I'm freaking out right now I'm backstage at my show and look I'm right in front of my dressing room I'm trying to get ready but there's a stalker in there okay there's a literal stalk or any time I try tomorrow Jews iam fine I just saw him in a stroller and I put him in my dressing I'm trying to be nice do charity work and how he won't leave look at things excuse me get out it's not enough time with me get out stop smiling this is not a joke do you hear that he's yelling at me he's in so wronged excuse me baby I don't want any trouble with you don't want any problems just get out we can end this peacefully he's mocking me get out up we all doubt the room it's not funny it's no laughing matter you need to leave this is my dressing room I'm trying to get ready for my show baby do you understand yes he's attacking me he's just seen my monkey me I'm trying to get ready for my show he's been a total stalker why don't you move no I did not say lay down and take a minute I said get out I don't know what to do you don't mean so if any of you guys don't have to get rid of a stonker please leave a comment below because I don't know what to do about this guy you won't get me freaking dressing wrong right now or I will call the cops I will call the comms abuse nice if any of you know how to get rid of stalkers please leave a comment below I don't know how to get him out of my dressing room I literally just brought him in here to be nice and do charity work and let him in signed for us thankings and now he won't leave he doesn't he's overseeing his welcome make sure to subscribe to me please and help me go into this stop girl thank you [Music]