Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 1 Episode 33 English Subtitles

Come, gentlemen. I was calculating the money I will receive from you for the weapon. Your respect for money is a little scary. Only the dead doesn't like money. If you fear, fear the dead. Mahmut Pasha fulfilled his duty adequately. He assigned the Ottoman soldiers to watch the house. So Grand Vizier will come to the meeting. If it's done... ...the only problem is the explosives. The explosives... ...are under this. You are joking, Mr. Zaharoff. Here. They are strong enough... create two-meter-sized holes. I can send the Grand Vizier to the sky with this ammunition. You have a great imagination, Hiram. I may like you. Like me, Mr. Zaharoff. I will fly to the sky with happiness. You wouldn't need to fire me. Your flying to the sky doesn't concern us, Hiram. But the death of the Grand vizier.. ...will shake the world. And the English will get in the capital with their ships. The mere thought of it excites me. Hiram. Tell them... ...the place and time. This is a done deal. I want you to fire Mr. Herzl this time. How dare you say such a thing? Hiram is right, Mr. Herzl. If you want real excitement... ...imagination isn't enough. Bombs and guns will be fired in Istanbul. Don't stay in the background. We want to establish an Armenian country. We embrace the guns. You want to establish the Zionist State of Israel. But you embrace us for this. Killing is more enjoyable than giving orders to kill, Mr. Herzl. Stay with the children, Hiram. When you hear the explosion... ...put the bombs in their bags... ...and let take them to their school. The feast will be great, Mr.Zaharoff. Don't worry. -Halil Pasha -Yes, Sultan. You will negotiate with the dog who kidnapped Armenian children. You had assigned this duty to Osman Pasha. Is there a problem with his health, Sultan? There is no problem in his health. But it is more appropriate that you negotiate. As you command, Sultan. Mahmut Pasha. You will go to the negotiation with Halil Pasha. Me? Why, Sultan? You can understand the infidel's language. Mahmut Pasha. And I reckon you have no business more important than the state affairs. Of course, Sultan. Certainly. What did the watchman say? Nobody has been buried here recently. But... ...he has a friend, the Imam. He asked him for help. They buried a homeless person in Kulaksiz. When we find Samir's body, ...what will happen? Do you know, Sebahattin? The number of youth behind us will increase. Will increase. There will be a flood... break the dam of tyranny. Sebahattin. You're more agile than I thought. I know your venerable father Mahmut Pasha. But you have... ...already gone beyond him. If you have an idea, Mr. Karasu... can't succeed... ...without putting it to action. We aren't only looking for a dead body, Sebahattin. We are looking for the spark... ...that will burn the streets with the flames of freedom. Samir's body is that spark. Let's go. Come on, friends. We're leaving. Omer hasn't returned yet. Omer is just like that. If he starts something, he doesn't leave it unfinished. Asiye and I waited a lot for him. I got used to it. I always wait. But I can't wait. Where are you going? To find my brother's grave. I don't know where it is. They must have buried him in the neighbourhood graveyard. But Omer had told you not to go outside. What is the matter? What are you waiting for? I was waiting for you, Brother Omer. I found this at the door... ...while opening the shop. What's written on it, Brother? "Tell Sultan." "We are waiting for the Pasha you will send in Gulhane Park." "At 8 o'clock." Where are you going, Omer? Where did Melike go? To her brother's grave. She doesn't know where he is buried. I told her he must be in our graveyard. Zeynep, didn't I tell you not to let Ahsen go? Omer. Our Sultan is waiting for news. We haven't been able to sit down and chat for a long time, Bidar Hatun. You sent our bride's dowry. We were delighted. Of course. It's our duty, Seniha Sultan. God willing... ...we will hold our sons's weddings together. I hope so. I hope so. But... I have heard something, Bidar Hatun. About the prince. I have heard he will break off his engagement. I hope it's false information. Our Sultan should not hear. He doesn't like such things. Besides... Pakize is very polite and beautiful. She is a bride suitable for our dynasty. She is, right? You received wrong information, Seniha Sultan. Of course. You always receive the right information. Let me give you better news. Our Sultan wishes to wed Naime. He wants an appropriate groom. And I think Kemalettin Pasha, the son of Osman Pasha.. suitable for Naime. -But.. -No buts, Seniha Sultan. Marriage is the thickest line of fate. If the parents who bring us to life are our fate... ...marriage is also fate. Of course, it is so. Besides... ...some things