be way too high to cheat it feels like a lot of stress a lot of pressure I'm already kind of stretched as it is I can't even find time for one boyfriend I don't know how people have time for two boyfriends I think that if you're a cheater you need a hobby I truly believe that coz what that says to me is not only are you unfulfilled in some way but also you have way too much time on your hands so yeah if you have the urge to cheat just like start painting or sculpting or cooking or something I don't understand why some people randomly get an Italian accent but only when they're discussing cheese has anybody else picked up on this normal conversation born in America raised in America both parents have an American accent went to American school completely American middle American no accent voice the second they say mozzarella they turn into the most authentic ass Italian in the world hey yeah you eat a sandwich oh yeah a sandwich oh that's so cool it's on it oh I got some salami pepper what's that uh what's that white stuff oh that's she that the mozzarella cheese I'm sorry what mozzarella ma mozzarella yeah the cheese it's my viola that's the cheese I'm eating what do you what do you what do you want for dinner tonight oh I think we should get a chicken parmigiana and then maybe a side salad chicken parm chicken parmesan yeah chicken parmigiana part Parvez parmesan that's what I said she can parmesan yeah I don't understand girls who always have a boyfriend or boys always have a girlfriend like do you have some type of potion or love spell are you a witch I don't understand how are you doing that seriously there are people who have been in a relation from the age of 14 until they're married and it's thought the same person it's just they get out of a relationship and then they get into another relationship I can't get a single person to date so the fact that somebody has found so many people in a row to date them again this isn't me trying to be hashtag relatable this is genuine I don't understand how do you do that another type of person I don't really understand is people who are single but continuously give relationship advice not like me giving relationship advice if somebody ever walked up to me and they said hey I'm in a relationship and it sucks how would you address this issue I would say hey man I don't have a ton of life experience the few bits of life experience I do have ended in tragedy maybe I'm not the best person to come to and then they should be like hey you're right I'll stop coming to you with this you clearly don't know anything you're obviously dying alone I don't know why I would I would want what you have thanks though doesn't make any sense in general just why do you ask advice from people who don't have what you want would you go up to an unemployed person and be like hey man I'm just wondering if you could help me with my interview skills that'd be great I don't understand people who break up and then they get back together a week later and then they break up again and then they're back together and then they break up and then it's so stressful and it takes so much time I feel like you're either like each other or you don't and I don't know why you're having such a hard time figuring it out but then again Who am I to give relationship advice I know that I'm out of school but one person I never understood were teachers who read the syllabus out loud I have eyes you're using an entire class to read out loud to me I thought I was in college apparently I'm in preschool and we're learning how to read I don't understand people who understand how computers work are you over robots I don't understand people who are boys also I don't understand people who are girls if you would like full videos on what I don't understand about boys and girls let me know cuz I'll make them because that hasn't been done a million times before and the last person I don't understand is myself all right that's enough anyways this has been a list of people that I genuinely just don't understand let me know in the comments the things you don't understand interested and hearing those and if you guys have some funny answers I will make a part two with all of your answers I don't understand people who don't give this video a thumbs up so do that I also don't understand people who don't subscribe to my channel check out my vlog channel and my other social media all that stuff is listed down below thank you for watching as always I love you very much thank you for being a part of my family and I will see you next time Italian parmigiana parmigiana Italian parmigiana yeah much better I'd like to read you some poems now