PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen CRINGE




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Hey how's it going bros? My name is pew- HOMYGOD WHAT? What is it? You're so cringey EVERYTIME Im so disgusted to be associated with you... LISTEN I challenge you to a CRINGE OFF with a try not to cringe challenge *zooms in dat face* OH I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!! Nothing makes me cringe more than me So I gladly *pauses* ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE You folks at home can play along with this Try not to cringe challenge game that we came up with You know I haven't even watched this video and I and I already absolutely fucking loathe it. But let's watch HOW BAD COULD IT BE? bee bee bee beep P-P-A-P WELL RIGHT OFF THE BAT THAT FUCKING FONT IS LIKE THE STANDARD FUCKING FONT IN PREMIERE IF YOU SEE ANYONE WITH THAT FONT JUST FUCK 'EM THE GOAL IS TO NOT CRINGE. REMEMBER, KIDS *dances fabulously in rhythm* UHHHHN so cringeeeee uhhh UHHH pen pinapple papu pen This fucking guy got 9 million views of this trend?? I have a pen, I have an apple UHH APPLE PEN Now the real cringe begins *exhales* ohhh I have a pen, I have pineapple oohhh Uhh no don't recreate it (too late) Apple pen, OH GOD pineapple pen OH GOD HE'S RECREATING IT UGHH He put himself in there... This kind of shit makes me wanna die 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Oh no. Celebrities doing stuff on stage Oh no Press that button! Oh nooooo *crying for Justin Timberlake* YOU HAD ONE JOB, BUTTON! YOU HAD ONE FUCKING JOB BUTTON! WHY CAN'T YOU SEE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS IN PAIN?! Keep trying to press the button, Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake, Did you try pressing the button? He didn't press the button??? KEEP TRYING TO PRESS THE BUTTON Anna Kendrick, Try and laugh it off *Anna's nervous laughter* Well congratulations, guys Oh my God *attractive stare* NO OKAY HERE'S THE TIP *claps* Cringe school with Pewdiepie, okay??? Number 1.... I you're ever on a live gaming event, now under no circumstances whatsoever...... DO NOT TRY AND SHAKE THE GUY'S HAND I already know- We all know what's gonna happen I will see you back in one month *Iris plays in the background* *moans and touches himself* *chokes* *shot in the heart by an invisible bullet* That's the same face I did at Conan That's the- I'm dead inside (same) facing- Shit, this shit's gonna be live on tv forever This is gonna be in a cringe compilation goddamit OH GOD NOT ANOTHER ONE I CANT. FELIX, Why do you do this to me??? You know its my ultimate weakness Thank you so much for you time *holds hand like he's gonna propose* OH NO OoooOOOoOOooOOooOOoOHHHhH So you have a normal guy ultimate no cringe, whatsoever and then you have thissss Dark creature of the night.. CRINGE UGGGGHHH GREAT OH oooHHHH HOOOOOOOO *HAND LEFT IN THE AIR, AGAIN* OH SHE'S COMMITING!! OH GOD THAT COMMITMENT OHH HO HO *starts timer* If you're failing, you gotta commit And oh boy, does she commit That takes balls *applause for her* That takes real fucking balls LOOK AT HER FACE She's like YEP yEP i fucked up Well Im gonna commit to it *laughs* They're watching American Beauty today American Beauty??? UHH IT HURTS UGGGGHHH Adam's apple, y'all UHH Cringe school with Pewdiepie. Lesson number 500 If you're gonna talk to someone about something, related to them and you never met before you met them, you better damn make sure you know what the fuck you talkin about ESPECIALLY A CELEBRITY What's wrong with the rose petals? No Really? No Really... Swear to God why do you keep do you think he's fucking lying??? You fucking dumb white bitch jeezus christ what is your deck name? *awkward silence* *bursts into laughter* *wheezing* WHAT... WHAT?? SLIPPY *Iris plays* At least acknowledge that it was a shit joke. Just be like, you know what? That was pretty shit Just do that Just give him that Don't murder him like that DON'T MURDER HIM WITH A DEAD LOOK Jack: Hi! Nice outfit! Hove you seen The Chef? Ohh Have a seen the shift?*confused look* ohh he did a meme I..guess..not.. 'cause I don't know what that is *bursts in anger* HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT CHEF IS OHHHH MY GODDDDD WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT He hasn't seen- He doesn't even know what it is Chef. Let me tell you Chef is a great movie about a man that used to be a 5-star restaurant chef but then, he loses his business so he decided to start a food truck and it's AMAYZENG Such a great film That really inspires me I felt so inspired after I saw Chef Got a great soundtrack, great character development and great story Thank you, idubs for asking the right question and Jacksepticeye, as always, You're a fucking moron *woman dancing in an airplane* iJustine I'm sorry Why- Why would you do that? why Stop oh don't clap Don't clap. Thats so- Clapping on airplanes should be forbidden I know this one part that's like, oh man thats She got balls to do that in public Which I can respect cause a lot of people couldn't pull this shit up The problem is that it's just not funny these people can't go anywhere they have to stand this girl being fucking annoying Okay, last video OK GREAT another fucking handshake? jeezus christ NOT THE HANDSHAKE "fuck i should've used the other hand, mom was right" Literally, that was as painful as seeing all their dicks touch jesus, STOP STOP WITH THE HANDSHAKES NO MORE HAND SHAKES :( BAN HAND SHAKES How bout we just do this? Hey how you doin? (joey fom friends?) Minecraft is my life sub4sub and like4like XD