People Try On Power Ranger Suits

- Can you see my dick? (people laugh) You can see my dick! God damn! - I have loved Power Rangers since I was a little kid. I used to watch it like every day after school. - I would choose my friends based off of the Power Rangers, so if you would compete with me for Kimberly, I wouldn't play with you during recess. (laughs) - I used to record all the Power Ranger episodes on like VHS tapes. - (chuckles) Yes. - I was in a tae kwon do class. All I did was do the moves I saw on Power Rangers. I was actually kicked out of the class because I refused to listen to the instructor. - I was a part of the Power Rangers fan club which had signed photos of all of the, anyway, it was a whole thing. - It was just a really nice motif of comradery. - I always wanted to be the Green Ranger, and people were like, "Well, you can't do that "'cause you're a girl." I just thought Tommy was cool. He was kind of a badass. - I really loved Trini because she was very calm and smart, but also relatable because, yeah, she was fearless, but she hated heights. And I was like, "You know what? "I hate heights, too." - She's sassy, girly, but also can kick your butt, and that's all I've ever wanted to be. - He was always like the leader, a strong figure. - Cut off your sleeves. - I cut off my sleeves. - I liked Zack. He was obviously black and he was the Black Ranger. He could dance. He was just a cool guy. - He has a sword that talks named Saba, so that's pretty dope. - He made a communicator for everybody, so suck it everybody else, Billy saved the day at the end of it. (laughing) - I just wished and dreamed that I could like be in the suit, and today to actually do that, I'm not gonna lie, three year old Ryan right now is very excited. - [Kane] We actually found legit-looking suits to try on. - We're Power Ranger cosplayers, and I made all these suits. - You guys look like you came straight from the show. Can you talk a little bit about how you made the suits? - I researched the Japanese show, and the American show, being a perfectionist, and always looking at the little, little details. The measurements, patterns, down to the color. A lot of trial and error. - How long did you say it took? - Two months or so. I can remember laying it on the floor and seeing all the bodysuits, and I made something that made me feel like somebody to myself. - Oh my God, I'm gonna cry. (chuckles) That's so beautiful. - So you guys are gonna try on these suits. - Thank you! I'm so excited. - It's time for Mighty Morphin' cosplay time. - So here's my little, what appears to be a diaper. - There's basically ways to make sure that your power crystal is not showing. There's dance belts, and then there's also swim jammers, compression shorts-- - Pantyhose, a thong, a normal bra, a sports bra-- - Oh. Gotta, like, organize. - Do you ever tuck? - Yes. We do! - I just push down? - That sounds widly uncomfortable. (snickers) - (sighs) This is a horrific sight. - Who is this? - [Girl] That's a underhood. - [Girl] It'll keep your hair in when you have the helmet, and also so your skin doesn't show. - This is like a jock strap for your head. - I feel like I'm being born. Exiting the vagina right now. - Adjusting the old cash and prizes down here. - Okay. I feel like I've been vacuum packed! - [Rachel] I feel very sexy right now. (chuckles) - This also doubles as a sperm cosplay, so that's pretty cool. - [Ivan] Make sure that power crystal's in check. - I'm, I'm tryin', man. It just keeps tryin' to escape. - I'mma touch your butt. We're gonna be real friends. - I think we passed that point already. - Why? I want to go to a meeting in this really badly. - These boots are so cool! These are what I wanted as a kid! - These white gloves make me feel like a fancy Victorian lady. (zips gloves) (velcro tears) - In you go. - Got it. - You know how little girls want to dress up as princesses? I did not want to. This is so powerful! Ahh! (laughs) - (grunts) - God. - Okay, all the power is gone. (chuckles) - [Man] (chuckles) You look so funny. - I really hope the helmet fits. My ears are kind of big. - I'm a little bit speechless right now. I'm just so content. - The White Ranger. - [Kelsey] Oh my God, oh my god, oh my God. - I don't think it's gonna fit! - [Kelsey] No! This is horrifying! All