Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 1 Episode 35 English Subtitles

The plan for the Grand Vizier and Hagia Sophia was a fiasco. There are limping sides to it. And I shoot the limping foot. Mr. Zaharoff. I think this time the knot will be unravelled. Because we have bombs and weapons. Moreover, everyone is aware that we are at war. Making mistakes now... ...means losing your life. The graveness of being ready to die is good. The bombs will enter the bank in the children's' bags. That's also good. How will we take the rifles near the bank? The area is full of police officers. Mahmut Pasha's future Sebahattin... doing the funeral work of the journalist I killed today. He is his close friend. There are the funerals of the Greeks who were killed at the police station. Funerals are crowded. There is nothing more than a coffin. We can smuggle the weapons in the coffins near the bank. We will carry the weapons instead of corpses in the coffins. When we approach the bank, the weapons will come out... ...the market will be in chaos. The rest is firing bullets. A wonderful idea, Hiram. I think I can love you. I'm always saying. If this Hiram... ...becomes a human... ...he will be a very strange man, but he is not a human. This funeral ceremony is your job, Mahmut Pasha. These are state affairs, after all. Speak to your son Sebahattin. Pastirmaciyan. Tell the Armenian mobs to wait for a signal. Don't worry, Sir. The patriarch spoke to all the Armenian musketeers. A signal will be given and they will all gather. You fool! Abdulhamid invited the patriarch to the palace. And he will never leave him. If Abdulhamid does not leave the patriarch an article will be published in my newspaper. Theodor Herzl buried his incompetent friends... the promised land. Yes. I'll go do my part. You also find a way to reach the patriarch. We have already passed the stage to avoid threats. Be careful, let's not organise a funeral for you, Mr. Herzl. Please. The purpose of inviting you here... to discuss the future... ...of our State. To hear your thoughts and ideas... ...that will benefit the state's development. As you know... We have gotten seriously ahead in the railway project. Aids continue to come from the entire Islamic world. No matter how much others try to prevent us... ...we will harvest the result of our efforts... ...with the permission and grace of God. Everyone should know that succeed in this project is our sole desire. We know very well... to obliterate... ...the obstacles we face. By the way... The death of Mr. Herbert deeply upset us, Lord Richard. How did he die? We received the journal that he was killed by a few brigands on the train. Is that so? Unfortunate. Mr. Herbert, the great English Counselor of Colonisation... killed by some brigands. Don't leave this matter, Lord Richard. We continue our investigations. Excuse us, gentlemen. We have brought you all the way here. But our Sultan is calling me in... ...our Sultan is calling me in. I must go. What happened now? Goodbye. Have a nice day. The interrogation of Gazi Osman Pasha... a committee involving Izzet and Tahsin Pashas... the command and will of our Sultan. Seniha. Any good news? Were we able to become Gazi Osman Pasha's relatives? Unfortunately, we cannot be Mahmut. Why? What happened? Hatice is afraid of Bidar. She gave the letter Kemalettin... ...wrote for her to Naime. This is over, Mahmut. Far from it. Nothing is over, Seniha. It is not over. Think. For example... ...think about both of us, Seniha. You and I, we overcame so many troubles. Has our love ended? It has not. Has there been a decrease in our love towards each other? There has not. On the contrary, we got stronger, Seniha. What you say is good... ...Bidar is determined to marry Naime to Kemalettin. What are we going to do, Mahmut? After this, even a mountain would not prevent it. If it were me... ...I would listen to the news I will share with you soon. If Bidar Hatun hears what I have to say... ...she would not marry her daughter to Kemalettin Pasha... ...she would run away from him. What happened, Mahmut? What will you tell me? Gazi Osman Pasha was doing work with the English infidels. What? He is involved in the plan to re-enthrone Sultan Murat. Moreover, Abdulhamid also found out about it. If all these news... ...reach Bidar Hatun's ears... ...this marriage will not be allowed. Mahmut, what do mean he worked with the English? He is the great Osman Pasha. How could something like this happen? Are you sure of this? Look, if that is the case, then we will also hurt Hatice. No one will be hurt. Kemalettin Pasha will be demoted at the most. Hatice will be happily married to Kemalettin. Besides, Seniha... ...Abdulhamid won't punish Osman Pasha's son... ...for his crime. Let's say... ...Gazi Osman Pasha succeeded in his plan... Hatice will be happily married to Kemalettin Pasha. Moreover, she can see her father Sultan Murat whenever she wants. And... On the Ottoman throne. Forgive me. We invited the ambassadors to the palace. I was only able to arrive now. Why did you call me in, Pasha? Pasha. We know your nature. We also know what you are up against. But there is suspicion. Did our Sultan not send me to the negotiation for