People Need Biodiversity

[Music] biodiversity is the amazing variety of life on earth it includes all organisms plants animals and us we are a part of this rich web of life [Music] biodiversity is the source of our fuel medicines and shelter every breath we take every drop we drink every bite we eat it all comes from nature biodiversity occurs in an ecosystem an ecosystem is a dynamic community of living organisms plants animals and microorganisms interacting with each other and with their physical environment such as the air soil and water take for example how small mammals and birds discard seeds and fruit which fall to the ground and naturally decompose providing nutrients to the soil that help new trees grow biodiversity is essential to the sustainability of an ecosystem the more species in an ecosystem the more variety it holds an ecosystem with a high level of species diversity is more resistant to environmental change and to human impacts tropical rainforests home to around half of the biodiversity on earth are more likely to withstand and recover from disasters such as fires and floods than those with less species [Music] biodiversity provides a variety of goods and services upon which we all depend it helps to ensure a stable climate biodiversity provides our food fresh water raw materials and recreation we call these ecosystem services services are fundamental to human well-being and sustainable livelihoods business also relies on a steady flow of ecosystem services forests supply timber and wood fiber bees help to pollinate crops soil and microorganisms store and purify water forests and oceans absorb greenhouse gases that helps mitigate climate change and its impacts on business biodiversity also insures us against natural disasters mangrove forests and other coastal ecosystems act as a barrier to reduce loss and damage caused by storm surges floods and typhoons wherever we live a city town or village we depend on nature [Music] every person and every business needs healthy and prosperous economies which is underpinned by biodiversity the choices we make today as consumers companies governments and as a society has an impact on biodiversity biodiversity is nature's insurance for a healthy planet join us to discover the value and wonders of biodiversity