People Try An Invisibility Scarf

- What if I told you there was a scarf out there that could save you from every potentially bad photo someone took of you? posted about the Ishu Scarf, a scarf that basically makes you invisible to flash photographers. We're gonna go around and see if this thing actually works. Let's go. - Just to make myself warm? - The Ishu Scarf? No. - So, it turns a celeb into a superhero? - It's like the invisibility cloak. - This doesn't sound like a real thing. This is not Harry Potter. - It's like pretty, but it just doesn't look like it would work. - I think it'll work. (curious music) - Like a reverse cape. - Okay, I'm ready to be invisible. - [Selorm] One two three. (camera shutter) - What? I'm actually shocked. - Wow! - [Selorm] It definitely ruined the photo. - It looks so cool. - If you stand next to somebody who's really, really like pale, and you're really dark, you just look a million times darker. Like that's what that looks like. - [Selorm] What do you think you'd use it for? - So I can sneak up behind my enemies and they would just see a terrifying ghost blanket. - I would use it for like awkward family portraits. - I kind of wish I could go back and add this to photos, pretty much anything in college. Actually, this would be great for if I was dancing anywhere, so that there's no proof of how bad of a dancer I am. - My father's a photographer, so every opportunity he'd be like, stop, wait, and I probably would have just put this right over my face if I could have. - So, you heard it here. We tried it and it works. What would you use it for? (dinging) Go Crystal, go Crystal, go Crystal, go Crystal. Aye!