have reached my ears, Seniha Sultan. Sebahattin doesn't want Makbule. This will be a pity to Makbule. You can send the girl back to my harem. You should not force fate. From our prince. Burhaneddin has left a present. It's a detective novel. Ahmet Mithat Efendi. "The Mystery of Murder." Burhaneddin.. ...has the nature of my ancestors who shook the world, Pasha. Praise be. Your nature is more effective than that of your ancestors, Sultan. Omer. Prince. No need to walk around here anymore. I beg your pardon, Prince. Ahsen. She is gone. You used to come to the palace after her. Ms. Ahsen is in Omer's house, Prince. Don't worry. Our Sultan is waiting for her to return of her own will. Come in. Is there any news, Son? Hiram has contacted me. He sent this. In Gulhane Park. At 8 o'clock. Grand Vizier will go alone. There will be no soldiers. He will only go for the negotiation. But you both will follow him from a distance. You won't get close enough to be noticed. As you command. The Grand Vizier won't be alone in the coach. When Mehmet the Conqueror conquered Istanbul... ...he left us the underground maps of the city. We protected the Sultan's precious gift... our own eyes for centuries. You speak as if you love the Conqueror. He allowed our church to be built. We all know why the Conqueror... ...allowed the church to be built. To divide Christians. But our ignorant people didn't understand that. The Armenians... ...have been loyal to the Ottoman State for centuries. But now... ...we all need to be together, Mr. Patrick. Give me the map. We'll get to Hagia Sophia... ...through the tunnels. We will place the cross... ...on its dome. The Muslims will wake up screaming when they see the cross in the morning. Be it Armenian or Greek... ...they will attack all their neighbours. Isn't that what we all want? Come on. Stop talking. Give me the map. And in the morning... ...we will hear the sound... ...of Sultan Abdulhamid's chattering throne. Muslims kidnapped Armenian kids. -There will be a blood bath this time. -What is that now? The capital and palace will be burned down. They're killing innocent children. Wait at the palace's doors. If you do not have weapons, sticks or stones... you also have no honour? Are you not men? -You're right. -Sultan shouldn't live anymore. Everything will be enjoyable for you. There is no difference between killing and giving orders to kill. You wouldn't understand without trying. I can only feel sad or happy for Israel. I have no other feelings. Zionists have principals. I wish Armenians were like you. I wish they had no thoughts other than their country. Only their God and country. Even the God outside of the borders of Israel... an enemy for us. Sultan. Come in, Son. Come, Onnik. You implored to speak to me so much. What is it? I was in the church praying for you. They will put a cross on Hagia Sophia tonight. They will enter from underground. Did it hurt? Well done. You are doing very important work for the Armenian nation. In the future... ...they will speak of you well. Now... won't open your bags. Did you understand? When you arrive at the school, they will take these from you. When will we return to the school? Don't worry. When the Grand Vizier comes... ...I will release you all. Are you ready? Sultan. I am bringing it. The maps of the tunnels to Hagia Sophia. Nuruosmaniye. There is water. They won't prefer. They will enter through Sarayburnu. They will pass under Gulhane and enter Hagia Sophia. Sultan, we should send soldiers. Pasha, Hagia Sophia is an heirloom from my grandfather, the Conqueror. It belongs to our country, our nation, and all Muslims. The Ottoman sultan is obliged to protect it. -Tell Kemalettin to come too. -As you command, Sultan. Oh Pasha. If the shadow of the crescent on Hagia Sophia disappears... ...if this nation does not try to put the crescent back there... ...woe to that nation's life. Woe to that nation's afterlife. God forbid. We have to be sure that the Grand Vizier is in the coach. If we kill the wrong man... ...this cannot be redeemed. I see two neighbour countries in the future. Armenians and Jews. With neighbouring borders. You want to reach our region. Is that so? Of course. Our borders are wide. When we become neighbours... ...the English will set us against each other. Why do you think so? That's what the job of the English. Selling war to the whole world. That's not the job of the English. Jewish businessmen control the English. We call it global monarchy. Our present situation is completely caused by the global monarchy. What you are carrying... not just two pieces of wood. It's not just the crucifix.. ...on which Jesus... ...was crucified. When these two pieces of wood come together... will be a weapon to wake the Christians up. A bomb! And... It will explode. We need... ...a war. War... ...will clean the poisonous