People Try The Morning Dance Challenge




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- You know those mornings when you wake up and you're still like drunk, that is 100% where I'm at right now. Let's drunk dance. (funky bass dance music) Okay so I met this dude who was living in Prague, and he told me that every morning, the first things he'd do when he woke up was dance, with reckless abandon like no one was watching. He said it helped with his self confidence, make him feel less awkward or silly, because he did the silliest thing he could think of in the morning. Challenged Brenda, Jade and Eric and myself, to do the same thing. We're going to dance with reckless abandon for three songs every morning for five days. And we put together a little playlist for each of us on Spotify which you can get in the descriptions below. This is going to be awkward as hell, let's do this. (alarm beeping) - All right, so I just woke up, and I'm actually really excited, I'm ready to do this. Time to get up and dance. (dance music) ♪ Ay oh DJ ♪ ♪ Ay oh DJ ♪ - Oh my God I'm tired! That was a great way to wake up. I feel frickin amazing. - I feel like today, (snaps fingers) Mine, like that. I feel like today the cats in this frickin onesie are giving me all of their power. - I went for Erkwerks Birthday last night. And I am massively hung over. But today, I choose, dance. (rock beat music) Morning dances (stumbling) may help hangovers, but they don't cure hangovers. - Good morning. (groovy dance music) - [Clark] How was it? - Ugh - It helps you defeat, the one obstacle, your mind man your mind, you crazy, you crazy. - It's very freeing, it's very freeing to dance, and not care what anyone thinks of you. - As you can tell by my dance moves, I'm not, I'm not dancing for style. I'm dancing for me. I think this is the toughest workout I've had of this so far man. - This is gonna be a fun little, good bye dance to you guys, but I'm gonna keep dancin so. (festive upbeat music) ♪ Whee ♪ - Man, this is definitely a fun way to work out, definitely a fun way to keep your resolution going. I might keep this up. - I really really truly recommend this challenge, I think you should try and do something in the morning that's positive and wakes you up. Anything that puts you in a good mood, make sure to do it in the morning, because that's what starts off the rest of your day. - In the comfort of your bedroom, you can dance like a fool, dance like nobody's watching. Just like, get in tune, makes you happy, dancing is exercise, dudes. Look how out of breath I am. - Of course I've learned that, I think I'm gonna keep doing this, maybe not so much, like everyday, but, well who knows, maybe, I don't know, maybe who knows? (upbeat energetic music)