People Try The Worlds Spiciest Popcorn

- Go (beep) yourself. (laughing) How dare you eat this popcorn? (coughing) - I hate this so much. (rock music) - I eat popcorn five to 10 times per week. - I eat it sometimes for meals. - I love spicy food so I'm so for this. - I'm pretty good with spicy food. - I like my lips to burn at the end of a meal. - I'm scared. - This is intimidating. - I'm nervous. - I've never eaten popcorn with gloves before. - Oh man, this is going to be great watching you struggle with this. - This is gonna be very bad. - It claims to be the world's spiciest popcorn. I'm scared of the burps I'm going to have after this. - It looks really innocent. - It actually looks a little bit like caramel corn. - I don't smell that picante that I'm looking for. - Caution, extreme heat. - This actually isn't- - I can smell a little bit of spice. - What if we ruin popcorn for ourselves forever? - I'd walk into the sea. I'd walk into the sea. - One, two, three. (crunching) - Oh. - That's spicy. - Holy (beep) (coughing) - Oh, nice tingle. - Wow, my spit is acid. (laughing) - Got this. - Like, my tongue is okay with the spice but the top of my mouth isn't. - This is a five at most Korean restaurants. - It feels like a parade of needles dancing across my (beep) tongue dude. - It's like a tingling sensation through your whole mouth. - Like maybe we don't have any taste buds left. (laughing) - This could be spicier. (laughing) - It does linger. - I'm not gonna go for the milk. I don't need milk. Do you need milk? - Do I look like I need milk? - The flavor is pain. - The spice gives you that extra kick. - Are you gonna throw up? - No, no, I'm fine, I'm fine. - Okay. - Seriously you guys, this is so good. - Wait! - I feel like I got pepper sprayed in my mouth. (rock music) - Zero out of five stars. Would not recommend to a friend. - If someone's really loud at a movie, give them one of these. - It makes you feel alive. - Still not a fan of spice. - If you need some spice in your life, get some of this. - It's made of the devil. - I feel like you should eat it in doses though, because you can't eat it all at once or it's gonna hit you - Do you hear yourself? Doses. (laughing) It's like medication. We're wearing gloves, this is poisonous. - Man, that milk looks really good. Would you just take a cheers? - You want some milk? - No, I don't need it. I mean, if you need it. (laughing) - Then I don't need it. - I don't need it either. - All right. - Good. - My mouth's gone. - Oh shit, that's gonna be horrible to poop out isn't it? (laughing) It's gonna be bad. - That's why I'm not eating anymore. - A life without popcorn is a life not worth living.