Paul Mooney Cancels Shows After Sexual Allegations Surrounding Richard Pryors Son


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the breakfast club yes Somerville TV has announced a new co-host and she's a friend of all of ours so congratulations to ebony Kay Williams she will be joining the cast of state of the culture Giovanna coos Baz Luhrmann ek1 and as I was back on September and night she said I'm excited to join this dynamic team and bring my unique viewpoint on social justice culture and entertainment to revolt I stay ready to tackle tough topics my goal is to help advance the dialogue but the expertise I've acquired as an attorney and national TV host new deputy Kate Williams I'm interested to see how this works you know I think very highly of ebony Kay you know I think that her area of expertise when it comes to discussing legal issues is very necessary in our coaching I just want to see how this message because I don't really see Jo and Remmy and jinx talking about legal stuff and political stuff is entertainment though like you see everything happening with Meek Mill she can give her perspective on that everybody always has something legally going on whether it has to do with the music I mean when you're making a lot of money I think that tends to happen to people in all facets of business like you always have lawsuits coming up you know you have other issues and it's hip-hop yeah I'm just interested to see how this works Joe is good there will be no yelling at Evan ek okay exactly you raise your voice at every DK it's gonna be consequences and repercussions and donkey a today's all right well let's talk about a judge now since we're talking about law judge Mathis now this valet is alleging that judge Mathis spit in his face and judge Mathis is denying it judge Mathis actually went on TMZ live to defend himself against the valets allegations check this out first of all it was a 40-minute wait and when he came yes I yelled out even asked why would he take my car for 40 minutes or the keys to my car and he began to apologize and then he says something I think I went to the store or something that was more ridiculous than the apology and so we had a little verbal back-and-forth and that was the extent of it it was no spitting not a first car for longer than 15 minutes but the valet is saying that they can do a DNA test for spit on his shirt if I don't like stuff like this because it's so simple to spit in someone's face especially if your tongue is set up like mine if I let 3s words fly in a row you getting spit on you know saying uh yeah I don't think that he means an accidental spit what he's trying to say is that he did like a whole hot spit hey you never know man y'all might say sliding in the Sentra and you be what now the valets lawyers saying there are at least two witnesses who can back up his story so he's filed a police report for assault and Detroit detectives are investigating judge Mathis strike you as a spitter I don't know about that but I mean I think getting spit on is one of the nastiest things they can have all right Paul Mooney has just cancelled the show he's taking some time off you know why cover the allegations now there were these allegations against him that he allegedly according to Richard Pryor's or ex security molested a Richard Pryor jr. if the allegations are true this ain't the way to prove it by taking taking some days off you got to stand front and center so he was supposed to be performing at the Atlanta Comedy Theatre now they are offering full refunds if you were gonna go to the show and they also gave out free tickets for future shows so that was yesterday so there you have had Richard Pryor jr. said anything else about this situation not yet he said he's not gonna comment so he spoke to TMZ they caught up to him and he just didn't really want to talk about he said anything that happened happened when he was a teen yeah it clearly clearly something happened I mean you could tell by his reaction he wasn't like no that's exactly clearly clearly something happened well the good news is if you had tickets for Paul Mooney you can now see fires on love or donnell rawlings Oh Donna hell I knows we plays the Paul Mooney well I think it's other show so they're saying you can use those tickets for when they come in all got you got you got you so that means falling even rescheduling yeah all right and there's a sign on the Atlanta highway now that is renamed for Tyler Perry yeah not one include Marfa Tyler Perry man what happened originally the science at Fort McPherson now says Tyler Perry studios he said driving into work today I saw these signs on the highways being changed my eyes filled with water knowing what God has allowed to happen in my life Atlanta has truly been the Promised Land for me I came here with nothing lived off Sylvan Road ended up homeless and starving but I was always praying and believing I would never forget when a guy at the township barter tournament Columbia saw Kalani dude who used to run the town she won't even know if he still does this white dude he spoke to me years ago and he said that Tyler Perry was actually in a play and Tyler Perry didn't get paid from the plate the whoever was running the plate at night so he didn't have no money to get back home so the guy at the township gave him $300 and Tyler told him one day I'm gonna pay you back and Tyler came back in hit him off Tyler was homeless living out his car and so he needed that $300 you know that's a lot yeah that's great yeah so to see to see him go from that to now having his own goddamn signs on the highway to go to his own studio man I drop on a clues mile for Tyler Perry are you gonna watch his movies now no I came up Tyler Perry I just feel like you know I got it got it got kind of redundant for me i watch that too yeah I've seen I think every Tyler Perry movie I think I've seen every single one of them too and every TV show because when you start off with somebody watching me the praise tram that parades I saw that girl's great by the way but when you start when you start off got going to his plays and watching his plays on video and then watching his TV show in movies you kind of stick with it okay me let's stick with it and see what you could be the next Tyler Perry everybody listening by the way you don't have to like somebody's work to respect their business he's like there's nobody who got a better business sense than Tyler Perry yeah but I still support him just cuz of what he's doing for everybody and give us so many jobs out to people I do try to make sure we certain people I try to make sure I support absolutely all right I'm Angela Yee and that is your rumour report [Music]