this reason? Did he order me to be a guest in the palace for this reason? Yes. He appointed you to question me. What was the reason for the suspicions about me? Let me know. Pasha... ...the English Counselor of Colonisation Mr. Herbert came to the capital. Several meetings were held here. The participants of the meetings are the colonial governors. He also invited one from our State. As a result of the journals we received, we reached your name, Pasha. Are you aware of the ethics of what you are saying, Tahsin Pasha? Don't you know me? I risked my life for this State. I couldn't find a valiant to take it. Don't blame me with your vague words. We know, Pasha. We know you. But... ...have you forgotten us? May God punish you, Sebahattin. You scared me. Move. They said you are here. Father. -What are you looking for? - A map. No. This is the map of another setup. What map are you looking for? Waterway map of Ciragan Palace. What will you do with that map? Back in the day, we wanted to kidnap Sultan Murat from the palace. We were going to use this map, but it was not possible. Did you return to your old setup because the news ones didn't work? To dethrone one Sultan and re-enthrone another. Is this fitting to a freedom-loving pasha? Sebahattin. Stop talking stupidly. Whoever has this map will get into trouble. Whose life do you have your eyes on, Mahmut Pasha? This time the mouthful is big. The pride and joy of the State, Gazi Osman Pasha. Abdulhamid would not easily lose Gazi Osman Pasha. But...'s a grand setup. Gazi Osman Pasha will be lost. Sebahattin. I heard that you have been taking care of the dead now, right? Yes. We are organising a funeral for Samir. It would be better to say... ...the funeral of the Ottoman State instead of Samir's funeral. Because we decided to hold the funeral... ...of journalist Samir together with that of the deceased Greeks. Weapons will come out of the coffins instead of the corpses. The coffins will be taken to the Ottoman Bank instead of the cemetery. Father! This would be great. Samir's sister, Melike. Poor girl, I feel sorry for her. If you had seen when she stood before us in the cemetery and read an article your eyes would fill with tears. What article? It was her brother Samir's last words. He made Melike write it before he died. He felt remorseful toward Abdulhamid. He wrote it well. To be fair, Father... ...even I was moved. Crass, If that article is exposed the revolt may end. We need to take that article from that girl's hand. You learn the girl's address. I know where the girl is. Thanks to the prince. Divine. Divine. I'll tell Hiram to take care of this. Divine. What happened? Unfortunately... Abdulhamid did not leave the patriarch. How will we take this fool from the Red Sultan? Please do not speak in this manner. The person you mentioned is a cleric. Not a fool. If the patriarch fell captive into Abdulhamid's hands the patriarch has neither religion nor manhood. If we find out... the patriarch had bonded with our Armenian brothers... he will call them, this will be solved. The English ambassador. What does he do, Sara? He does nothing besides praying for the queen. He is a useless person who fears Abdulhamid's cane. Let's not lose hope. We must knock on every door. You're right, Basil Zaharoff. Osman Pasha came, Sir. What a surprise, Osman Pasha. Come in, please. Come in, please. Have a seat, please. What can I serve you? I have no appetite. I don't want anything. What happened, Pasha? I hope the issue that troubles you is not related to our embassy. No, don't worry. Unfortunately, our problem is our State. Oh, Sir. The great Ottoman State always has problems. However, it is an unlimited treasure for those who own it. If the person on top is unable to move... ...would that treasure be valuable? Which person? His Majesty? That person has no more majesty, Sir. He has sickened us with his mistrust. He has become a nuisance. Abdulhamid is a great emperor. Please. We have to do him justice. What influence would a ruler... ...who doubts his own pashas and does not trust them have? He even accused me at the end. He had me interrogated. Like an ordinary suspect. I took this to heart. What a shame! If your thoughts are in this direction, I would like you to know... ...that we will be honoured to speak and take action with you if necessary. I am here now because I think of you as a friend. I wanted to speak to you. Otherwise, I swear I will explode. Pasha, if your thoughts are sincere... ...the English Empire is always... ...willing to listen to your troubles and to solve your problems. Besides... Why shouldn't Osman Pasha and his family rule the Turkish State? Osman Pasha, the hero of Pleven... ...has as much influence Abdulhamid's voice. Welcome, Aunt. Hello, girls. How are you? We're fine, and you? I was fine, but... ...some of the news I heard displeased me a little. What happened? What I heard is related to your father. What happened to my father, Aunt? Did you receive bad news? No, dear. It is not such news. As far as I heard... ...Osman Pasha is planning to kidnap your father and overthrow Abdulhamid. If this scheme succeeds... Kemalettin Pasha would be more than a Pasha. I did not wish to upset you. But what