Pavel Tsatsouline Power to the People part2


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comrade expected 12% strengths gain from the power breathing technique I'm about to show you their mainstream breathing for exercise advice is stupid and limited inhale no it down exhale on the way up how to inhale how to exhale can you really hear all the way down and how do you exhale for example here's an exhalation and here's an exhalation you see the difference there is something called the new muscular reflex that amplifies your power if you can think of your muscle as the loudspeaker your brain is the cd-player the amount of internal pressure in your stomach can be considered the volume control whenever that value drops off your suddenly week you would never think of lifting something heavy this way on the other hand when the pressure inside is built up you immediately become stronger so here is power breathing inhale and pull up your butt that is contracts your rectal sphincter the same sensation you have if you're trying to stop going to the bathroom this measure saves you from hemorrhoids hopefully and increases the intra-abdominal pressure further to make it stronger then exhale while synchronizing the exhalation with the movement of the arms and exhale under really high pressure while still keeping your sphincter contracted make this moment last a couple seconds just like this and do it martial artists called matching the breath with the force got a question for you if you had a benchpress if you're pressing heavy weight and if you try to perform a scream like martial artist would what would happen to you let's get crushed no you would try to keep the pressure and the tension for the duration of the exertion that is matching the breath with the force make sure to stop before you run out of there when you run out of air you suddenly become very weak you're gonna be there for the taking and easily injured just to demonstrate how powerful power breathing is do a test with your partner we first you perform the curl against your partner using every two think you've learned and breathe in some way in some fashion you've been taught before then add power breathing and see what happens John please this is me thank you Jeff enjoy understand that holding your breath our breathing and height tension exercises may elevate your blood pressure temporarily if you have high blood pressure heart condition any other health concerns make sure to talk to your doctor before doing this or any other exercise program camera now you know how to exhale powerbreathe and match the breath with the force but how are you going to inhale it exercise like the curl it's possible to inhale on the way down in drills like the squat or at the bench press which compress your ribcage and make it impossible to expand your lungs on the way down you take a breath before you go down also exercises like this quarter of the deadlift that put a lot of load on your spine you need more air so you really cannot be power breathing and expelling that air because here the extra cushion in your stomach to protect your spine how does it work how does it belt work you put a lifting belt put your hands like this and then try to blow it up like a balloon on your stomach you become really rigid should hardly be able to move what if you don't have your belt you've been lifting of the belt you worked up to heavier weight they feeling good about yourself your neighbor asks you hey you stud go help me move the washer and the dryer so you're feeling good you're going over there you're strong you've been working out you try to lift the washer you walk out of here with a hernia and a herniated disk for the rest of your life you fight for the cause of the lifting belt without understanding what happened to you what happened to you is your soft underbelly wasn't strong enough to extend the pressure the internal pressure back in the days before people covered out their underbellies they had abs the number one function of the ABS is to contain that pressure so strengthen your abs and learn how to use it how to use it for death or squats or anything really heavy you inhale you pull up your butt you hold your breath and you keep your stomach braced that way that air in your stomach is going to protect your spine most comrades accept a weight like a noodle you got under this quad they're good like this they pick it up it's pathetic it's weak it's dangerous you need to brace yourself against the loan if somebody's punching you in the stomach you're going to stand there you're gonna tighten up you tighten up for the upcoming force so you must tighten up for the weight I'll ask John to demonstrate to you what this can do for you embracing versus not bracing if i brace myself on tight now before he applies the force I can support him if I stay relaxed and then tighten up later when the force is there it's too late it's just too late so you tighten up before you accept the weight tighten up stay tight and then perform your girl you must have noticed that if you tense up before the load has been applied to your body you can have a lot more tension than if you try to tense when the load is already there you can take it a step further if you tense up when the muscle is shortened and then instead of just yielding and passively relaxing on the way down if you hold the tension hold a crimp think of your muscle as a bull for example and the curl people just usually yield to passive and the way down try this instead cramp your biceps really tight and then slowly stretch out that crimp using your triceps using your triceps muscle pub just right back up do this for a second inhale crimp the biceps stretch out the crap using the triceps hold the tension hold that tension get down the bottom squeeze that's what we did for other exercise let's hit this quad once you get under the bar and you walk out the bar flex your thighs flex your gluts and stretch it out garen let's review what you learned first of all you need to squeeze the way it's really tight in any upper body exercises if you squeeze the barbell dumbbell whatever else you are using you will automatically be stronger in curls flexor is this way as well keep the armpits tight like this keep your shoulder close to your body brace your abs brace your glutes tighten up your size screw it fit into the ground if you screw fit under the ground make sure to keep your knees locked to protect him keep the muscles around the nice tight grip the ground with your toes just for an experiment perform a curl the way you would do it before you started power to the people training and then the power to the people curl how weak pathetic fill the power for the one uncurl and the rest of the drills in the power to the people program I prefer to use a long bar instead of a short dumbbell it's much harder to control and it provides a superior workout observe if you cannot use a long bar because too heavy for you you can get one of those easy curl bar they're shorter and lighter for the two arm curl you do very similar movement but you make a point that your hands are like this the orange doughnut comes straight down your arms kept down at an angle that's how you want to grip the bar and then angle and you want to make a point that your shoulders do not come up you always drive your elbows down don't do this ugly it hurts did this enjoy depressing exercises follow the same rules as the curls there's one distinction one fine point that you're gonna add to everything you've learned so far keeping a body tight abs tight etc it's that are pushing us up into the ground that fine point is pushing yourself away from the weight instead of pushing the way forward that strange imagery helps you to keep your shoulder in the socket or it belongs it adds power it increases safety in the power to the people program we do not compromise safety for performance or vice versa accept no compromises Chuck please assist me I'm gonna put my hand out here keep my fist like this then we're gonna perform a press while using every technique I've learned in power to the people now I'll do the same thing but instead of pushing John I'll think of pushing myself away from John do you see my shoulder will come down my body will shrink camera depressing exercise of choice in the power to the pupil program is the sight press side press is the one arm overhead press with a slight lean to the side the purpose of the sideways lean is twofold number one is to discourage leaning back which can be very bad for your back number two to enable you to have your weight and to work the muscles on the side your lats and your obliques more intensely observe carefully hoist the weight up you might use a shorter bar a 15 pound bar if you cannot handle the long bar place your hand in the center get close to it and hoist it on your shoulder without leaning back and while keeping your abs tight once you got it to your shoulder position it in the matter where you all bow is really low and the bars slightly behind your back keep your hip a love it out to the side and keep your abs super tight essential for safety and performance take a breath squeeze the bar and push yourself away from it to the side keep your abs super tight pull the weight back and you keep your form vertical take a breath inhale AB super tight squeeze it keep your shoulder in the socket don't let your shoulder come up it's a kiss of death once this exercise becomes your favorite check out the advanced variations of the site press in my kettlebell video the floor press is a poor man's answer to the bench press everybody's got some floor a lie down on the floor with the bar by your head keep your feet fairly wide bring your shoulder blades together really tight and push your shoulders towards your feet do you remember reaching for your feet open your chest as much as you can if you do it correctly your lower back will arch at that point your training partner shall hand you over the barbell she's gonna deadlift it and give it to your hands first of all before I even hands it over to you you're going to inhale flex your pecs and tighten everything up [Music] make sure to push yourself away from the weight rather than push the weight push your chest out again shoulder blades together inhale flex your pecs risk-neutral pull the weight down think of stretching the pecs like their crossbow just high if you're nursing about shoulder or if you'd like to emphasize the difficult outside of the triceps the lateral head do the reverse grip bench press floor press