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see I recognized early on in life that life ain't just about the decisions that we make you know I'm saying if you don't become who you supposed to become people gonna die that's deep but think about it if you don't become are you supposed to come like people go hurt like if I didn't hit the reset button in life who knows what Brian would be right now who knows where the team would be like there's something inside you and so this is why we do what we do because I don't know like all y'all probably feeling the presentation but how many of you are really going to apply what we gave you it could be 10% it could be 40% I don't know but what took place today could shift your life forever cuz you got a brain so when you find yourself down and out you gonna think about manage ill was in Hong Kong homeless and pregnant and she got through it that girl is staying in Africa and been an equi that are not all over the globe if she could do it you know now you could do it if some of y'all you got some homeboys you connected with which you know they really live in how are you supposed to be living in they leading you down the wrong way you know for Brian's throw yo if I remove myself from it if I plug in with positive people I can make it listen I want for you when we experience it one of my homeboys was like John you gotta take it easy you want everybody to experience a great life like you I'm right bro right nah I'm trying to win I want you to win I don't went through too much pain when Tony was sharing what she was sharing jail both of them got done with people taking advantage of them when it was a little listen to me man I know you suffering I know you hurting on the inside you're wondering why like why this gotta happen to me why I got experiences why this person had to take advantage of me I promised you you are turning into a warrior because the stuff that you going through the stuff that you have to experience what don't kill you makes you stronger if you look at the cat that go to the gym and he lifting weights and he pumping iron if you ask home where a bro how you get so big they go tell you it took a whole lot of time and they have to go through a whole lot of pain and life is going to grow you this is Timmy right now life gonna blow you it is not going to be easy it is going to be painful it is going to be frustrating you gon shed some tears you popular spills of blood it's gonna hurt but you gotta keep pushing [Music] you know when there's nothing left to do but to fight with everything you've got to get back up there's a word for it resilience [Music] and that word comes down to such a simple test not much involved but in the moments that matter most it's everything you and a mirror looking into your own eyes and realizing there's nowhere else to go but up and being ready for what that takes it's a single decision the same decision you'll need to make every day get up it's what gets someone to write letter after letter after letter looking for a job because they know all they need is a start it's what causes someone to keep moving straight forward even when the start of their journey should have knocked them off the track resilience and grit these aren't pretty words they mean something much more to those who know them well these words have scars they symbolize the battle but they are also the Gateway of something so special it's what it means to lose eight elections be in bed for six months after a nervous breakdown then to get up and do what it takes to enter the books of history it's the power behind getting rejected 12 times before smashing almost every record and every ceiling imaginable resilience that's the word left when the storms keep coming when things go from bad to worse every reason to stop trying the moment we all get humbled by at some point sometimes more than once there are times for dreams and sometimes there is only time for the reality of now picking up one foot than the other starting to move forward step by step tears and frustration another step hurt and sadness another step shaking off what was you just keep going it's the light that finally breaks after the darkest of nights in the moment that matters you and a mirror same decision every day knowing it's gonna be long knowing there is no other way that is resilience never let yourself be the victim I could go back in time and have a conversation with my eight to ten year old self that would be the message I would give because when you think about it you're a kid things don't go your way what do you do you cry you whine you throw a fit you want your parents to feel sorry for you you feel sorry for yourself how you deal with things at that age and then you grow up but you don't necessarily shed that habit that mentality it becomes obvious right I mean you can talk to someone for 30 seconds and you know right away if they have that victim mentality the world falling down they're tired they have so much to do they're so busy X Y & Z look having that mindset does two things for you one it makes you come across helpless and weak and no one wants to come across that way - it does not get you to where you're going it does not change the situation right here's the reality there is always a way to get what you want there is always a way to position yourself to move away from what you don't once you can quite literally become what you want to become but you cannot look at life like it's this problem like it's against you the ball is in your court you know it wasn't that long ago two three years ago that I was not the happiest guy in the world right did not like what I was doing did not like how I was spending my time was not energized was not passionate about very much but the time came where I didn't want to live like that I had a conversation with myself I stopped being the victim I stopped complaining and I asked myself dude what do you want what is your purpose what is your goal who do you want to become and I literally made the decision and walked away a different person and the things around me changed my life changed because I made a decision to never be the victim again to get what I want I became the author of my own story and you realize just how simple it is to transform your situation not easy right and it takes time but there's always a way to get from point A to point B and this separates the world into two kinds of people people who look at how things are who accept reality as truth who complain and people who look at what can be who make the most of any situation look at life as if it's play to be molded shoot it seems funny to me knowing what I do now that I went through any of my life like a hamster on a wheel then I talk to people everyday who didn't energize me but I didn't want to be around that I did things I wasn't passionate about that is insanity because if you don't like something but you do nothing to change it what's left for you to do complain stay where you are that's it see one of the reasons I reference athletics so much is because they bring this mentality on you that when things become difficult when things become challenging your job your one job is to find a way to figure it out and I always did then I took that and I brought it to everything else I do and now it's eye-opening to see people achieving success financial freedom these things everyone wants and know that the difference between them and everyone else is that they felt like they deserved a lot of the time they weren't smarter stronger they weren't more gifted starting out but they moved toward what they wanted they didn't cry or groan about the problems they didn't look for sympathy those at the top of the mountain are not victims they would never let themselves be victims it's about the other side the opportunity getting from where you are what you are [Music]