air... ...that we breathe while sitting... the swamp of decay... ...with the pain of our souls... ...with the smell of blood. And now... This cross that we will erect on Hagia Sophia... ...will... ...remind us of our Christianity. Blood will be shed in Istanbul. Eventually... ...the English ships... ...will be anchored in the capital. dethrone the cruel Sultan. When we erect this cross... the capital of Islam's caliph... ...on the top of Hagia Sophia... of the greatest sanctuaries. History... ...will... ...will remember you as the founders of a new age. The apostles of the new age. Godspeed. Amen! Zorba. In this map... The underground tunnels leading to Hagia Sophia are marked. What is the matter, Pasha? Why are you anxious? Pasha. What anxiety? I am not anxious. We're going to a duty after all, Grand Vizier. I mean... I'm looking around in case we get in trouble. Don't worry. We are safe, we are only going to a negotiation. Yes, we are safe. Very safe. I shouldn't come, my Grand Vizier. It is the Sultan's order. We will go together. But you won't get out of the coach. Oh God. Kerop. Is this mechanism all right? It's all right, Mr.Herzl. Don't worry. I will have no worries when the Grand Vizier dies. -It will be splendid. -We hope so. Can you imagine the headlines? Imagining is your duty. It is your job after all. The great Ottoman State can't even protect its Grand Vizier. The Grand Vizier of the sick man is dead. People's lives are not safe. Unless Red Sultan is stopped, the world will turn in reverse. Brothers. It is not Samir in the tomb. It is us. Hope is dead. Freedom is dead. Heart is dead. Conscience is dead. Mercy is dead. Death to the cruel! Will we kneel down to the state that breaks the pens... ...of those who write? Will we die for it? Or will we revolt? We will revolt! We will revolt! Brothers. If we were to die, let's die. Let's die on the day we stand against the tyrant. Are you in? To hold Samir's funeral in a free capital. -We are in! -Are you in? To take revenge from bloody Sultan... ...who killed Samir? -We are in! Come on, brothers! Stop. You are carrying my brother. Hagia Sofia is Muslims' right. We cannot give them my grandfather's heirloom. What do they mean by putting cross on it? -As if we can't take it down tomorrow. -We can take it down in an hour! We can destroy it. But it's a matter of blood. They know Muslims can't stand anything but a crescent on Hagia Sophia. They want to set the Muslims against the Greeks. Infidels are always bothering us, Sultan. Not only infidels. Don't you know Sultan Orhan? , he fought against his nephew Mehmet the Conqueror in the Byzantine side. Some become conquerors and shine like the symbol of Islam. Some take sides in the infidels' armies. My Grand Vizier. It's too hot. Shall I open the window a little? No need, Pasha. -Shall I not open it? -No. I shall not. Don't you feel it's hot? No, I don't. It's too hot for me, Grand Vizier. I will open the window. What are you doing? What if we someone shows up in front of us? No going back, gentlemen. Take your knives out. A bomb. It opens a two-meter hole. But the great Ottoman State can fall into it with its Grand Vizier. Don't think about its size. It's the hole of civilisation. Those who fall can't survive. The whole Ottoman State is in my hands. I feel as if I am touching Israel. When we put this cross... ...Muslims' dreams will turn into nightmares. I'm the guardian of the capital of Istanbul... ...which our Prophet heralded. Without trampling me down... can't turn our dreams into nightmares. We are not carrying a piece of wood. That on our shoulder is sacred. Nobody can stop us. This cross will be erected on Hagia Sophia today. Know that the confrontation with us is a confrontation with death. Caliph Abdulhamid… Everyone, be careful. The explosion will be very violent. It is difficult. Killing is harder than giving orders to death. Will you make history by killing The Grand Vizier, Theodor? Or by establishing the State of Israel? This gunpowder, this iron... ...don't suit you. Do it. For the first and last time. Kill. Sara. This is Sara Hedaya. The woman who made Parvus dream again. Brother. The gunshot came from the Grand Vizier's side. Assassination. They tried to kill me, Grand Vizier. Come. Move your hand. What are you doing? Leave the woman. Grand Vizier. The Sultan brought this woman with us to protect our lives. -They should see this woman. -Leave! They must see this woman. Let them see her well. They almost killed us all. They would write this on our tombstone. The dear friends... ...of Sara Hedaya. Sara. What are you waiting for? Blow up the bomb. Sara Hedaya is in the car. If we blow it up, none of us will see the morning. Where are you going? Hagia Sophia. True, this road leads to Hagia Sophia. However, for those who set out... ...on this road... ...with a