People Experience Zero Gravity For The First Time

(cheers) (laughter) - Oh, this is so freaking cool. - The concept of zero gravity is very strange to me because it's, like, what does it even feel like? - What I imagine zero gravity feel like is probably something almost like floating on water. - There is no water, and there is also no resistance. You can't swim in zero gravity environment. - I think it'll feel like you falling or just like the kick from Inception. - I'm a bit nervous. I'm not a huge fan of flying, I know we're going to be on a plane. - I fully intend to do a ton of back-flips, a ton of fun flips. Basically I wanna do all the things that I cannot do physically on this planet. - Here we go. (sighs in contentment) Better than putting on a tux. You'll get there and they give you this bag which has this cool ass (bleep) flight suit, and that just automatically made me feel infinitely better. - We get on the bus, we get to the tarmac, and then we could see the plane on the tarmac. And in that moment, that's actually the one and only time that I actually felt nervous. And nervous in a good way in the sense of like Oh, my God this is really happening! - [Voiceover] The moment you get on the plane is just like a regular flight. - You lay down for the first time we're looking up at the ceiling, looking at that one spot, and you feel the G's. You feel like the force is centrifugal force. I try to raise my arm and slam back down. My heart started racing I was like, Oh boy, what's gonna happen? and all the sudden you hit the peak and you just float up. (crowd cheers) (laughter) - In my head, I was like I bet I know what this feels like. Completely wrong. Completely false. It is an entirely different experience. Your first reaction is to jump. (laughs) And that will send you careening into the roof of... the plane. - The moments that stood out to me the most was being able to Superman. I mean, every kid has that wanna be moment where they're flying. - Once I experienced the full zero gravity, I did do a hell of flips. I did the most amount of flips. (laughter) - Imagine yourself underwater, and imagine that sensation that feeling of floating under water but take away the water, and take away the resistance. - The last four times when it was completely zero g, and they were letting was hold skittles up, and they were floating and they were taking water and putting globs of water in there and you're trying to catch it It just was remarkable. It was so much fun. - I didn't want it to be over, and coming back to earth, it was a little saddening, primarily because like, I felt I peaked. I peaked too soon. This was the coolest thing I'll ever do short of going into space. - If it's in the realm of possibility in your life to experience weightlessness, I highly recommend it. You will not regret it. - Now I can't even go to magic mountain anymore. I used to go to magic mountain at least twice a year, and now I'm just gonna be on it and just be bored. (giggles) - Oh shit. (uplifting music)