[Music] hop on my camel and chase you to the North Pole [Music] [Music] [Music] it goes what you're talking about purity pie and I'm making any sense oh you'll be high wearing your t-shirt go up and try but you'll never be as beautiful as PewDiePie picking on YouTube in a tutu woohoo I'm gonna need you when you the soldier deeds getting a huge refuse badami Jews with juice and ready to lose these noobs I'm a velociraptor ferocious a new subscriber every day since Diplodocus um clearly the don't piss the rest of you are hopeless [Music] [Music] [Music] what you talking about cutie pie you know making any sense wrong you'll be hot you can wear my new Gucci suit and groovy time but you'll never be Edgar Allen are you responsible for what I'm smiling I'm Lily Robin and baby babbling MIDI hoping the Dermody stopping me or whatever you're watching you and me stopping appealing to the P even sweeter than a dude like a motherfucking stuck in there stuck it makes me wanna play like what the fuck is that genius again [Music] [Music] you could have a new goat movie but you beautiful half ago I bet hope you bros enjoyed this song thanks so much to danville for making ed and h Brune for this amazing animation and lil deuce deuce for remix in it if you got this song right now on iTunes I love a link to all their channels down below go check them out and subscribe to them because they're awesome