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hey... i miss you... take me back? please can i at least get my syrup take your damn syrup hey this was full what'd you say a single mom's in the other room ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another video it is 9 p.m at night and the energy is brought high my name is jesse james west welcome to the dub squad hit the subscribe button hit the like button turn on post notifications because i love you and i truly appreciate you tomorrow morning we have a huge call like huge it's with a huge company huge it's overseas so i gotta wake up extremely early this is all because of you guys so i'll let you know how everything goes i'll keep you updated and then we're gonna be going to zoo culture for the second day ever and i'm just pumped because we're hopefully gonna either run into brad or run into other influencers and see if we can make some awesome new friends because we're always looking for friends along with girlfriends that's a different story for another video let's dive into it baby i'll catch you guys in the morning bright and early go baby, i'm pumped for the day we're back baby merch is coming back! bad boys and girls when there's a big day and big things on the line you know there's one thing you need sugar-free maple syrup because we're cooking up some damn french toast baby when in doubt make it wet a true champion knows there's one thing that you need to have for breakfast and it is anabolic french toast sugar-free maple syrup and a nice coffee of liquid dopamine this is literally definition dopamine and caffeine for any of you wondering. we're gonna dive into this get into our phone call and get the day rolling we're gonna smash it back last bite let's get on this big meeting because your boys got to make some money moves let's go great day to be alive baby ladies and gentlemen so it begins hello it's going it's going great how are you coming back my hands are tied baby coffee number two baby it's a good day what can i say we gotta work out in a little while we got some recipes to cook i'm gonna be very caffeinated very very soon so we're gonna enjoy it all right guys i'm on my morning walk and you guys know that i'm prioritizing my mental health my physical health and everything and that's why i do this and i think you guys should try it too but one other point that i want to go over is just simply that anything in life is possible the hardships that you go through are happening for a reason you're gonna know why eventually you might not know why in the moment but trust me you're gonna know why very soon and i'm honestly so grateful that life has been gifting me all these different things so i want to just inspire you guys and show you guys to work for what you want listen to the world and make it happen baby you never know who you're going to meet and you never know what opportunities you are going to create i'm feeling good man all right we got our single mom jacket on and we're going to go single mom hunting okay i hope you're all ready we're going to the grocery store real quick because when you live alone and you're not with your parents you got to get your own things and you got to be an adult and as you see we only have snacks and half a bottle of syrup so that's not okay we're going to go pick up some good things as we need them you already know i'm about to pull the biggest karen because one we're going to trader joe's and two we have my reusable tote bags not one but two okay and sorry mom i know your name is karen but i'm pulling a karen listen if you even ask me paper or plastic i'm coming for you because you know my tote bags are here for a reason whenever i go to the grocery store i go for three things we got my veggies my meats and my carbs we're going to make our way around kias to stick to the outside for the healthiest things and then we go inside to get our sugar-free fake stuff like syrup let's get it baby and now we're going to get the meat which is the best part to put in our mouth we're going to go for some lean meat we're getting some sandwich meat grilled meat and then just some other meat it's a whole lot of meat yeah so i haven't seen any single moms but i could totally go for some cake right now dude we're literally in like a grocery store um come on man come on up there they ask me paper plastic god damn it it was sold all right everybody we are back in the kitchen and we got all of the goods we're gonna go over it starting off with the protein we got the italian seasoned meat because i'm an italian boy we got ground turkey and all i shoot for about 97 lean that's one of the best ways to get leaner stuff for a great price then we also got some deli meat we have three canisters of cage free egg whites i pretty much just get whichever one's the cheapest save some money and get some gains now moving on to the carbs we have some dairy cheese we have tomatoes sweet potato zucchini bananas apples the low-calorie bread it's 45 calories it's the best for your anabolic french toast because you feel like you're eating more and then we got a bunch of vegetables then moving on we have some quick oats this is a great way to get some carbs in late at night put some protein powder make some protein oatmeal and then of course we have our legendary sauces sauce is so important the wetter the better hot sauce pizza sauce sriracha sauce and yellow mustard and yellow mustard because it is pretty much no calories and on top of that we got ourselves some mini pizzas because later in jesse's kitchen we'll be whipping up some anabolic pizza because the italian's real here we're gonna head over to the zoo culture for our second day there yesterday we met some big people tron beckham domizetti and a few other huge influencers but we're hopefully gonna run into maybe brad later maybe some other people i have no idea we're seeing where the day takes us so i'll bring you guys along maybe we'll meet the love of my life and no that does not mean more syrup oh i'm inhaling it that's right oh baby i don't even need the pre-workout but i'm gonna because code jesse saves you 10 off and you guys are going to use that link because you love me and i love you time to get changed and go to the gym baby all right bad boys and girls let's do this yes sir that is kyle from nelk absolutely an insane moment right here all right ladies and gentlemen yes that was tristan lee and the elk boys we're gonna smash a lift now because we gotta hit a back day i'm gonna be dead lifting for the first time in quite some time well let's dive into this bad boy real men wear pink all right new belt new vives good day it fits on fleek honestly the belt can be a bit tighter but that just means we're getting leaner baby no doubles for a month i'll take nine and then seven good all right deadlifts are finished we're gonna move on to some pull-ups lat pull-downs rows dumbbells all the accessory work four sets about 10 to 15 reps going really really close to failure i got to get a good workout in it's been a bit too many carbs the past few