People Guess The Prices Of Hoodies

- I know a lot about hoodies just because I used to work in comedy. I feel like that's the unofficial uniform for people who work in comedy. (bright jazzy music) Today, we are guessing the price of cheap vs. expensive hoodies. - We both love fashion. - We love fashion, but I don't try as hard. - I'll say, I think the nicest hoodie I own: $39. - Nowadays, there are two shirts that look the same but one store sells it for like $100, and one store sells it for like $10. - Let's do this! - Bring it on! (mid-tempo violin music) - It's like it's a higher hoodie, it's like, more fashion-y. - Is this supposed to be fashionable? - I like the zipper on the side. - This feels very Kanye West to me. - That's the hoodie. - Yeah, I feel like a lot of stuff that's very inconvenient is just more expensive. - $145. - $160. - Mid $30. - I'm gonna say $60. - $200 hoodie. - $125. (mid-tempo violin music) - Wow, well done! - I should have gone with my gut, my gut was like, this is an expensive sweatshirt. (bright bouncy music) - Three zippers, yeah, it's like 30 bucks per zipper. - We got a little bit of fashion right here. Unnecessary side zip happening. - Double zipper? Oh, you can make a cape out of it. - Interior, like, lining stuff? You would not get that in a Target sweatshirt. - I definitely think this one is about $75. - $180? - $78. - This seems like the one that you would want to pay money for. $250. - I'll say $120. - $90. (bright bouncy music) - 249?! - I'm telling you, the zippers. - I knew it was expensive. - We were closer. - These side zips. - What? - Wow. - Good call. (mysterious music) - It's a zip up hoodie so it can't be that expensive. - This feels like an H&M hoodie. - This looks like something I'd wear. - Basic middle zipper, come on. We all know that's not fashion. $35. - I feel like this is $29. - $50! - I'll go $50 too. - No, I'm gonna say 40 bucks. - $70 hoodie. (mysterious music) - Dammit! (laughs) No! - It's $25.99? - Wow! - Ding ding ding ding ding. (bluesy music) - Oh, this is cheap. - I think that you could get this from Ross or something, or Goodwill. - This is something you got from props. This is a hoodie my father would wear. - The 11-inch gun club. - Dammit! (laughs) - The material feels like what a lamb probably feels like on the inside, scratchy, wooly. - This is for sure like a sweatshirt that you got from camp. - $55, yes. - $160. - I'm gonna say $20. - I don't wanna spend more than $20 on this. - 75 cents at a church garage sale. - I'm gonna throw this out there. I think it's like $237. (bluesy music) - What?! Why? - $100 for this thing? - Shut up, what? - What the fuck? - Holy shit! - What is in here? - Wait, no. - Gold! What is this? - This is crazy. I'm gonna put on a $1000 hoodie right now. - Yeah! - I'm like, not mad at it. It does look though, straight up like you stole this hoodie from someone else. - I'm like, upset, that that is $1200. (mellow music) I feel like hoodies became way more fashionable in the past five years, so now brands are like, hey, let's just up the price. Stop doing that! - The super expensive one, that's just like a practical joke, right? There's also a lot of features in these that I don't need. I don't need those side zippers. I don't need a mask over my face when I'm wearing the hood. - I don't want to buy something that looks like it's $20 and it ends up being $1000. - I would rather pay $1000 on like, - A purse. - Oh, I was gonna say a dress. (mellow music)