People Get Glory Hole Tattoos

(rockabilly music) - I've been wanting a tat for awhile. And, just the quality of his work is something I won't be able to afford, or just to be able to in general get. - I think with people's first tattoos, one of the biggest mistakes they make is overthinking it. If the responsibility of choosing was on them, it was too much and they didn't want to do it. But if I took the responsibility of picking it out for them, then it was easier to say yes to. - Don't have many tattoos so I haven't really found a style that I love and I haven't found a style that I hate so, I can't say I have a dream tattoo. (rockabilly music) - This is a tattoo I really want to do. I'm gonna set it out, make a stencil, the next arm that comes through, I'm gonna put this on them. And then, every single time the arm would come through, I'd shave it, I'd get it ready, it's not the right one. This arm needs something different. And then I would totally change it or draw something up on the spot. There definitely is a moment when I bandage it up and send it out when I remember that there's a person on the other end of that arm. Regardless of aesthetically what you walk away with, you're guaranteed to have a great story. (rockabilly music) (upbeat music)