People Get Korean Body Scrubs For The First Time

(squeaking) (jazzy music) - I've never been to the spa. - I'm expecting lots of nudity from what I've heard. - The closest I've gone is having my head massaged when I went to get a haircut. - I had a friend do it once and she told me, "Girl, they get in there, they will scrub "every last inch of your body, places that "you probably haven't touched in years." - I don't know how much dead skin I'm supposed to have on my body. I think my body's fine. - I have no idea what's going to come off my skin. - So, Wi Spa is probably the biggest Korean spa here in Los Angeles. Our body scrub is our most popular service. For all the bacteria that's on your body, the dead skin is completely off, exfoliated, and ready to go throughout your day. - It was interesting. It was a little shocking at first, because the guy scrubbed, it felt like sandpaper. It just felt like he was sanding me down and polishing my skin, like it were a piece of wood. - It was awesome. The Korean spa definitely met my expectations on the nudity level. The beginning of the experience felt very much like a massage, where you get taken to an area, you lay down on a table, and then you lay down and they start scrubbin'. - You know I thought it would be one of those nice lotion rubs, I was just ready for bliss, and it was one of those (grunts). It was really going hard on my body. He was a small guy but he had very strong hands. - What was crazy was, okay, I'm there, they're starting to scrub, and then, she starts lifting my legs up, and really getting in there, just like my friend said, it was like, oh my god, she goes there, she goes there. She's gettin' in there right now. I'm gonna have soft skin in places I didn't even know I needed soft skin. So much dead skin was on my body. I had no idea. There were layers. They were scrubbing me down, and then they flipped me around, and then they'd scrub me in the same place, and there was more dead skin coming off. I don't get it. - There wasn't as much dead skin that I was told that there would be. I guess that's a good thing? - And then I didn't even know afterwards, they lather you up with lotion, like a little baby, you're just slidin' on that table, and you get a little mini massage from the scalp, for your body. - And it sort of just felt healthy too. I felt like I was being cleansed. Would I do it again? - I'd totally do this again. My skin feels like my baby's butt. It is so soft. - I'm not addicted to it, I don't need it, but if someone gave me a coupon and said, "Hey, this is 50 percent off." I'd be like, yeah let's do it. Let's get naked and scrub down.