hey guys it's me Miranda and yes the title of this video a stroll the rumors are true I have to admit something a few guys this is not quickly it's not junk stop talking I'm literally trying to make a video stop okay stop trying to get all the theme this isn't about you don't show your face right so basically here's the deal literally stop looking it's not about you he's such a crouch he saw so he's trying to get all the attention so on June 4th of this year you guys are going to see me and you're gonna be shocked cuz you're finally gonna see my full body you're gonna see that I am pregnant yes I have this one but while I was pregnant like the Holy Virgin Mary that I am I actually did aspectual when that collects a spectacular there's music there's magic there's dump trying to get clowns oh my gosh you know you're talking over me respect your elders there's music there's comedy there's dancing there's scene there's acting there's hot boys ugly boys annoying fans all these types of things in my comedy special it comes out June 4th and I was pregnant in that so I needed to make this video to make a special announcement to say you are going to see me pregnant on June 4 do not worry I would never get pregnant again because when you're pregnant you end up getting one of these things and this thing is really annoying so that brings me to my next point I always see youtubers giving away prizes like cars and things so I thought oh I'll just give away this I'm going on a tour to try to find someone to take this so if you want to get one of these for yourself you you literally try and give me a cookie you promote you just have to come to one of my shows because I'm going on tour um but if you can't make it to one of my shows you can watch my comedy special on Netflix on June 4th I'm really excited for you guys to see it it's gonna be really good he's in it but don't worry he's stuck inside of me like a good little boy so he cannot come out in that one he's just stuck in Xiamen the entire time and he doesn't talk so he won't be annoying you guys like he is right now but at least he was gonna be so shipped by the special kind of natural moves exposed this baby is actually bone get millions of subscribers because I just expose to you hey watch out for your social Blaine it's all gonna be bright red don't freaking suck on my shoulder you cannibal anyways make sure to check out my comedy special on Netflix it's really a signing I get my very own comedy special where I am definitely pregnant so make sure to watch it on Netflix on June 4th and get tickets to my life tour if you want to win this ok see you guys later and don't forget to subscribe oh no they're not going to subscribe to you clean up chainsaw stomp this isn't about you alright subscribers next time bye [Music]