People Try To Guess Weird Scents


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- Woah! (whooshing) (light techno music) We're smelling unisex perfume. - Cool. - Right? - My nose has been known to fail me in the past. We'll see how she does today. - I have a big nose but I don't have a strong nose. - My first job in Los Angeles, I worked as a fragrance specialist at Sephora. (light techno music) - Cheers. - Hmm. - Oh! That will wake you up in the morning. - I've smelt this before definitely. - This smells like something I've drank. - So clean. - Begonia. - What are you talking about? It smells like clean laundry. - No, that's something else. It's like dirt. - Yeah, it smells like kinda like a spice. - Maybe like 10% rocket, 10% licorice, and like 80% laundry. - It's 80% kale. - Is it tzatziki sauce? - Dirt! (laughing) - I've smelled dirt, this is not dirt. - It's dirt, see I know, I got the notes. - This does not smell like dirt! - This might be like dirt in a very nice forest? (snickering) - Regular dirt? - Who wears perfume that smells like dirt? - Hippies! - True. - Oh, that's vanilla. - It's like dryer sheets with a cookie in the dryer. - Mmmm, that's not good! - No, this is vanilla, coconut, and lime. - This is vanilla, next. - Ugh! - Are you (bleeping) serious? - I have trust issues now. - Well this smells good. I'd wear condensed milk. - This is dumb, they just took coconut, and then called it condensed milk just to be weird. - Yeah, 'cause this does not smell like condensed milk. - Yeah, they were wrong. - Yeah. (upbeat techno music) - I'm getting hints of like rotting fruit. - It's very like sweet. - Like a berry from Sweden. - Oh, maybe that stuff that kills mosquitoes, like citronella. - Ooh, that's what it is! - This smells like something Marc Jacobs would make. - I feel so disrespectful. - Wow, I just called Holy Water rotten fruit. - You can't, - I'm done. - You can't scent that! - I would think there's no scent to holy water. - If you're an evil person you need this holy water scent. - Mhmm, this is the scent for you. And me, and us all. - Yeah, it smells like an airport to me. - Yeah, maybe it's called 'Terminal.' - This smells like a hair store, or like gum. - It's leather. - [Woman] No! - Yes! - Yeah, this smells like your mom is forcing you to go to the store and you don't wanna be there. - I wanna spray it all over my body and bathe in it. - What is that, and I was like the men's locker room at the (beeping) Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness. - It's just something that you're trapped for a long time and you wanna go home! - Oh my God, it smells like a Marc Jacobs purse. - Okay? - I'm sorry, what? - But no one even knows what that is! - This is what riding crops smell like, I just wanna go buy a riding crop. - That's crazy, - for sexual things? - like how do you even? - No, - 'Cause you can't, - just to smell it all night. - I don't think I've ever smelled a crop or a whip before. - I have smelled a whip. In the costume store. - I have a lot of really great name ideas for this scent, like wholesale, maxxinista, wicker, - Yeah, personally I think I'm right and I think they're wrong, so I think I did 100% perfect. - Cool. (whooshing) (sign squeaks)