Kezia noble



hey I was invited along by courier to appear in this DVD and he just threw out the positive days has been a great exercise in teaching me that pickup is not a spectator sport it's not a theory thing is just throwing yourself in and doing it and in terms of learning deep connection is being really really invaluable basically and I think I've learned a lot as well it's just slowed everything down it just make it just instilled the qualities of a natural rather than the qualities of a typical pickup artist it's nice not being guided by right now for women who is very straight talking and she's been a great teacher as well who's not politically correct which I like and it doesn't subscribe too polite untruths and you know men in our situation we got to need that which is really great so so I hearing hearing the truth as it's meant to be told so sort of can really say what I'm gonna do now is just continue it just keep practicing with it so I've only touch the note winning 10 to the tip of the iceberg but it's just keep on carrying on down you know so that's basically it so I recommend it you