People Try Tiny Baking




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(whimsical Latin jazz with whistling) (popping) - Back again! (laughing) So last time I tried tiny cooking, and I feel like I was pretty good at it! - Looks like I'm gonna tiny bake a cake? Bake a tiny cake. Tiny bake a tiny cake. - I love baking, but I've never done a tiny one, so. (light jazz music) - There's no instructions at all, I'm just supposed to make a cake? Oh, boy. First thing, let's grease the pan! And I'm just gonna use my fingers, because I don't see a nice brush. So I'm just gonna grease the pan. - I'm gonna pour the cake mix in here. (tapping) Who knows much cake mix that is? - I'm gonna say it's two-thirds stuff to one-third water. We're gonna start with that. - Next thing, next water. - Uh, just a little. Okay, that is way too much, I already know. This is gonna be an eggy cake. (laughing) - I think it should be, like, folding like making a ribbons? - Okay, I'm gonna pour this into my greased cake pan. - We're gonna put the cake in. We're gonna cover the cake. We're gonna light the briquets. (playful music) - So I'm gonna, oh, geez. That's smokin'. - (laughing) Smells like sugar is burning. (laughing) - Oh, it's goin', it's definitely rising. Maybe I overfilled it, 'cause it's like (laughing) almost at the top of the pan. - 'Cause this left side you can see is already gettin' a little burned. So I'm gonna try to put it in this corner, away from that heat. - Oh, no! I don't really know how to salvage this. (playful, light music) - So I wanted to make chocolate cake. And I wanted to make ganache, so I just brought heavy cream with me. - I don't know if I can make a design, a tiny design with this strawberry. I'm tryin' to think. - Look at that. (popping) - Yeah, this is what you want. Ganache should be shiny. - I should have made the cake taller. (thumping and pounding) - Okay, oop! (laughing) Okay, we lost a little! - Oh, it's really loose. (tinkling piano music) - Put a little bit of frosting here. Sorta act as a cake glue. - [Alix] Maybe I can try to fill in this little hole we have here. (wailing) (tinkling piano music) - It actually looks pretty okay. Not the worst. - Sprinkles, oh my gosh, so cute. My tiny strawberry shortcake. - Okay, but my hands always shakes when I do this. (tinkling piano music) - It actually tastes great, tastes like cake! - I think the pink saved the cake. - Mm, you should eat it! - Wow. - Yeah. - I think I did pretty good at tiny baking! - I get the appeal. Although, I don't know how people make these videos on their own. - Nailed it, again! (gently tinkling piano music) (logo whooshes) (hinge squeaks)