People Try To Guess Weird Sports Terms

- I know all of these, and I know how to say them in words! (upbeat music) I know about football, but I only watch Patriots games. - I feel like I know football pretty well. I should, I played football. - I'm definitely a Niners/Packers fan. - I grew up in Orange County, and our team was the Rams, and then they left, so it was hard to be a football fan. - Pretty much every fall weekend I reserve for as much football as possible. The Trojans are a big part of my Saturdays. - I've got some confidence, I think I could define some weird football terms. - I think I'm gonna score a touchdown. (bell rings) (upbeat music) (bell rings) - Aw, shit. - Ten, the five, zero. - The nickname for the territory inside-- - The last 20 yards before the end zone. (electronic beep) (upbeat music) - Red zone, I thought you meant the end zone. - You said red zone a couple times, bro. (upbeat music) (bell rings) - A horse-collar tackle is when you grab someone-- - By the neck of their jersey. - And you drag them down. (electronic beep) (upbeat music) Yes. - That was it. - Boom. (upbeat music) (bell rings) - Football team! - Where the quarterback gives the football to the receiver, but the wide receiver acts as the quarterback. - The wildcat is a formation where instead of the quarterback, a different player takes the snap. (electronic beep) (upbeat music) - Wrong! I didn't know it either, though. - You're a real wildcat. - Yeah. (upbeat music) (bell rings) - One of the defense tackles the quarterback-- - Before the quarterback gets to even throw the fucking football. (electronic beep) (upbeat music) - And then you know what happens after a sack? You do a dance. (upbeat music) (bell rings) - A player on the offense who sort of does a combination of receiving and blocking. - An offensive player that lines up on the line of scrimmage, I think. - He can either block or catch, but generally when they do catch, it's pretty short. - [Woman In Black] That was sorta right. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) - Quarterback yells out what the play is going to be, like when Peyton Manning yells out Omaha. - That's almost the whole thing, it's changing the play at the line of scrimmage. (electronic beep) (upbeat music) - An audible is a middle finger at the coach. - Literally that's what it is, yes. (upbeat music) (bell rings) - What the fuck are these words, you guys? - When you folded up a triangle in school and you kicked it through someone's hands like that. - I just know that the ball doesn't cross the line of scrimmage, it's not a forward pass. - Always snap to the quarterback, he hands it off to either a wide receiver or running back like they're gonna do a run play or something like that. That player acts like a quarterback, though, and throws the football to an open man. - There's a million variations of it, they can act as your running back, they can hand it to a receiver, that player can then throw the ball or they can give it back to the quarterback to then throw it. It's supposed to trick the defense. (electronic beep) (upbeat music) (gentle music) - I wanna be honest, I've never heard any of these words in my life before. - I know how I did, I got one of these right. - Because I'm such a dork and watch so much of it, most of these questions were reassuring to know the answers to. - I guess I gotta go study that rule book. - Fight on. - Nope, just forget that that just happened. - I feel like doing a post-sack dance.