of my dreams shattered! - Whoa. - Whoa. - (shrieks) Ow. - [Kelsey] My big head. - Hold on a second. Hold on. - I never knew I had such a large head. - You might not be able to talk, but that's normal. - [Ashly] Dude, I love talking. (mask clasps) - And you are in. - Voila. - [Ryan] Oh my God. - [Kelsey] It's morphin' time! - She's good. - I can't breathe, but I feel amazing. - [Rachel] I'm scared. I hope I live up to my hero. I hope I can make Trini proud. - A childhood dream come true. (screams) - Holy shit! Oh-ho! I'm the Black Ranger! This is crazy! - Oh my God! (chuckles) Oh my God! I'm the shit, you guys! - This is amazing! - (screams and laughs) Oh my God! It's Oliver! (shrieks) - Oh! Oh-ho! That's so cool. This is amazing. (chuckles) - Woo! - Oh my God. (chuckling) That's not me! That's someone cooler than me. I feel like my kid self! Like-- (chuckles) - Damn! I look so good! Wow! I look tall! (chuckles) - That's my butt, and it's tight. - Wow, I really need to, like, perk this up. - I'm a dancing White Power Ranger. I'm sure this is not the reaction that most people would, most people would be like strikin' crazy poses. (Ashly hums) (Kelsey chuckles) (people shouting and laughing) - Do like a Macarena kinda thing. - I feel like I'm on the TV, but I know this just a mirror. - I have become everyone around her. Ow. Oh, my hamstring! - I just feel like the best version of myself right now. - Hey, my name's Yoshii Sudarso. I play Koda on Power Rangers Dino Charge. Power Rangers has been going since Mighty Morphin'. I've always loved the story. You can only be as strong as your friends. One, two. (Yoshi laughing) - (chuckles) Everyone back there is like, "This guy sucks!" - Oh my God! Are you kidding me right now? This looks cute. I am adorable. - Oh my God! Hey! - Oh, yeah! Hut hut! (chuckles) (whistling) (buttons clicking) - T-rex claws. (people laugh) - Hah! Hah! Boom! Explosions! Powder! (people cheer) - Power Ranger's gonna kick your butt. Let's do this. - [Justin] It's nice to be taught by a real Power Ranger. - If I had any dream as a kid, it would be to try on a suit. I fulfilled my childhood dream. If my childhood self saw me today, he'd be like, "WTF? "You become a Future Power Ranger?" 'Cause this looks so real. - You wouldn't even understand that it's a costume. You're like, "Oh my God, I'm a Power Ranger when I grow up." - It's really fun to see something that you grew up with and cherished played out for you. This is pretty much my life goals. Like, I've peaked today. My childhood self is so proud of me right now. - The fact that I look like I'm faster, and stronger, and more powerful just makes me fell that way. I'm in a spandex suit and I'm proud of myself. - Doing this today actually made me go back to my childhood self. I'm not as bitter as current me was. I feel that youthful hope again. - As every piece goes on, you feel cooler and cooler. My childhood self would be so excited that a girl could be the Green Ranger. I feel like I would just be like, "Oh, "your life's gonna turn out okay." - When I was a kid, I dunno if I was able to separate the fact that this was like fiction. I thought this was a job possibility. Today I became one of the people that was my heroes when I was a kid, and I successfully hid my zucchini in the suit. - Thinking about all the stuff that I loved to do as a kid, the decades since then, what I've let go of, that kid would just be overjoyed. I think he'd also probably do more pushups. - I never wanna get out of this suit. I'm gonna live in this suit now. - How are you gonna go to the bathroom? - I won't. - It's morphin', no? Okay. - I gotta pee. (laughs) (claps) (chuckles) - (chuckles) Nailed, team work! (upbeat music) - I'm like this jaded 24-year-old, I had accepted that I had to lower my expectations, and then putting on this suit today and getting to be my hero, it just taught me like, "No!" Like, reach for the stars. You can have your dreams come true. If I ever feel discouraged or I can't do anything, I have to remember this day. But also, I think it would be really hard to fight people in a helmet. Don't give up on your dreams, role models matter, friends matter. I feel like everyone should dress up as their heroes. Like, it just does something to you. It changes your life. (upbeat music)