Paulie Malignaggi slaps Artem Lobov


Chael Sonnen


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Oh so as something happened yesterday Nick can you bring this up Paulie Malignaggi and artem Loeb off something to do with bare-knuckle boxing see if you can find this so these guys got us some kind of a dust-up yesterday I thought they were getting ready to fight each other I read that Artem and Paulie were going to go box and bare-knuckle boxing I get it I get the Conner tie and I get the whole thing paulie's been wanting to fight with Connor we've already seen from history's past if you do something to Artem maybe you need Connors attention right okay I guess I'm wrong I guess these guys are not getting ready to fight one another but they are bull signed by the same promotion so here plate let me take a look at this okay well there was a lot going on there I mean first up I got to tell you that's a pretty good line by Polly that wasn't even an honest slap that was a bitch slap for a bitch end quote not a bad line successful promotion yeah sure why because it was organic and it was real and it looked organic and it looked real whether it wasn't they still made me believe it but I would be remiss if I did not tell you I don't think Pauly wants to be slapping an MMA fighter in a street style situation if this was boxing rules yeah I think Pauly's got the jump if they were getting ready to compete I don't know that Pauly wants to be a speed artim but there it is and uh good line by Pauly what do you think that good line by Bolly not a bad line what it hard to say back I couldn't hear anything did he say anything he just said nothing or at least the I think a certainly he said something that was hard I'm trying to throw the kick right yeah okay because there was a his all I could see in that video was his back and then all of a sudden some kick comes from ten feet away and then Pauly returns a punch from four feet away there's still something to watch