People Taste Test Protein Shakes

- Protein! (imitates chugging) - Is that what you think of me? (upbeat rock music) - So today is the ultimate protein shake taste test. - That's right. We're gonna try different protein shakes and we're gonna see which ones we like the best. - I use protein powder and you use protein powder. - Totally, look at me. - I throw the shit in a cup, I drink it, and I get to work. Leggo. (high-energy rock music) - Smells like Nesquick. - Alright. - Let's try it. - Cheers. (speaks in foreign language) If you didn't tell me this was a protein shake, I would just legitimately think this was chocolate milk. - In my opinion, Optimum Nutrition is one of the few brands I have found that is both good quality and good flavor. - Let's check out what's happening already. - We're getting huge. Whoa, Ricky! - [Ricky] You are buffin' up man! (laughs) - Gains. - Ah, yeah, yeah. - Right here, gains. - It's all about them gains man. (upbeat rock music) - This is vegan protein. - [Bearded Man] Gluten-free. - Gluten Free. - No sugar added. - That bums you out so much doesn't it? (laughs) - It's so disappointing. - But it smells good. Smells like a berry forest. (table thumps) - Dude, what is happening? - It's definitely like a meal. It's pretty heavy. - It's sticking to my teeth. - This one's Non-GMO verified. - But I appreciate that there's a plant-based protein available for people who need something like that. (heavy rock music) - This doesn't have weed in it, does it? - Please let it have weed in it. - Are we gonna get stoned? - It looks and smells like crushed up dead leaves. - Can also be stirred into yogurt or hot cereal and is great for baking. I think this is more for like food mixture than it is a drink concoction. - Yeah. - Tastes like the earth. - This tastes like there's no processing in it. No chemicals. (chuckling) - Those little grains get kinda stuck in your throat. - [Man] Yeah, it's all over. - Do you know what I'm talking 'bout? It doesn't dissolve. - This is like a Bernie Sanders supporter's dream come true. (laughing) - A buff Bernie Sanders supporter. - Yeah. (chuckles) (upbeat ska music) - It is egg-based. - No sugar, that's good. - I need this one in my life. - I don't like that it's made out of egg. That just makes me uncomfortable. - I like it. It's like eggnog-ish. - Alright. - A little too eggy. - Yeah, this is fantastic. And this one's gluten-free, hormone-free, which is great. - This is the recovery drink. Who walk around the gym and spend 90% of the time looking at themselves in the mirror, this is what they drink. (heavy metal music) - Ultimate high school bro right here. - This is not a powder. This is a pre-made drink. - Oh. - Also, Muscle Milk contains no milk. Oh, but it includes milk proteins. - What does that mean? I have no idea. - It's like chocolate milk, but then like a burst of chemicals. - Did you taste that weird minty after, like a toothpaste? - To me it taste like chocolate chalk and Flinstone Vitamins. - Yeah, it's like going to McDonald's. You know what you're gonna get. - Do you want McDonald's? - True. (upbeat ska music) - We both like this one the most. - Like I said, it's one of the ones that I found are good quality and taste not bad. - Yeah. - I'm glad that they're making a big variety of protein shakes out there. I think everybody's bodies are different and stuff. - And they're taste buds are different. Everybody has different needs in what they like. - Also, you don't think everybody should drink protein? - No. - You workout, you should drink protein, but that's it. - Yeah, if you have a high activity level and you wanna drink it as a recovery drink, I think it's good to supplement with. - So, as far as it comes down to the ultimate protein powder shake taste test, the winner! - [Bearded Man] Hydro Whey. - Drinking protein makes me wanna do this now. Ah ha! No! - [Woman] You're holding it really well. - Ah!