PTE Answer Short Questions with Answers March 2021

what do you call someone who comes first in a race or other competition winner champion what do you call a seat that's like a chair but doesn't have a back stool what is the name for the type of book that contains maps of the entire world atlas what is the specific word for the ceremony or occasion when a university student receives their degree graduation [Music] what are a full stop and a comma examples of punctuation punctuation marks what do you call the natural environment that a plant or animal needs so it can live habitat what do companies usually apply for to protect their products patent what do we call a substance that is not a solid or a gas such as water or milk liquid what do we call a group of a few words such as the other day or you're welcome phrase expression what do we call the ability to remember events from the past memory what do you call the people watching a play in a theater or a film in a cinema audience what do we call the money that a government or company pay to retired people pension what is a scientific test that is done to discover or prove something experiment what is the last part of a piece of school or college work called where you write a summary or give your opinion on the main points conclusion what is the term for the process where an area of land is watered using pipes and tunnels in the ground irrigation what do we call the industry which is concerned with flying making and operating aircraft aviation what is the name of the colors and patterns animals have on their skin or fur which help them appear less visible camouflage what is the name for the loan which people get from a financial institution to buy property mortgage what is the word for the study and practice of making maps cartography what is the term used for copying another person's academic work and pretending it's your own plagiarism plagiarizing what do humans usually have five of on the end of each foot toes what do we call a person who is trained to design buildings architect what do we call the part of the body inside your head which you use to think feel and move brain what do you call the hair that covers the bodies of bears and cats fur what kind of jewelry do people wear around a finger ring how many times a year is an annual conference held once what do astronauts travel through space what do people wear over their ears to listen to music headphones earphones while we call thailand and france countries what do we call asia and europe continents what word describes someone who does not eat meat or dairy products vegan what do people set to wake them up in the morning alarm alarm clock what do we call the heavy object sailors drop into the sea to stop a boat from moving anchor what thin piece of metal is used for sewing needle when is a nocturnal animal active in the night time at night what do we call the round ring of rubber around the wheel of a car taya what does water do in extremely cold temperatures it freezes what do we call the pair of objects used to play drums with drumsticks what do we call the distance around the outside of something round circumference what is the word for someone who rides a horse in horse racing jockey on what part of the body do people wear bracelets rest what is the word for the biological structure of the body anatomy what is the word for a shape with three sides triangle what do we name a document protecting someone's intellectual property copyright how many days are in february during a leap year 29 days what do we name the long tubes in our body that carry purified blood from heart to other organs arteries what is the electronic device that rings to wake you up in the morning alarm clock what is the natural material used to make a car tyre rubber what do we call a period of 1000 years millennium if you are feeling fed up is it a positive or negative feeling negative what do we name the person that is in charge of a football match referee [Music] you