People Try Prison Meals

look Sammy yeah so I got a little vegetarian option for myself look the gravies like congealing over everything I think this is better than my cafeteria we never really got meat loaf we only got like pieces and cheese fries they were just trying to murder us I'll tell ya I'm not a biggest fan of meat loaf if I'm in prison they don't give a [Music] oh this makes me feel at home back so I don't know if I've ever had a fish filet sandwich mmm like I was even worse oh that's cold long I would imagine people like slathering everything in ranch just to make it taste better was a meal assembled with no real care for the person who's eating it [Music] it's like you have to help the ingredients and me it'll be see how long it's taking her to do that I only want you super Taylor good then business I hate sweet potato you can't be picky in prison he's not the word it's not bad I feel like this would really bring down morale and president and just having shitty food all the time you lose a lot of freedoms and the freedom to like good food is one of them unfortunately I think if the food was better the prisoners would be a little bit happier it really reminds me of like school lunch programs I'm just trying to feed a lot of people who are stuck where they are as cheaply as possible [Music] [Music]