cross in hand... ...while setting their eye on the crescent... …the end of this road is death. Hagia Sophia is Islam. It was not so before. Now it will return the way it was… The cross will swing. Aren't you Yanni? The jeweller in the Grand Bazaar. You had come to me crying. Your shop was robbed. You went bankrupt. And you were at my mercy. The state helped you. Your situation improved. Did you come to pay off your debt to the state... ...with a worthless knife in your hand? And you? Yorgo Kavafis? At the time, your wife was ill. We wanted your child to be born healthy. We appointed the most skilled doctors in the capital. Thank God, both are healthy. And you? Do you also want our blood... …with the debt you have to the state? And you? Monk? You are a member of Samatya Greek Church. The walls of the church were collapsing. You said "help me for God's sake." The state reconstructed the church. And you? Did you come now... kill us with that knife "for God's sake." You three. I had photos taken of you. I know you from there. But I can't recognise everyone. What is your issue? What do you want? Did the Ottoman State not run to your help... matter your religion or ethnicity... ...when you got into trouble? Did you not receive help? Didn't your ancestors in the time of conquer... ...wish to see a Turkish turban in Constantinople... ...instead of a Latin mitre? Do you think... That you can put a cross on my ancestors' heirloom? Islam is God's judgement. There is justice in the judgment of God. The Ottoman is based on this justice. It does not harm its people. It is not unfair. It does not interfere in their religion. It does not despise them because of their ethnicity. It does not defile its honour. On the top of Hagia Sophia... ...the flag of this justice waves. The flag is the crescent. The hand that touches that crescent... ...will be broken. Now... Return to your senses. Live well under that flag. You're under arrest. Our aim... to punish those who send you here, not you. You will be released when you tell us who sent you here. Soldiers! Prostrate to this rifle. If it weren't for this rifle and these eyes… We would've killed Sara. We underestimate Abdulhamid every time… …but he's always taking better action. Go and collect this bomb assembly. Let's not leave a trace behind. What happened? There is neither a smell of gunpowder nor blood. The explosion hasn't been heard either. In that coach... …there was a much more valuable life than the Grand Vizier's life… Sara Hedaya. We didn't do it. What is your situation? I released the children. I also adorned it beautifully like a flower. The gifts are in their saddles. They became like a bomb. I think we should follow the Grand Vizier and raid the place he goes. Let's finish the job with a gun. Is this possible? The bullet has no effect from this distance. Make you position clear. I will go in with my helper. You stay here, Pasha. Is that possible, Grand Vizier? I will come with you. If the state hadn't raised me for such days for which day did it raise me? Those inside are our children. I will come too. Pasha, it is better that you stay here as a precaution. If something goes wrong, you will watch us. Do you think so? In reality... What these infidels will do is unexpected. But you are right. Well, Grand Vizier. Nevertheless, be cautious. Keep your hand on the trigger. What can a woman do to me, Pasha? Why did you stop, Brother? There's something going on right now. You continue. I will follow you. Don't lose sight of the Grand Vizier. Children. Pasha, Pasha! We were so scared. Don't be afraid, dear. We came. I will take you safe and sound. Do not be afraid. Where is the traitor who kidnapped you? He left us here and ran away. Come on. Pull yourselves together. I will take you to your school. Go to your dormitories, Rest and sleep. Come on. Take a look at the children. Is anyone injured? Sogutlu Osman came, Pasha. Come on people, get together. I will take you. Should I hit you... ...or will you take care of that yourself? Don't get me wrong. The only reason I want to hit you is to be convincing. I understand, Ms. Sara. To be convincing... ...I will have to kill myself at some point. Not necessary. Don't bother. I'll take care of this myself. Let them think that you hit me. Yes. I will start. Do not move! Get out of here! Do not move. Drop your weapons. Fall down before me. Do not shoot. What happened? We will find out now. Speak. Who are you? What do you want? Either you speak... …or you will be silent forever like your friend. I will speak. But don't kill me. What is your plan? Speak. Raid. There will be a raid. What raid? Speak! Where will you raid? What's going on, Mr. Zaharoff? We will sacrifice your hunting dog. Osman... I shot one of your men. The man trying to make him speak is hiding behind the tree. Hiram, finish with him. Let's go.