should I do? I had to tell you. Where are you going, Fehime? I thought of my father and I suddenly feel bad. I'll get some air Aunt, what did you do? Now she will go and tell everything she heard to Bidar Sultan. That's what I want, dear. Let her know so that my beautiful Hatice attains her goal. Gentlemen. Any news, Pasha? You will have a lot of work. What will he do? Journalist Samir... ...wrote an article in his notebook. Then he gave the notebook to his sister. What did he write? How should I know? Am I the principal clerk? But... According to what they say... ...the article in this notebook... ...will not please the libertarians who will carry Samir's coffin. Mr. Herzl. Mr. Herzl. if this article is to be published in the newspaper... ...not a single person would go to the funeral. And Mr. Zaharoff. Abdulhamid knows about this notebook. We need to find that notebook before Abdulhamid does. Mr. Zaharoff woke up. Now the notebook is with Samir's sister. Where's the girl? The girl is somewhere you can easily find. Omer's house. I started to fear that I may be related to this boy. I find him under every stone I turn. Don't be brothers. It is not possible. There is one Hiram in this world. Look at this beauty. As I came here, I saw the Pasha, Richard. Osman Pasha wants to work with us now. Don't talk nonsense, please. This is Abdulhamid's scheme. I saw the mandate with my own eyes in the palace. Tahsin and Izzet Pasha were called upon to interrogate Osman Pasha. Osman Pasha is being interrogated in the palace. Is that so? Wonderful news. But now there is something we need to take care of immediately. You should go to the palace immediately. Why? Abdulhamid... detaining the Armenian patriarch Izmirliyan in the palace. The patriarch will undertake the organisation of the raid in our plan. He is the only person who knows... ...who the Armenians are and how they will get into action. We must find this out. We need your help, Richard. Sultana. Come in, Fehime. Did you bring fake information again? Forgive me, Sultana. I could not understand what you mean. I am talking about what you said about the prince. Sultana. I told you what I heard. Of course. What happened? I heard important news from my aunt. Tell me. Osman Pasha's has a plan to kidnap my father from Ciragan. I testify that my father never had an eye on the sultanate. I do not think he consents to such a matter. This is Osman Pasha's plan. How could something like this happen? Osman Pasha is one of the most reliable pashas. He can never be involved in such a plan against our Sultan. I don't know, Sultana. This is what I heard from my aunt. If Osman Pasha succeeds... ...his son Kemalettin would marry the daughter of the sultan. Mother. Come, dear. How are you, Fehime? I'm fine, thank you. -You've recovered. -Thank you. I am all right, thank God. Mother. I want to speak to you about something. Of course, we could speak. Fehime was already leaving. Come, my beautiful daughter. Is there anything that troubles you? No. I only... I was wondering when you will talk to my father about Kemalettin Pasha. Don't be so impatient. Everything has its time. I think we should wait a little longer. Don't upset yourself with these things. Better late than never. Were you able to meet with the ambassador? He will take care of it. But the ambassador had a strange guest. Who is that? A new person is joining the side against Abdulhamid. A great opposition is born. Osman Pasha. Oh my Mahmut Pasha! No, dear. -You're very cunning. -I am. Everything is going as we planned. Abdulhamid is obsessed with Osman Pasha. That he seeks help in embassies. Yes. We have succeeded. However, the job is not completely finished. It is crucial... ...that we blow successive strikes... defeat Abdulhamid's great judgement power. That is when Gazi Osman Pasha come on his own. When one is accused of betrayal... ...he will have to take that path. Isn't Osman Pasha... ...the only person who could go... ...near Abdulhamid with his weapon? He is. So, if we can take Osman Pasha to our side... ...we can ask him to kill Abdulhamid. Mr. Zaharoff. If we can choke Gazi Osman Pasha enough to cut his breath... ...we may even ask him to kill himself. Ladies and gentlemen. Here is the waterway map of Ciragan Palace. Let's take action. Sara! You will invite Osman Pasha to the house, we set up. Pastermaciyan. You will bring two violent Armenians. When the officers raid the house... Make the evidence of Osman Pasha's betrayal seem definitive. Let them find this map in the house. Divine. In that case... Let me go and give Abdulhamid the address of the house. Ms. Sara. I express my love. Where are they going to attack? I wonder where. Sultan. Embassies, schools... ...the stock market, the bank... -Sultan. -I wonder where. It is certainly Osman Pasha. Sultan, the English ambassador, came. Who did you say came? The English ambassador. He is worried about the patriarch's life. He wants to meet him. Did you take military measures in the capital? Yes, Sultan. Don't worry. Suspects are being searched everywhere. No negative news has reached the palace yet. Divine. Sultan. Shall we allow the English ambassador to meet the patriarch? Suitable. Pasha! Yes, Sultan. Have this