PHILIP with Subtitle

he died without children continuous family his life Philip was one of Jesus 12 followers he was busy telling people about Jesus when an angel spoke to him Philip go out on the road along came a very important officer from Ethiopia riding in his chariot he was reading the book of the prophet Isaiah Philip ran alongside the chariot to talk to the man do you understand what you're reading no I need someone to explain it to me the officer stopped the chariot and invited Philip to sit with him the verse of scripture the Ethiopian was reading was this he was like a sheep being led to be killed he said nothing and died without children to continue his family please tell me who is the prophet talking about Philip explained that Isaiah was actually writing about Jesus as they continued the Ethiopian man began to believe in Jesus soon the chariot came near a stream look here's some water what stops me from being baptized right now so they stopped the chariot and Philip baptized him when they walked back out of the water God wanted Philip to preach in another place so just like that Philip was gone so the officer returned home with his heart full of joy you