People Play The Nintendo Switch For The First Time


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[Music] we're gonna relive our childhoods replaying ocarina of time I'm ready to break some pots I'd do it man I'm so excited for that game you guys have a switch what the way no how this doesn't even out yet is this a prank I still think this is a prank the trailer reminds me of so many other Zelda's view it like start to sleep too many questions this is cool thank you disembodied voice oh my gosh is so each meeting Wow he's like chilling at the Y so he's an alien now he's hot some abs okay yeah is this halo yeah link is Master Chief crouching I don't know what I did I cannot believe we get to put this right this is sleep that looks really important my heart is beating that is a she's late we can't take it it's cool I want one I straight up one what's that all my belt and walk around oh this is a treasure chest treasure well boy hey why now he's getting closed great oh rousers don't eat them haven't been naked like a dark slows character it's an old shirt I don't have to equipment let's not dude his style is rocking in this like I wouldn't mind wearing that already in love with this game and nothing's happened one well technically if he's been sleeping for this long he should be very weak once again and he shouldn't be able to run oh my god oh my cry to the outside Styria stranger this is like ocarina of time but my life story I'm just an old fool no wonder he's been in hibernation all this time yeah a hundred he's been in hibernation for a honey I wanna sleep okay there's an awesome I can take his weapon Oh eat an apple you can restore energy by eating like a normal human being head for the point marked on the map in your cheek asleep Wow it's GPS too though links been awake for five minutes and he's already killed like no this is depressing this is dirty but I did it that's a charger for your slave that's great it's definitely giving me a nostalgia trip these watts are falling rocks huh why why did I activate it then yeah gosh the rocks anymore we've sort of reactivated some legendary thing see where was all this when we're going through the water temple just hidden underground while we were struggling in the water temple I could have used the chicest slate when I'm trying to figure out those water level this is the most sci-fi I've ever seen in the Zelda game where's this fairy he needs a fairy a lot of people thought Navi was annoying I loved her I loved her companionship you have been asleep for the past 100 years what oh there we go that's messed up that means everyone who he's ever loved is dead no no it looks very Gannon desk oh that looks so bad probably bad done it looks like bad news that's like a thing that I need to beat in the end turn back later Ganondorf busy exploring beautiful grounds that was just me and I I just keep playing after that she say we're gonna be okay for the rest of the day link is Master Chief I I'm gonna write that I'm gonna write that whole hand theory about link being Master Chief