People Try PumpkinFlavored Dog Treats


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(laughing) - Would you eat this? No, he doesn't even want to eat this. (fun music) - Pumpkin pie. - Pumpkin spice bread. - Pumpkin beer. - Pumpkin spice lattes. - Yeah! Lattes. - I associate pumpkin spice with fall. - Autumn leaves. - Feelings of being cozy and cuddled. - I'm looking forward to seeing what other pumpkin spice flavors there are out there. What have we not touched? - Pumpkin flavor dog treats. - Do you want to read the ingredients? - So wait, why do you need soy-free corn-free cookies for dogs? - I've never like seen a dog eat pumpkin before in my life. It's not a natural part of their diet, so why would we make a treat that is flavored like it? - Because humans are trying to play God. - Oh, they're shaped like pumpkins! How cute is that? - What dog is going to appreciate all of this? - It feels like a poker chip. (knocking sound) - I feel like I might break this table. - They smell really good. - They smell like cookies. I'm hungry. - It doesn't feel like it's meant for humans. Which it isn't. - Cheers babe. Cheers. - Uh uh. (crunching sounds) - Oh no. - Oh God. (accordion music) (crunching sound) How is it? - That's so dry! - This is the driest thing I have ever eaten in my life. - It's very gravely. - It felt like I was biting like mulch. - There's pumpkin in this? - I feel like it's more of smell than a taste even. - There is no flavor in this. - Dump some flour and water in the oven bake it and call it a day. - This is something that you would find in the desert and then maybe you can pretend it tastes like pumpkin. - I did not like swallowing that. (spitting) - Sorry guys. - You know how sometimes like dog food has kind of like a dog food taste? You know where it kinda tastes like old meat? Like this doesn't - Wait, wait? What do you mean? You know how does food tastes like? (laughing) - Well it's got like a certain scent to it. - Wait! No! But how many times have you had to eat dog food in your life? - A few. I don't know, I was a curious kid. - I wouldn't give it to my dog or myself ever again. - If he was a bigger dog maybe. But I don't think I get it again for him. - But he likes to hold it. (accordion music)