document translated. It is in Armenian. I wonder where. It must be Omer. Aren't you glad you saw me? You had a notebook. Give it to me, and I will go. Come get it if you really want it. I like sparrows. Their claws are soft. Give me that notebook and don't let me shed blood. Oh my! Has Melike returned? Sara taught you well. Give me this notebook. Give me the notebook. Or else, I'll shoot her. Ahsen. Have a good day, ladies. Are you all right? This is Hiram. Stop, Son. Hello, Pasha. -Can we talk? -Come in, Madam. Pasha, you have met our ambassador. Get to the point, Madam. I don't have time. Every major innovation is similar to birth. The pains are severe. A major revolution has been organised. We think you will make a valuable contribution. Without knowing the nature and the scope of your plan... ...I can't promise you even the smallest contribution. We want to meet tonight... ...and discuss the matter thoroughly. The address is written on the paper. I want to come too. But this is life. You will see, I will regain the trust of Abdulhamid in the evening. Those who refrain from making big promises always gain my trust. Take. Thank you. Where did you learn to fight like this? From them. Ahsen. I came to take the notebook from you. Why is the door open? What happened? Zeynep. What happened? -That man came again. -Which guy? Hiram. He took the notebook from me. That ignoble man. There is little time left. I will bury you under the ground. Are you worried about my life? We did not. If you go, someone else will come. However, the Armenian community is nervous. You know some things best. Is it the raid tomorrow? Those who come when the bell of the ruined church in Samatya... ...rings seven times are mobs. They know everything. They know what they will do, what they want, everything. Attention! His Highness Sultan Abdulhamid! -May I be excused? -Why don't you stay? You would witness the resignation of the patriarch. Never! I will never resign. I came with the election of the Armenian community. What if you tell us the results of the appeal in this palace? The issue between the Ottoman State and the Armenians. Can we not interfere as governments? May I be excused? Don't get involved. You can leave. Patriarch Izmirliyan. What were you saying? I was saying that I am the rightful leader of the Armenian community. Am I forced to resign because I treat the Armenians fairly? The letter you wrote to the Armenian mobs... ...while you were in Ergani, Diyarbakir. You can kill tradesmen who do not fund our activities. Anyone who does not help our cause deserves death. The signature... Patriarch Izmirliyan. You can burn a few small churches and say that the Turks did it. In Greater Armenia... ...our church will be big. You have given an order to kill an Armenian family with their children. It has your signature. Who are you doing this for? Tahsin Pasha will give you a letter of resignation to sign. After I approve, your patriarchate duty will be over. Choose a place on the map. You are going into exile. What happened, Sister? What is the important issue you want to talk about? Naime. What happened to Naime? Naime wants to marry Kemalettin Pasha. There is a relationship between them, Mehmet. Impossible, Sister. End it immediately. Why should we end it? It is impossible, Sister. I know that it is impossible. Don't insist on more. I heard some news about Osman Pasha. Is it right? What did you hear? They are saying that he is betraying our Sultan. There are strong suspicions, yes. There is no betrayal that has been publicly revealed yet, but... But? But what is Mehmet? Nothing proves otherwise. You don't breach this marriage issue. If Osman Pasha's betrayal is true... won't be saved from our sultan's wrath. Don't be upset. I will find that dog. He was the only heirloom from my brother. He took it too. Don't say that. Don't you have memories with your brother? I do. All those memories... ...are your brother's heirloom. Don't ignore them just because you cannot hold. Why did you come to take the notebook? Our Sultan asked me to. But I could not take it. It is my duty to take it back. -What happened, Brother? -I saw Hiram leaving... I followed him. Don't worry, I found the place. They're preparing for the raid. It is necessary to go at once. You are right. Let's go. Omer. Take care of yourself. Be careful. Do not worry. Take care. Sultana. Pasha. Sultana. I was unwell because of my brother Celal's death. Please forgive me if I have unintentionally hurt you. Don't think about this now. Celal's death has also upset me. May he rest in peace. Amen. Amen. Pasha. I have... ...a question for you. Of course, Sultana. Do you love me, wholeheartedly? Or... Do you aspire to marry me because I am a sultan's daughter? If you allow me, I would like to answer this with a question. And you... Do you love me sincerely... ...or because you hope to see your father Murat more easily... ...when you marry Gazi Osman Pasha's son? Express your feelings towards me. The answer to these two questions... ...will either cause our marriage... ...or end our story before it even begins. I request that you think very well about the answer to my question. According to your answer, please speak to your father.