days we're gonna make these bad boys pay off and keep the day rolling baby he's gotta whip up the quads on so we literally were like gliding before we go on to our itty bitty bicep we're gonna do some rows right here three sets eight reps let's go baby all about manifesting good energy man put it into the world and it gives it back i wish for bigger calves but that's just that's just funny me all right bad boys moving on to biceps we just did dumbbell curls now we're going to be doing some preacher curls praying for the gains the farther you lean forward the harder it is to contract the more you lean back the easier it is on the top so just think about it is all right fellas back on for the boys we had a killer day here amazing workout tristan lee we might be doing another video with you my guy i just decided that i'm kidding we actually are talking about it we did not find brad today we got some insider information on how to find him tomorrow so most most is time for anabolic ice cream all right ladies and gentlemen you're asking how to get more anabolic well first of all let's just talk about what just happened we finally met tristan lee for the first time my guy we're gonna be doing a collab officially very very soon so make sure you guys are subscribed to my channel so you can see it and also we just met kyle from nail you come to california you crash your car and then you meet an elk it doesn't get better than that but i think it does actually it gets better because we're gonna make the most anabolic ice cream in the sun which actually increases testosterone by 15 i read it up dr greg you said actually told me that definitely step one giant scooparoon tea out of the ice cream step two half a scoop of protein plop it back on just start mixing when you get real dirty with it it gives back next step take one scoop of creatine post workout transparent labs code jesse come on now this combo will have you increasing your bench press by 45 where am i getting these statistics i don't know now we just sit back relax enjoy the sun and wait for a single mom to pull up really any girl at this point you can't be lonely with ice cream all right guys before we hop into the next episode of jesse's kitchen i'm going on my second round of cardio for the day which is another walk listen if you guys want to eat more food throughout the day just go on simple walks it adds up to a lot of cardio and you burn a ton of calories would be round three but i woke up alone today so that's a different story also guys if you have not been following along for the road trip i did total my car it's finally in and luckily i just walked past the dealership so i'm actually gonna pick up my new car right now and it's a tesla baby we're not getting one of those yet maybe one day but comment down below what car you guys think i should get i'm thinking maybe round two with a civic if you guys are enjoying today's video hit that subscribe button i appreciate you welcome back to another edition of jessie's kitchen listen socks are not on today i was hanging out this girl the other day and she was like yo if you're not going to have your clothes on you've got to take your socks off that's just weird i was like but this is jessie's kitchen what are you doing she also didn't like french toast that's a different story okay i forgot something important yo toss me that is it good spicy dude you threw me a sharpie well it looks like we're gonna be italiano for the next 48 hours this is pure compensation for me not being able to grow a single hair on my face okay we're gonna be cooking up some anabolic pizza if you don't like anabolic pizza i don't know what you're talking about okay let's get into the ingredients sometimes you gotta slap the meat down good boy we got some pita bread and that is the key to make it anabolic and low calorie 90 calories a pop grilled chicken low calorie tomato sauce another key ingredient some dairy-free cheese feel free to use regular cheese it'll be more anabolic mushroom tomatoes and for our seasonings we have garlic powder and onion salt and that's with the g okay i say it weird ah the oven is heated up to 420 because that is the only temperature we use in jesse's kitchen and then another topping is going to be yellow mustard and some sriracha sauce because we need spicy so we can feel something step one we're gonna cook the grilled chicken and we're gonna oil up this bad boy like me all right while chicken's cooking we're going to sauce up all of our pitas just a little bit of sauce on each one hey alexa place sauce it up do you have small cats leave me alone please all right what we did was we chopped up the done chicken into little thin slices because it's not always about the girth you're okay guys don't worry about it all right now we're gonna go freddy krueger on this and we're gonna chop up the chicken mushroom and tomato and toss all the toppings right on top and then toss this bad boy right in the oven let's do this all right now we're just gonna give her a few minutes because that's all we need and that's all we can handle on our own all right pizza then we're gonna leave that for five minutes oh she's done perfect oh she's ready cue those slow-mo's baby all right we got a little taste test for the boys back home no way immediately good that is so good oh i'm gonna eat like all of these right now so good ladies and gentlemen we have our final meal we've got our low calorie high protein anabolic pizza bites that are enormous and then we have a cup of zucchini i would totally do zucchini pasta but i don't have the shredder so this is going to be perfect it keeps everything low calorie and awesome tastes good i realize i still have the mustache on but we'll take that off in a little while call me crazy but i'm gonna put a little bit of mustard on this bad boy and a little bit of sriracha best bite all right so for the macros on that meal it was a bit high in calorie but obviously it's a lot better than a full-size pizza and i'm extremely full so i'll take it 77 grams of protein 120 carb and only 19 fat you could even use some diet bread if you don't care that much about it and you just want to have a lot less calories my beautiful people we are chilling at night next to my beautiful girl aka a bowl of salad and my computer because we got a lot of work to do i'm gonna wrap up the video here listen anything is possible if you put your mind to it like i said earlier in the video and then next you know i'm meeting tristan lee for the first time finally actually getting to meet him i've been speaking to him for a while and boys within the next two videos there will be a full tristan lee collab so make sure you guys are subscribed to my channel if you guys want to see that thank you so much for watching this far i really appreciate it if you made it this far comment down below hashtag dubsquad turn on your post notifications like the video what else is there to do subscribe i appreciate each and every one of you make sure you guys stay relentless i will catch you in the next one peace baby get it