People Get Transformed Into Tim BurtonInspired Characters


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- [Woman] I feel like Tim Burton's given me the appreciation for very spooky aesthetics. He's probably the reason why I love Halloween so much. - All the other kids had like Disney princess and like Power Ranger stuff. But I always gravitated towards like skulls and felt kind of weird about it. But now I've just grown to embrace it. - The fact that these characters weren't what you normally saw on television they were just very different. And I think I relate to the fact that they weren't perfect. - I think what I love most about Tim Burton's style is the mix of the dark gothic. But it's also quite funny. Being able to see myself transported into that world I think is gonna be really fun. - [Man] So for my character I always liked the idea of the dog catcher being the bad guy. But I would love to be a dog catcher gone rogue. - We'll go ahead and start with what I feel like are your most Burton-like characteristics of your face. - [Woman] I really want my friend to be a giant talking crow. I picture my character also being able to talk to ghosts. - So my villain, he kills his victims and makes them into like little human meat pastries. - [Christine] Okay. - [Matt] Seeing the knife in my hand is a little weird. So instead, I'm going to have my character bludgeon people with a book about asthma. (record scratch) - Oh yeah? - Yeah. - Okay. (laughs) - So, she had this inventor and before he could finish creating her he died in a fire. So he couldn't fully make her hands. And she uses her voice to sing as an outlet to express herself. (gentle music) - [Man] Open your eyes. - Oh my God. (laughs) That's so cool. - Oh my gosh, the dress, it's so pretty and flowy. - Stop... My puppies, I have so many dogs. (laughs) - Oh my gosh! She made the background ghosts. - The way I'm holding the treat bag is so very me. She got my cow lick perfectly. - She got my hair extra swoopy. She got my beauty mark. And I'm so into this. - I really like the color scheme. I think it's very goth-like. And I love all the like music sheets just flying all around. - She definitely got the book in there, Asthma and it's Perils. I don't know, it's so cool. It does freakishly kind of look like me. - It means a lot to me to see myself portrayed as like a Tim Burton character. My inner creepiness is finally portrayed. (laughs) - It's really cool to see an Asian Tim Burton inspired character right in front of me. And I think it's important to see diverse faces in all kinds of movies. Even animated ones. - [Matt] I 100% want to see a movie made out of this. So, Tim, get to work. Even if Helena Bonham Carter has to play me, I'll take it.