People Try AlcoholInfused Gummies




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- Can I have more of the tequila ones? (laughing) That's my final thought. - Yeah, are we allowed to eat more? - We are here to taste test some different gummies and the alcohol that it may or may not taste like. - I like gummy candy, because it is delicious, and it's the best kind of candy. - Candy with alcohol, I think, is just genius. - Everyone needs a little bit of drinking during the day to get them through it, and might as well try it with the gummies. - I'm hoping that these are more sugary than alcoholic, that they have a whisper of alcohol. - Are you ready to try the candies? - I'm ready. - Okay, let's do it. (jazz music) - That is very sugary. - I can take the bourbon. - Mm-hmm. - But -- - That's not bad. - How many do you need to have a shot of this? - Cheers. - Yup, cheers. - Mm-mm. I'm done, nope. - Ooh, man. - Gummy bears. - I'm gonna chase it with a gummy bear. - Uh-huh. - Is that okay? - These gummy bears are more of a treat for me to have during the day at work. This will make me die. - Yeah, the gummy bear's better than the alcohol there. - Agree. - Yeah, the gummy doesn't make you feel like the warm bourbon feeling. - Yeah. - You normally get. (salsa music) - Oh my God. I'm so about it. - Can't taste the tequila. - Mm-mm. It doesn't taste anything like tequila. If tequila tasted like this, I would drink it all the time. - I may have to steal them for later. - I can eat like, I'm not kidding, like a ton of these. - Can I throw one in your mouth? (salsa music) (laughing) - I was curious if that was like, salt, but. - What if we eat a gummy, and then take the shot? - Yeah, let it absorb. - Cheers. - Mm-mm-hmm. Cheers. - Yes. - Mm-mm-mm-mm. - Tequila with a gummy chaser, yup. - It's closer than the bourbon was. - If they turned this flavor into a margarita, I would drink that real fast. But the shot itself? You took the whole thing? - Yeah, I told you, I love tequila. (soft, mellow music) - I think this is a good, guess all right snack. - These are delicious. - I feel like these have the perfect blend of they taste like a gummy bear the way a gummy bear's supposed to taste like, and they also taste like champagne. - Oh, no, those are really like tart in flavor. - I'd almost be scared to have them, because I feel like I'd have 20 of them, and I might end up wasted, if there is alcohol content. - That did its job. That is alcoholic candy. - Cheers. - Cheers. - I like the champagne more. - This is so good. I'll finish this. - We have to work. - We do have to work. I feel flushed. Am I like going red? Am I sweaty? - I know, right? I haven't had lunch yet. Am I little tipsy? I might be a little tipsy. Is that sad? (whimsical music)