Penundaan Ibadah Haji setelah 2020 Oleh Sheikh Imran Hosein INDONESIA

it is in sahih bukhari from allah says let you had general bait now you had general bait what are you tomorrow the people will continue to meet the French to the house of Allah and people will continue to perform the Umrah to the house of Allah the Kaaba even after gog and magog have been released and then the Hadees goes on to say let whom assad to hurt Ali Hodja that the last he would not come until the Hajj has been abandoned this Hadees is in sahih bukhari me repeating people will continue to perform the Hajj and Umrah even after the release of gog and magog but the last day would not come until the Hajj has been abandoned and so when that day comes the Hajj is abandoned it will confirm the gog and magog will release the whole are you following me well I am anticipating that the abandonment of the hugs we'll take this or a let me ask you when when do you presume that the heart will be abandoned let me see if any of the sisters have an answer good to hear you know said the Prophet erase that wisdom what do you think will cause the abandonment of the heart my wife will also answer the question yes when the chal rules alright anybody else I like that answer anybody else prohibited from going yes what event is likely to take place would you cause the abandonment of the house they were correct when Israel wage is a big wall which will witness the dramatic territorial expansion of the state and then he can commit and concomitant means taking place at the same time a concomitant attack on the US dollar and it collapses and all the paper money in the world collapse and the US economy collapses and then Israel replaces the United States as the ruling state in the world that big war is likely to inflame the passions of the Muslims around the world to such a fever pitch the the Saudi government cannot allow the Hajj to take place because such a hunch would likely threaten the foundations of the Saudi state and so they might use some cock-and-bull story about some virus which is a great danger tell and so and get World Health Organization to issue an advisory and then they suspend the Hajj and then the next year they continue to the spiritual until eventually the Hajj is abandoned and so this event could be around the corner the abandonment of the Hajj which is being which is being held for the last few you