People Learn Disturbing Sushi Facts While Eating Sushi

you can't just feed me sushi and then quietly snicker behind the camera what's wrong I have reached the pretty meal but Oh W that the wildlife one not the wrestling one found that over a third of the wild Atlantic salmon populations in North America and Europe for endangered and moreover we're on the brink of extinction in Portugal Estonia Poland in the United States horrible eating up a salmon right now it's like Nemo's cousin over here it's in my teeth it's stuck in between my teeth major recovery efforts have been put into place but salmon is still considered to be threatened there's some ecosystems endangered in any place in the world how does that make you feel salmon are dying and it's not because of bears this cuz us it would be up if we just like let it sit here and did nothing for anyone yeah I mean if I die I want someone to eat me salmon especially farmed salmon they're known to contain PCBs which are industrial chemicals that can have serious long-term health effects including likelihood of certain cancers negative effects on the immune system where every system and endocrine systems because of these levels it's recommended fresh and frozen wild Pacific salmon can be eaten twice a month oh but fresh frozen farm Atlantic salmon should only be eaten once every two months what the yo no but I would have liked weekly sushi dinners with my friends are you gonna have that second bite of salmon cuz I am we're all gonna die anyway that's fine it's good way to look at it human waste and the toxic chemicals heavy metals from industrial and agricultural wastes low and runoff from rivers and into the sea these waste pollutants can cause diseases mutations birth defects reproductive difficulties behavioral changes and that the marine animals and large fish that are generally favored in sushi such as tuna and mackerel are less the most highly toxic life so all of this is poison expensive delicious poison work killing them and we shouldn't and they're killing us back right that's essentially what's happening here it's just some sick cycle the United States imports up to 90% of its seafood and a huge portion of that comes from Southeast Asian countries like Thailand which have been known to have built its massive seafood industries on slave our industry labor as well as human trafficking damn it the shrimping industry is known to be especially bad and because of the way shrimp is packaged there's nearly impossible to decipher which has been tainted by slave labor if you're eating pre-built shrimp in the USS most likely being touched by slave labor alright we're done we're done here terrible me never out like those people to be employed yeah not slaves and if they are enslaved then we should be doing the deepening the peeling yes absolutely we're going to hell I mean I'm going there for other reasons but this just added to the list what this video taught me is I'm for sure gonna start asking will it stop me from eating the sushi got to be honest I don't know I don't know if it tastes good anymore it kind of took the tastebuds out of me hearing those facts if I'm eating poison it's my stupid decision but contributing to a greater problem like late labor or human trafficking that's really really bad so if that is the case then we should definitely not be buying peeled shrimp goodness I have a turkey yeah [Music]