People Try Synchronized Swimming

I [Music] today we're synchronized serve a green are we supposed to be synchronize when we do this I know in Korean synchronized swimming is underwater ballet I don't know what it takes I can do a headstand in the water I can hold my breath for a long time underwater yeah I get pink I love this real men wear pink which way is front my name is Valerie Williams and I am a competitive synchronized swimming coach I think it's gonna be really interesting try and synchronized swimming with these people because I'm not really sure if they can even swim so we're just gonna get started with some easy quick exercises to get wound up so we'll start by rolling our ankles and practice your tape one and we'll do some hip circles now we're ready to get in we're gonna stretch out on our back and you do something with your arms called sculling so your thumbs are up by your body and then you turn and push out so sculling is used to help support you when you're doing something else artistic with your legs we're gonna turn and your right knee out to the side and your left knee back behind and now turn to the right a little pinwheel good Maggie touch your knee touch your toe to your knee turn turn turn perfect doc you're doing it that's great oh look at this little partner Dan the next member to earn after that is called back tuck so you bend your knees into your chest and then you go backwards upside down I bet you're gonna get dead whale just floating at the top tickler allowed to get but if you get getting the hang of it so we started with our land warm up and started practicing a bunch of skills in the pool now we're ready to combine everything and practice it all together as a routine follow exactly dream to hold their breath underwater it's about 20 seconds alternating throughout the whole routine so face each other the arms up up at the surface connect like a circle and then kick yep and stop that's great roll onto your back and stretch out good there you go there you go and stop now we're gonna do some arm strokes arms out left arm Bend up down right arm and down don't bar everything's real fun and we're learning a little quickly so I think we're ready to go do a little bit so we're gonna try practice above music now wish us luck leg crossed right leg down stand up and jump [Music] hey I could do the pinwheel very well about doing the flip I failed pretty much [Music] the hardest part was the part where we were all in like a triangle formation because like we all had to match speed spin out to wait for everybody to get in place for arm strokes ready push up and down right ready jump I think it went really well I wasn't expecting to pick up things so quickly the hardest part was doing that back foot just couldn't get my knees to my chest I think the coolest part was when everybody was synced up together and actually like synchronized like when we're at were linked together in a circle I was like oh my god we're like a rainbow now I know a little bit more about synchronized swimming which is cool [Music] [Music]